Thursday, 21 May 2015


Hi lovelies! I don't know about you guys, but one thing (I'm lying, there is definitely more than one thing) I always buy, regardless of how many I have stocked up in my bathroom, is bodycare, shower gels, body sprays, perfumes, shower gels etc.. if they smell good, have pretty packaging and a special offer, I'm literally definitely going to buy them. So, when I spotted Ted Baker's new range in Boots, I could almost hear the sigh coming from my purse. 

As these were on a 3 for 2 offer (and still are as far as  know), there were so many gorgeous things to choose from (more of which will no doubt be added to this pretty little collection very soon), but I did actually need a new shower gel, as I've run out of Victoria's Secret ones and have the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush one currently, which I've completely gone off of! So, the beautifully scented, prettily packaged Body Wash was a no brainer. I absolutely adore the light pink colour and the pretty flowers and rose gold accents mean it looks absolutely gorgeous sitting in my shower, definitely better than a generic brand shower gel sitting in the corner of the bathroom! Not only is the packaging gorgeous, the product itself is too, it cleans your skin perfectly with drying it out in the slightest and fills the room with it's stunning fragrance. I'm not brilliant at describing scents, but the Boots website says 'Sparkling fruity grapefruit, mandarin and mango are teamed with subtle floral notes of neroli and jasmine, while the base of patchouli, sandalwood and musk completes the scent', I'd describe this as a light, slightly sweet floral scent, very pretty and feminine and definitely not too overbearing. I'd say the scent is a people pleaser, as there's nothing really to dislike about it. 

As I loved the scent so much, I decided to pick up the body spray too. At £7.00, it was slightly cheaper than the shower gel (which was £8.00) and comes in a very generous 150ml spray bottle. The bottle itself is pink tinted with a stunning white and rose gold square lid., so it looks absolutely beautiful with all my other perfumes on my shelf. The scent is exactly the same as the shower gel, which is perfect as the scent is so beautiful. As it's such an easy to wear scent, it's perfect to wear for everyday as it can be used alone or to top up the scent of whatever perfume you're wearing throughout the day. I tend to use fruity floral fragrances and this blends so well with all of them, making it a perfect, cheaper alternative to actually spraying more perfume every few hours! They actually also offer a 50ml size for £2.50, which I actually might go back and get for my handbag, rather than carrying the bigger bottle around all day. I actually keep this one behind the reception desk in my salon, as I've sprayed it around the rooms a few times and have actually had clients comment on how gorgeous it smells! The scent lasts a surprisingly long time considering it's just a body spray too, particularly on your clothes, so that's great if you're wearing this in place of perfume.

Finally, for £10.00, I got this gorgeous little lip balm trio. I absolutely, 100% do not need any more lip balms, but the super adorable pastel shades and gorgeous box (which I'll definitely be reusing after these are finished!) had me sold on these. Each of these is scented differently and comes in a gorgeous little square glass pot with a plastic pastel coloured lid. The balms themselves are completely colourless and go on super smoothly and actually do an amazing job of moisturising dry lips, which I really suffer with. I keep one of these in my handbag, one on my bedside table and one in my make up bag so I can have access all the time and keep my lips soft at all times! The three scents are Vanilla, Berry and Blackberry and all smell beautiful, without being so perfumed that they're too overwhelming, or drying your lips out (does anyone else find this with perfumed balms?!), they also make a perfect base for lipstick too, making it go on much smoother and hiding any pesky dry patches!

So, with the 3 for 2 offer, I got all three of these for £18, which I think is actually a pretty good deal. What do you think of this range? Will you be picking anything up?
Let me know if you've tried any other items from this line and if there's anything you recommend!



  1. All of the products look gorgeous!! x

  2. LOVE The Lip balms! <3

  3. I love everything Ted Baker and those mini lip balms are amazing and so cute!

  4. I saw it the other day and I was about to buy but I just wasn't too sure ! Now I just want to go and grab a few! xx

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  5. How gorgeus is the packaging? I love it


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