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Hi lovelies! As a Beauty Blogger, not a lot excites me more than brand new monthly subscription box, so when I was contacted by Nailbox asking if I'd like to give one of theirs a go, I was absolutely thrilled! As many of you will know, I'm a Beauty Therapist, so my nails are kind of a big deal to me. As I have my own little salon and do clients nails and other beauty treatments 5 days a week, keeping my own nails looking good is very important. So, when I read into nailbox, a monthly subscription box containing five full size nail products every month, I was intrigued! 

The box costs £15 and in past boxes, including the May Box, which is the one I received, you get four full size polishes and one nailcare item, such as cuticle nippers, cuticle pushers, files etc. While getting 4 full size polishes is obviously well worth the money already, I actually find little tools like these really useful and as I work in the Beauty Industry, they're actually quite exciting for me to try out! So, as you can see, the products come very well packages and protected so they won't get damaged by careless postmen and inside, you get your polishes along with the nail care tool. I've been told that in other boxes, you may also receive nail accessories such as decals, diamantés and such, so if you love experimenting with your nails like me, that will be perfect for you!  

In my box, I received four colours all from very well known brands and all perfect for the Spring/ Summer season. I can tell they've definitely tied in the shades they chose for this box with the season so that's fab. The first polish is 'Lucky Lilac' which is a Rimmel 60 Seconds shade, the second is 'Status Symbol' by Essie, 'Fiery Orange' which is a Chunky Glitter Orly Color Blast polish and 'Alex By The Books' which is from the Modern Family Collection by Nicole by O.P.I. 

 The tool I received was this Elegant Touch Professional Cuticle tool. As I wear gel polish a lot, metal cuticle pushers are fab for quickly pushing back the cuticles before application and for removing gel polish after soaking. However, a good metal cuticle pusher will be rounded with no sharp, potentially damaging edges. I have actually properly tested this and can happily report that this one in particular is very gentle on the nails and perfect for getting the job done quickly and safely. The key is not to work too rough with these and don't apply too much pressure to the nail and you'll be fine! The other end is also super handy for cleaning under the nails and pushing back cuticles right in the hard to reach corners, particularly useful on the toenails! 

 First, we're going to talk about 'Lucky Lilac', generally, I don't go for purple shades on my nails, but this is just the right amount of pastel without being too light and bright without being too 'Cadburys Purple'. For me, this is a fab toenail colour in the summer! This applies smoothly and easily thanks to the wide, flat brush. I love brushes like this and even when I tested this polish on my little fingernail, it was just as easy to apply. I should say that I can't comment just yet on the lasting power of these polishes as this is purely a first impressions post, however I will do full reviews of these if you'd like me to, so let me know if that's something you'd like to see! However, I can comment on dry time and I must say, this was pretty impressive. I applied one thin coat and let that dry for 60 seconds, then applied another and while I wouldn't say it was 100% dried solid, it was definitely very quick. I would say though that if you're using a top and base with this (as with any polish) it's best to let each coat dry individually for a faster drying mani. This is a fab shade if you tend to shy away from bright purples, but fancy something a little different for the summertime.

You can't beat a classic hot pink in the summer months and Essies 'Status Symbol' is the perfect warm toned, 'bright but not neon' pink. It's perfect for everyday wear as it's a bright, seasonally appropriate shade without being so bright that it'll look odd with half your wardrobe! Again, this has a wide flat brush, making application quick and easy. The brush isn't quite as wide as the Rimmel polish so for this reason, I actually slightly prefer the Essie brush, as I would imagine the Rimmel Polish wouldn't be so easy if you have teeny tiny nails. Dry time with this polish is fantastic as the coats apply so thin. The first coat of this looks slightly streaky but with two coats there's not a single streak or line in sight! Once again, leaving each coat to dry for a few minutes makes for a  much more hassle free mani, as this does dry fairly quickly.

I have to admit, when I first laid eyes on 'Fiery Orange', I thought 'Oh my god, what the hell is that?'. Bright orange glitters have never ever been my thing and in the bottle, this looks very misleadingly watery and honestly, slightly cheap. While I do like the bottle itself (I think the easy grip lid is a fantastic touch!), I almost didn't even want to try the product inside. Almost. But as a beauty blogger, curiosity got the better of me and of course, I like to give everything a fair test before I banish it to the drawer of no return. How wrong I was! Despite not being a shade I would have ever gravitated towards, I was actually shocked at how much I genuinely liked this shade. Not only does it apply surprisingly opaque in two coats, but the glitter also spreads so evenly over the nails (despite appearances in the bottle!) and the shade is actually really quite flattering. Honestly, this wouldn't be something I'd wear on my nails usually, but I think this would make a fab colour for the toenails, particularly if you were going on Holiday and wearing bright coloured sandals (preferably with a tan, of course). So, this is definitely a 'don't knock it 'til you've tried it' shade! 

I was very excited about this shade, partly because the day I tried it, I was wearing a top that matched it exactly and partly because I have a huge love for Modern Family. 'Alex By The Books' is a stunning pastel mint green colour, a bloggers dream. This again has a wide, flat brush and applies very smoothly and evenly. When I applied this, I could actually have gotten away with just the one coat, but I'd always apply two to ensure a longer lasting 100% opaque mani. This would look stunning on almost any skintone and I think it would look particularly gorgeous with a tan! The dry time for this was probably a little longer than the Rimmel and Essie Polishes as it's slightly thicker, but less than the glitter, but I always find glitters take a little longer anyway. Again, applying one coat at a time and letting them dry means this won't take too long at all to dry and leave you with a gorgeous minty mani!

Each of these colours was completely opaque in just two coats and as you can see above, this even applies to the glitter polish, which I think is seriously impressive for a glitter. I can tell the polishes that have been picked were chosen for the season, which I love, as I definitely go for a seasonal mani all year round.

Nailbox costs just £15 per month for a month to month subscription, however, you can save even more and prepay for several months. Check out the price plans here to decide which is best for you. I think this is actually better than many other subscription boxes because you know you're getting your moneys worth, whereas other boxes often have several samples that you just don't use. However, with this you're guaranteed full size products and useful nailcare items every single month - how amazing is that?

Overall, if you love nail polish and like to change up your mani depending on the season and love trying new nail products, then I cannot recommend Nailbox enough! Four polishes and a Nail Tool for just £15 is just fantastic! (This particular box was worth nearly £40 retail value, so you're getting an incredible deal). 

What do you think? Is Nailbox your kind of subscription box?
Which of these shades is your favourite? Let me know! 



  1. Siobhan Rothwell11 June 2015 at 12:10

    I love the colour of all of these, but especially the Essie! In love with all their shades recently


  2. The Essie polish is really pretty for summer x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  3. It sounds like a great subscription box x

  4. I did a review on this box as well and love these colours =]

  5. All look like lovely colours and well worth the money, great post!

    Elle du Jour xx

  6. I think I'm in love with that Essie polish!

    Nixie xx

    Nixie--Pixie | Fashion | Beauty | Lifestyle |

  7. Natalie Carlson Brown16 June 2015 at 01:08

    As a nail polish collector (hoarder - lol), I so wish this subscription service was available for U.S. purchase. Those are really nice polishes for a great price!

  8. I love all colors of nail polish all are very nice..


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