Friday 5 June 2015


Hi lovelies! Recently, I was asked by the lovely people at Blossoming Gifts, a Flower Delivery company if I'd like to review a bouquet and being a lover of flowers, I couldn't say no!

I love buying flowers for people and online flowers are super easy if you can't see the person you want to give flowers to, you can just order, pick your delivery day and you're sorted! I don't think there's anything nicer than receive flowers, (particularly unexpected ones!) as they just brighten up the room. So, when I was asked if I wanted to review some myself, I obviously jumped at the chance.

I went for this stunning bunch of pink peonies which are my absolute favourite flowers (I know, I know, blogger cliche, but they seriously are). These arrived super quickly and packaged very well with just enough space that the flowers weren't being crushed but not so much that they were rattling around. They arrived mostly in bud form though some had already bloomed but despite this, these lasted a solid two weeks, which is the best I've ever got out of a bunch of flowers so I was seriously impressed with that. I could possibly have gotten longer out of them too if I'd remembered to top up the water in the vase (oops).

Blossoming Gifts offer lots of Cheap Flowers under £20 if you're on a bit of a budget but they also offer bigger bunches too and you get free chocolates with most bunches which is fab! They have lots of options to add extras to your flower order, so you can really personalise your gift for the person you're buying for - perfect!

You can use the code BGIFTS33 to receive 33% off any bouquet online now!

What do you think? Do you live receiving flowers like I do? What's your favourite place to buy fresh flowers? 



  1. The bouquet looks gorgeous! x

  2. Wow I love the concept of this! I love peonies too <3


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