Wednesday 29 July 2015


Hi lovelies! If any of you have been reading my blog or following me on Instagram for a while now, you'll be aware that around a year or so ago, I had a bit of a mad obsession with perfume and literally bought dozens in the space of just a couple of months, so for quite a while, I've been on a bit of a perfume ban in the hopes that I'd start to use up some of the perfumes I already had. So, despite giving a couple of perfumes away to friends and family, I never actually finished up any of the scents I'd already bought, but when I was out shopping with my lovely boyfriend and he offered to buy this for me when I spotted it, I just couldn't say no!

Britney Spears Fantasy Inimate Edition is a take on the original Fantasy, which I'm sure we all know. The original is a defintie nostalgic scent for me, it's super girly and very sweet and reminds me of candyfloss, cookie dough and sugar! Despite absolutely loving that scent still, I do think that sometimes it can be a little much day to day. In my job as a beauty therapist, I'm often up close and personal with people doing things like lash extensions, waxing and facials and when someone is that close to your face, you don't necessarily want them to smell strongly of funfair snack stalls! However, while I do love a fruity floral or fresh scent, sometimes I do like to wear something a little sweeter without being overpowering and this perfume defintiely ticks all the right boxes.

The official description says that this scent 'opens with a fruity zest of litchi combined with the elegant scent of violet leaf and sunny lemon. Airiness originates from ozone notes which cool down and refresh the floral heart encompassing lily of the valley and elegant jasmine, with a hint of gourmand chords of brown sugar and animal chords or genet. The base is warm, comfortable and creamy, decorated with a blend of vanilla, heliotrope, Laos, benzoin and sensual white musk.' First up, 'genet' is a new one to me and while the little cat like animals are cute, it strikes me as very odd that they can/ would want to get the scent of a mammal into a perfume. This is one note that I cannot or don't know how to detect, so for now I'll ignore that one! I do agree that the opening is fruity and while I do get the Violet in the opening, I also detect it in the dry down too. A few seconds after spritzing, all I can smell is the ozonic notes for a little while, followed by a slightly fruity, slightly floral and subtlety sweet scent. 

This doesn't dry down very musky on me, however I can detect the white musk, which is something I wouldn't generally like, but the vanilla and brown sugar slightly counteract this, leaving you with a sweet, but not too sweet lingering scent. Honestly, it depends when and where I spray this as to what I can smell, for example, on my skin, this stays fairly fruity floral, however on my hair and clothes, the vanilla and sugar notes really come out, making it blend nicely together to create a very feminine, subtle scent. 

The lasting power on this definitely isn't as good as the original Fantasy when applied on the skin, however one spritz on your clothes or hair and you'll be getting little whiffs of this all day long! What's nice about this, is that it's subtle enough that you can re spray a few times during the day and it'll never really be too overpowering or strong, which is a risk you take with the original. 

Before I end this post, we can't ignore the bottle can we? If you know the Fantasy fragrance line, you'll know that they've never strayed from the classic Fantasy Shape (Naughty and Nice editions aside) and this one has to be my favourite one yet, the Pinterest perfect white bottle with rose gold and pink detailing is just gorgeous. They were very clever this with this one as I'm sure many girls will buy this for the bottle alone as it just looks so perfect on any dressing table!

Overall, I would say if you don't do sweet scents at all, then probably steer clear, however if you do like something sweet, or fancy something a little different to your usual florals or fruity scents, then this will be absolutely perfect for you! At £30 for 50ml or £23 for 30ml, this isn't the cheapest celebrity scent, but it doesn't smell like a typical, cheap celeb scent either, so you're getting a fab quality scent for a great price.


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