Wednesday, 8 July 2015


Hi lovelies! Today, I'n going to be showing the first of many super excited new products from 'Bagsy'. Bagsy is a relatively new brands and may just be one of my new favourites. The entire range is designed to be super easy to use, pretty and small enough to fit into your handbag. All of the products as you will see in my upcoming posts are absolutely gorgeously packaged and have super cute prints, quotes and colours to make them even more beautiful!

The product I have to show you all today is the Hair Wonder, a dry shampoo with a difference! I've been super careful with my hair recently as I'm trying to grow it nice and long so that means trying not to wash my hair too much, as we all know that's not good for your hair! So, dry shampoo is an absolute must for me and this one is fab as it's infused with vitamin B5 and oat oil, meaning not only does it banish oily roots, but it doesn't leave you with that dry powdery feeling that many dry shampoos give. What I love about this is the fact that you don't need to use much at all. One quick spray over the roots is enough, so the bottle actually lasts a very long time.

While the look of a dry shampoo isn't the most important thing, this bottle really is so pretty, it has a cute blue floral design and metal lid, making it feel very luxurious and high end, which is just a bit nicer to use than cheaper dry shampoos. This retails for £5 for 75ml, which for a product as gorgeous as this, is a pretty good deal if you ask me! While the consistency, packaging and size make this quite unique, the biggest difference for me with the Hair Wonder is the scent. Most dry shampoos do have a scent but this one is beautiful. It's got a very pretty, light, fresh floral scent that actually lasts in your hair. I find with most dry shampoos you smell them on first spray and that's it, but the beautiful scent in this one lasts all day long and I've actually had people comment on how good I smelled when this was all I was wearing, so I absolutely love that!

So, overall, if you fancy a bit of a 'nicer' dry shampoo, one that will fit in your handbag and one with a beautiful scent, I'd totally recommend this. I'd particularly recommend this to those who like me, have quite fine hair, as it just disappears and doesn't make your hair feel thick and gross at the roots like some dry shampoos can do!

What do you think? Will you be checking out the Bagsy Beauty Products?
Check out their website here and shop the range on Feel Unique here.



  1. Siobhan Rothwell8 July 2015 at 16:47

    Ooo, anything without that nasty white dryness is a must!


  2. I love dry shampoos, and this isn't one I've seen before - but want to try it! For £5 it's good if it works as well as you say! Tania xx


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