Tuesday 23 June 2015


Hi lovelies! If you follow me on Instagram, (@chloesway, cheeky plug!) you'll know that I've been a bit of a shopaholic lately, it was my Birthday recently (okay, over a month ago now) and the weather has finally been getting warmer, so I decided it was definitely justified to treat myself a bit! So, today I wanted to share with you a few things that I've been absolutely loving recently.

I got both of these super cute pairs of loafers from New Look recently and I'm obsessed with them. I don't wear a lot of flat shoes like this, apart from sandals so it's nice to have an alternative when I don't fancy open toe shoes! Both of these are from New Looks Wide Fit range, which I absolutely love. I don't have particularly wide feet, but I do find wide fit flats much more comfortable than regular. Maybe I have oddly shaped feet, I'm not sure, but I'd definitely recommend checking these out if you fancy a super comfy pair of flats.

Can we just take a moment? I actually won this bag on eBay, which was super scary for me, as I was slightly concerned I'd end up with some super cheap knock off, but the seller was really good and has lots of great feedback and when it arrived, I was thrilled and relieved to find it was 100% authentic and 100% beautiful. I am in love with this. The style is the medium Selma bag, so it's just the right size for everyday without being too big or too teeny tiny.

Baby blue is one of my absolute favourite colours for Summer and these accessories are all super cheap from New Look. I think these look gorgeous with a fairly simple white outfit, to give it a little bit of colour without being super bright.

How cute are these little dainty necklaces from Primark? I'm loving Primark jewellery for the summer as it's so cheap and affordable and they have so many options. These were from £1 to £1.50 each which is fab, I get bored of jewellery really quickly so it's great to have some super cheap options to switch it up a lot.

Yet another MK bag might seem excessive, but I saw this on Brand Alley with around 30% off and a discount code, so I got this super adorable little cross body bag for around £72 instead of £110. How amazing is that? Again, it's the gorgeous baby blue colour that I've been absolutely loving lately, as with most MK bags, it has the stunning gold hardware, which will look stunning with gold jewellery. This really is a tiny bag, but it's fab for your phone, a mirror, keys and lipstick, which is all you need on a night out generally so that's perfect!

What have you been loving lately?


Wednesday 17 June 2015


Fone Angels

Hi lovelies! Recently, I dropped and smashed my old iPhone (luckily not my current phone!) and it got me thinking about how much we rely on our devices and what on earth we'd do if we were without them for a few days! If you don't have phone insurance, or if you need your phone or device fixed by a reliable company, then Fone Angels may be what you're looking for!

FoneAngels offers an express same day repair service or 3-5 day repair for most devices if you're not in too much of a hurry. you can send your device off or have it collected by a courier, you'll be given a 1 hour collection slot so you'll know exactly when they'll come to collect.

Not only do they offer repairs for everything you could think of (cracked screen, water damage, buttons, screen damage, sound.. and many more!) they also offer colour changes for some models. This isn't available on all iPhone models yet, but you can send off your iPhone 4 and have the colour changed, how cool is that?! If you're unsure of what the problem is, they offer a free diagnostic service, where they will check out the problem for free, then send you a quote for repairs needed.

So, check out Fone Angels here for more details and pricing for repairs. There are several fab reviews on the site, so you can be confident that your phone is in good hands. You can also arrange an appointment at their repair centre in Hertfordshire to have your device repaired there and then, rather than waiting for it be returned.

What do you think? Do you think this service is a good idea?


Thursday 11 June 2015


Hi lovelies! As a Beauty Blogger, not a lot excites me more than brand new monthly subscription box, so when I was contacted by Nailbox asking if I'd like to give one of theirs a go, I was absolutely thrilled! As many of you will know, I'm a Beauty Therapist, so my nails are kind of a big deal to me. As I have my own little salon and do clients nails and other beauty treatments 5 days a week, keeping my own nails looking good is very important. So, when I read into nailbox, a monthly subscription box containing five full size nail products every month, I was intrigued! 

The box costs £15 and in past boxes, including the May Box, which is the one I received, you get four full size polishes and one nailcare item, such as cuticle nippers, cuticle pushers, files etc. While getting 4 full size polishes is obviously well worth the money already, I actually find little tools like these really useful and as I work in the Beauty Industry, they're actually quite exciting for me to try out! So, as you can see, the products come very well packages and protected so they won't get damaged by careless postmen and inside, you get your polishes along with the nail care tool. I've been told that in other boxes, you may also receive nail accessories such as decals, diamant├ęs and such, so if you love experimenting with your nails like me, that will be perfect for you!  

In my box, I received four colours all from very well known brands and all perfect for the Spring/ Summer season. I can tell they've definitely tied in the shades they chose for this box with the season so that's fab. The first polish is 'Lucky Lilac' which is a Rimmel 60 Seconds shade, the second is 'Status Symbol' by Essie, 'Fiery Orange' which is a Chunky Glitter Orly Color Blast polish and 'Alex By The Books' which is from the Modern Family Collection by Nicole by O.P.I. 

 The tool I received was this Elegant Touch Professional Cuticle tool. As I wear gel polish a lot, metal cuticle pushers are fab for quickly pushing back the cuticles before application and for removing gel polish after soaking. However, a good metal cuticle pusher will be rounded with no sharp, potentially damaging edges. I have actually properly tested this and can happily report that this one in particular is very gentle on the nails and perfect for getting the job done quickly and safely. The key is not to work too rough with these and don't apply too much pressure to the nail and you'll be fine! The other end is also super handy for cleaning under the nails and pushing back cuticles right in the hard to reach corners, particularly useful on the toenails! 

 First, we're going to talk about 'Lucky Lilac', generally, I don't go for purple shades on my nails, but this is just the right amount of pastel without being too light and bright without being too 'Cadburys Purple'. For me, this is a fab toenail colour in the summer! This applies smoothly and easily thanks to the wide, flat brush. I love brushes like this and even when I tested this polish on my little fingernail, it was just as easy to apply. I should say that I can't comment just yet on the lasting power of these polishes as this is purely a first impressions post, however I will do full reviews of these if you'd like me to, so let me know if that's something you'd like to see! However, I can comment on dry time and I must say, this was pretty impressive. I applied one thin coat and let that dry for 60 seconds, then applied another and while I wouldn't say it was 100% dried solid, it was definitely very quick. I would say though that if you're using a top and base with this (as with any polish) it's best to let each coat dry individually for a faster drying mani. This is a fab shade if you tend to shy away from bright purples, but fancy something a little different for the summertime.

You can't beat a classic hot pink in the summer months and Essies 'Status Symbol' is the perfect warm toned, 'bright but not neon' pink. It's perfect for everyday wear as it's a bright, seasonally appropriate shade without being so bright that it'll look odd with half your wardrobe! Again, this has a wide flat brush, making application quick and easy. The brush isn't quite as wide as the Rimmel polish so for this reason, I actually slightly prefer the Essie brush, as I would imagine the Rimmel Polish wouldn't be so easy if you have teeny tiny nails. Dry time with this polish is fantastic as the coats apply so thin. The first coat of this looks slightly streaky but with two coats there's not a single streak or line in sight! Once again, leaving each coat to dry for a few minutes makes for a  much more hassle free mani, as this does dry fairly quickly.

I have to admit, when I first laid eyes on 'Fiery Orange', I thought 'Oh my god, what the hell is that?'. Bright orange glitters have never ever been my thing and in the bottle, this looks very misleadingly watery and honestly, slightly cheap. While I do like the bottle itself (I think the easy grip lid is a fantastic touch!), I almost didn't even want to try the product inside. Almost. But as a beauty blogger, curiosity got the better of me and of course, I like to give everything a fair test before I banish it to the drawer of no return. How wrong I was! Despite not being a shade I would have ever gravitated towards, I was actually shocked at how much I genuinely liked this shade. Not only does it apply surprisingly opaque in two coats, but the glitter also spreads so evenly over the nails (despite appearances in the bottle!) and the shade is actually really quite flattering. Honestly, this wouldn't be something I'd wear on my nails usually, but I think this would make a fab colour for the toenails, particularly if you were going on Holiday and wearing bright coloured sandals (preferably with a tan, of course). So, this is definitely a 'don't knock it 'til you've tried it' shade! 

I was very excited about this shade, partly because the day I tried it, I was wearing a top that matched it exactly and partly because I have a huge love for Modern Family. 'Alex By The Books' is a stunning pastel mint green colour, a bloggers dream. This again has a wide, flat brush and applies very smoothly and evenly. When I applied this, I could actually have gotten away with just the one coat, but I'd always apply two to ensure a longer lasting 100% opaque mani. This would look stunning on almost any skintone and I think it would look particularly gorgeous with a tan! The dry time for this was probably a little longer than the Rimmel and Essie Polishes as it's slightly thicker, but less than the glitter, but I always find glitters take a little longer anyway. Again, applying one coat at a time and letting them dry means this won't take too long at all to dry and leave you with a gorgeous minty mani!

Each of these colours was completely opaque in just two coats and as you can see above, this even applies to the glitter polish, which I think is seriously impressive for a glitter. I can tell the polishes that have been picked were chosen for the season, which I love, as I definitely go for a seasonal mani all year round.

Nailbox costs just £15 per month for a month to month subscription, however, you can save even more and prepay for several months. Check out the price plans here to decide which is best for you. I think this is actually better than many other subscription boxes because you know you're getting your moneys worth, whereas other boxes often have several samples that you just don't use. However, with this you're guaranteed full size products and useful nailcare items every single month - how amazing is that?

Overall, if you love nail polish and like to change up your mani depending on the season and love trying new nail products, then I cannot recommend Nailbox enough! Four polishes and a Nail Tool for just £15 is just fantastic! (This particular box was worth nearly £40 retail value, so you're getting an incredible deal). 

What do you think? Is Nailbox your kind of subscription box?
Which of these shades is your favourite? Let me know! 


Tuesday 9 June 2015


Hi lovelies! I wanted to share this little slideshow from Blossom Lingerie with you all, as I think it has a really good message. Prima Donna Lingerie began in the 1800s and by the 1900s was branded a 'Beautiful and Luxurious' lingerie brand. The reason I wanted to share this with you is mostly due to the info on slides 7 onwards, while super skinny models were being promoted everywhere in the 1970s, Prima Donna was different, their ads used naturally curvy women, not necessarily plus size, but 'normal' women.

Don't get me wrong, as someone who is naturally not too curvy and a clothes size 6, I'm fully aware that I'm not one to be harping on about the use of skinny models in magazines and ads, however, the reason I enjoyed these slides is because it made me realise how far the media has actually come in terms of advertising. Yes, I do think there's room for improvement, but women of all shapes and sizes should be celebrated, not just skinny or just plus sized, but regular, beautiful women of all dress sizes should and now are being used in advertising and I think that's fab!

So, click through to check out the amazing Prima Donna Journey!


Monday 8 June 2015


Daisy Sorbet £51.50 at The Perfume Shop*

Hi lovelies! Recently I was given the opportunity from the lovely people at The Perfume Shop to review a couple of new Summer fragrances and of course, I absolutely jumped at the chance! The first of the two fragrances I'm going to show you all is the stunning Marc Jacobs Daisy Sorbet Edition. Despite not being a huge fan of the original Daisy, I loved their Sunshine Edition a couple of years ago and was devastated when my bottle ran out and I realised it was limited edition (I didn't know the did limited edition versions at the time!) and last year when Daisy Delight came out, I liked it, but it wasn't anything like my beloved Daisy Sunshine, so I had high hopes for this one!

Of course, it's not the same as Daisy Sunshine, as the wouldn't re-release a scent, but it has a similar 'fruit floral' vibe and I love it. The scent description is as follows, A succulent blend of sheer florals with a hint of fruit, Daisy Marc Jacobs Sorbet Edition is lush and playfully fresh. The fragrance opens with a juicy blend of pear and passion fruit, as crisp jasmine brightens the floral muguet. Woody notes leave a warm dry down on the skin. Top Notes of Pink Grapefruit, Pear, Passion Fruit, Heart Notes of Wisteria, Jasmine Petals, Muguet, and Base Notes of Violet Wood, Cedarwood, Sheer Musks. On first spray, this scent is very floral on me, with the Jasmine coming through strongest. It then settles fairly quickly on me to a fruity floral with a woody base. Luckily for me, I don't get a lot of musk from this, which is fine by me as musky scents definitely aren't my thing.

On me, this has pretty decent lasting power, I can smell it on myself for around 4-5 hours at most, but I have had a couple of people comment on it after I've worn it for a full day at work, so around 9 hours, so maybe I'm just getting used to the smell by then. It definitely doesn't stay strong for all that time, but then it doesn't start strong either. It's a light, fresh, very girly scent, absolutely perfect for this time of year. If you're a fan of strong scents, spicy scents or very deep and complex scents then this won't be for you, it's sweet, fresh and fairly simple, but that's what I love about it.

Obviously, we can't talk about perfume without talking about the bottle, Marc Jacobs fragrances always have the most gorgeous bottles, they're just the right amount of tacky mixed with classy and it somehow works. The Daisy Fragrance bottles are the kind you just can't bring yourself to throw away (I still have my Daisy Sunshine Bottle!), but really why would you want to when they look so pretty on your dressing table? the bottle is made of glass and the flowers are sturdy and well made, so they never lose colour and the gold in the flowers never chips or flakes either, which is huge pet peeve of mine with perfume bottles. And let's not ignore the fact that it's pink. The flowers are pink and purple, the liquid itself is pink which is another thing that I love in a perfume, there's something slightly more special about a perfume with a pretty colour to it, just me?!

So, overall if you're into fruity florals and light, pretty summery scents that make you feel super girly, then you're going to love this!

What's your favourite summer perfume?


Friday 5 June 2015


Hi lovelies! Recently, I was asked by the lovely people at Blossoming Gifts, a Flower Delivery company if I'd like to review a bouquet and being a lover of flowers, I couldn't say no!

I love buying flowers for people and online flowers are super easy if you can't see the person you want to give flowers to, you can just order, pick your delivery day and you're sorted! I don't think there's anything nicer than receive flowers, (particularly unexpected ones!) as they just brighten up the room. So, when I was asked if I wanted to review some myself, I obviously jumped at the chance.

I went for this stunning bunch of pink peonies which are my absolute favourite flowers (I know, I know, blogger cliche, but they seriously are). These arrived super quickly and packaged very well with just enough space that the flowers weren't being crushed but not so much that they were rattling around. They arrived mostly in bud form though some had already bloomed but despite this, these lasted a solid two weeks, which is the best I've ever got out of a bunch of flowers so I was seriously impressed with that. I could possibly have gotten longer out of them too if I'd remembered to top up the water in the vase (oops).

Blossoming Gifts offer lots of Cheap Flowers under £20 if you're on a bit of a budget but they also offer bigger bunches too and you get free chocolates with most bunches which is fab! They have lots of options to add extras to your flower order, so you can really personalise your gift for the person you're buying for - perfect!

You can use the code BGIFTS33 to receive 33% off any bouquet online now!

What do you think? Do you live receiving flowers like I do? What's your favourite place to buy fresh flowers? 


Thursday 4 June 2015


Hi lovelies! Just a quick one today as I wanted to share this fab competition with you, as I've entered it myself and thought it was only fair to share it with you guys! Sunglasses R Us have teamed up with Made In Chelsea's Rosie Fortescue and are offering one lucky reader the chance to win a pair Ray Bans! These Sunglasses are absolutely perfect for the Summer as they're very on trend and would go with literally any outfit, casual, formal, you name it! I'm not usually a sunglasses wearer as I've not often found any shapes or styles that I like but I am totally in love with these beauties! 

All you have to do is enter here to be in with a chance to win! 

Good luck! 


Wednesday 3 June 2015


Hi lovelies! Let's face it, Dads are some of the most difficult people in the world to buy for and I don't know about you guys, but I find Father's Day particularly difficult, as you don't always want to spend quite as much as you might do on a big Birthday or for Christmas, but you still want to find something nice for them to show how much you appreciate them. So, whatever your budget, I thought I'd share a few ideas that I have for your Dads and Partners this Father's Day.

A Personalised Canvas could be a nice idea, particularly if your Dad is the sentimental type! I think this would be great if you're buying for your partner on behalf of your child/ baby (or Puppy in my case!!), to get a canvas of them to give to their Daddy, how cute! I love Custom Canvas Store as you can create your Canvas very specifically with measurements, ratios, thickness etc and preview it at the end to see what it would look like above a bed, or in a living room so you get a really good idea of what the sizing will look like. This means you can adjust the specs to suit your room and price range - perfect!

I wouldn't say he's a brand snob, but my Dad definitely prefers 'nicer' things and good quality over quantity, which I think can be said for a lot of men. I absolutely adore Secret Sales for luxury bargains, particularly the Outlet section, as the prices are super low and the delivery is pretty fast too. 

I Want One Of Those has a Father's Day 3 for £20 offer on, which is fab for those who want to stick to a budget, but still get your Dad a few cool, unique things. A few of my faves shown above are the Half Pint glass, purely because I think it's super cool! Puzzle Man, as I got my Grandad one of these last Christmas and he absolutely loved it - I think men just enjoy working these things out! The Whiskey Rockers if he's a Whiskey lover, this Vanilla 'Hand Shit', which I love because despite appearances, most Men do like to use 'girly' products now and then, so why not get them their own hand cream which a much manlier name? How many of your Dads and Partners have referred to your Hand Cream (that they definitely borrow) as 'that hand shit you use on dry skin' before? I know mine have! Sweets because who doesn't love a retro sweet now and then? And the Hot Cookie USB Mug warmer, perfect for an office working Dad!

What do you think of my ideas? I hope this helped you in your search for the perfect Father's Day Gift!

Let me know what you'll be buying for your Dad this Father's Day!