Monday 31 August 2015


Hi lovelies! Recently, I was offered an opportunity by Salon Services to review their 'Tan Truth' home use products and do a review of them from the perspective of a beauty therapist (which many of you already know is what I do for a living!). I'd not actually used Tan Truth before and as a brand it's not one I've ever used on my clients either, so really this is a first impressions review, but I've given everything they have sent me a good go and I feel I can give you guys a fair review on each product.

First up and first in the routine, I tried the exfoliator, this is a gorgeous pink colour (always a winner) and is a very coarse scrub, making it fab for getting rid of old tan or smoothing over any dry patches - essential if you want an even tan! This does a fab job as a scrub and doesn't leave you feeling greasy as I find some scrubs do. As a therapist, I'd always advise using a scrub that's specifically made for use with tanning products, as other body scrubs can sometimes be too greasy and leave behind an oily residue that makes for a very patchy tan - not a good look!

Next up and the hero product for me is their tan primer,  believe it or not, I've actually never used a tanning primer before so I was intrigued to see if this was actually a useful item or just a bit of a gimmick. I tend to get quite dry on the back of the tops of my arms as well as the usual suspects, on the elbows, knees and feet, so I spritzed this in those areas and left it for a few minutes before applying the tan and I woke up the next morning, showered the tan off and no super dark patches in sight. I know there are lotions and things out there that are supposed to do the same job, but what stood out to me about this is the formula, it's a spray bottle and the product comes out as a very fine mist, making it super easy to use and very quick to sink in, so no waiting around before you apply tan. Perfect if like me you often apply your tan shortly before going to bed.

Similarly, the range did include a Barrier Cream, which works pretty much the same as most tanning barrier creams, I apply this all over around an hour before I tan, just to make sure my skin is well moisturised. I follow up with the primer in the areas mentioned above. I like this one more than certain other lotions I've used as it's very light and sinks in very quickly. As I said, I do leave this an hour to be 100% sure it's completely soaked in, but honestly you could probably do this 10 minutes before tanning - provided you rub it in fully - and you'd have no problem at all.

Another product that was quite different was the facial bronzer. I went to use this before putting my makeup on on the day I received these products and was surprised and slightly confused when it came out of the bottle as a clear gel, as opposed to the dark brown liquids or foams of other facial bronzers I've used. So, being slightly skeptical, I assumed this was going to be nothing more than a glorified basic serum, but I was wrong, by the end of the day, I noticed my skin did actually develop a light colour under my foundation. I love that this develops gradually as it means it doesn't wash off with your makeup and doesn't give an instant super tan like other facial tanners. It's very light on the skin and is perfect for use under makeup as it dried almost instantly if used correctly. I use this daily now as like most girls, the tan on my face never lasts as long as the rest of my body. If you tan regularly and find your face stays paler, this is absolute godsend. It'd also be fab if you just fancy a hint of colour on your face instead of an all over tan. 

The two actual body tans I received are the instant tan lotion and foam. I've used similar formulas before and knew to apply both with a tanning mitt (and make sure you do, your hands will thank you!). Both have a great guide colour so you know what you're working with, but the guide colour can and will transfer onto clothes, sheets etc, so your best bet (and what j usually do) is to apply an hour or two before bed after showering, then use dark sheets and rinse in the morning. Putting this on before school or work then getting caught in the rain would be nothing short of a disaster! Both tans give a very similar effect when rinsed off, I'd say the foam is just slightly darker and slightly easier to work with. The lotion is quite thick and while I have had some practice, I do think it's slightly more difficult to spread evenly than the foam is. The colour from both lasts a few days before it needs topping up and they both faded very evenly. I applied the mousse as the lotion had faded and still no patches! To be honest, you're going to get a lovely, natural looking colour with either of these so I'd put it down to personal preference when it comes to formula. I would say the lotion is just probably slightly better if you had particularly dry skin. Also, both the tanning products lasted a really great amount of time before fading, most tans I've used tend to need reapplying after the first or second shower at a push, but both of these lasted about 5 showers. I'm not sure how well this would do in a bath, as I recently got a thigh tattoo and haven't been allowed to sit in a bath recently, so I can't comment on that!!

Overall, I'd thoroughly recommend tan truth for an affordable tanning brand and think it's definitely worth a tan for tan-o-holics like me! If I were to recommend just one product from the range though, I'd have to say the primer is the winner for me. While I genuinely loved all the products, this is something I've never seen before and I've never used any lotion or cream that's worked so well to keep the stubborn dry patches from turning mega dark!


Sunday 30 August 2015


Hi lovelies! I'm having a bit of a clear out so it's blog sale time! More items to be added, offers considered, particularly when purchasing multiple items. Postage will be combined. 
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Friday 21 August 2015


Hi lovelies! Today, I wanted to share some items that are on my Depop right now! You can check it out here. I'll be adding more very soon but wanted to share as I desperately need a clearout and want my items to go to a fab new home!


Wednesday 19 August 2015


The proliferation and easy access to synthetic highs means anyone with an internet connection who chooses to can order a vast range of concoctions that guarantee to bring on a load of fun. Find out about some of the many options that abound just a few clicks away.

Image by TheArches via Flickr

One of the great things about being alive today is the virtually unlimited range of options available when it comes to recreational activities. A little online research and access to a wicked product range means the ability to source new experiences just became even broader. There are naysayers who quip that such widespread availability is a negative thing but since when has the freedom to make choices about very personal experiences been something to be decided by the overblown fears of others?


The current ease of access to Legal Highs is either a blessing or a curse depending on which side of the issue you land on. Technology will always move faster than legislation, therefore it seems reasonable to assume that the current situation will only become more and more complicated and not easily resolved.

You know, perhaps it’s cliché to say it but times are definitely tough and sometimes it seems like they are getting even tougher. The media paint a picture of a world that is becoming increasingly darker and more despairing and political correctness rules the day. People are not fully acknowledged as unique individuals with very different personal needs, rather we are lumped together and forced to toe the line and go silently along without making a fuss.


Who can blame those of us who prefer to spend our time having fun with our friends and pushing the limits of mind and spirit to break out of this socially sanctioned, government-approved, passively accepted dreary nightmare allegedly known as ‘reality’? It’s always been the ones living on the edge that call society’s beliefs’ and underlying assumptions into question while being labelled outsiders and trouble makers.

There are experiences far beyond the norm that naturally open up previously unimagined realities. People access them through a variety of methods such as extreme sports, ecstatic dancing, ritual fasting, sensory deprivation, meditation, yoga, composing music, and creating artworks. Yet others believe incredible new realities will evolve by becoming super-enhanced cybernetic-human hybrids in sync with computers and artificial intelligence.


Regardless of the variety of beliefs, means and methods, there is a common root that underpinning these disparate approaches. The quest for state change and dominion over one’s own existence is a certain inalienable right. To choose one’s own personal reality by making decisions to drive your destiny in any direction you desire should not be interfered with by authorities getting in the way with the intent of restricting and controlling personal freedoms.

Life is just too damn short to be sitting on the side lines waiting for permission from authority to live the life you desire and having fun with the people one cares about while attempting to see the world through fresh eyes in many ways is possible right now. Whether it’s out at the club, partying with friends or some quiet contemplation in the privacy of your own home, the accessibility of legal highs online means the fun never has to end.


There are many places to access research chemicals and Herbal Incense blends in the UK where you can find stocks that would keep any industrious explorer happily experimenting for a long, long time to come.

The products come in all manner of style and substance, with exotic sounding names such as Cherry Bomb, Exodus Damnation, Happy Rasta, Kronic Pineapple Express, Pandora’s Box, Voodoo and the infamous clockwork orange legal high, to name but a few. There are more than 80 varieties easily accessed via the phone or internet that are sold at very reasonable prices, discreetly packaged and waiting to be delivered right to your door.

Research, experimentation and autonomous thinking are powerful keys to changing the today’s theme song and dancing to our own tune. Who amongst us would hesitate in choosing otherwise?

Monday 17 August 2015


When I first started going out with my boyfriend Darren, I remember nervously going to his house for the first time to meet his Mum and the first thing she ever said to me was 'Oh, hello! Don't mind me love, I'm just playing my Bingo!'. I'd been so nervous to meet her but that definitely made me feel much more at ease very quickly! She's a total lover of online Bingo and to be honest, I never saw the attraction, I've had friends go to local Bingo nights and all sorts and until now, I didn't get it. Until I tried some Free Bingo online and honestly, I was surprised how much I enjoyed it!

Bingo Extra offers games of free Bingo with no deposit required (so no risk!) and I have to say, it's actually a lot of fun. I actually saw something on Pinterest (I'll edit in the link if I find it!) about budget date nights/ nights in with friends and one of the ideas was an online Bingo night, where you get a bunch of people over and all play online Bingo against each other the same room - yes you'll spend a little money playing, but you may also win a fair amount back! It's like a competition between you and your friends and as it's in a group, you can set a limit to how much you all spend and keep tabs on each other to make sure you're being careful - very important!

I think Bingo is considered one of those typical older lady things, but playing online is far from hugh Bingo halls full of blue rinses and sensible shoes, it's actually quite a lot of fun with friends and I think if you do limit it to just the odd occasion or set yourself a maximum limit for how much you can spend, it's a bit of harmless fun that may actually have a huge reward at the end of it. Personally, I've not played enough to win huge amounts, but I do know people that have won a few hundred from spending just £10 or £20 - not bad for a night in on the sofa!

What do you think? Does a Bingo night in sound like something you'd fancy doing with your friends?

Friday 14 August 2015


Hi lovelies! I don't know about you guy, but something I've always struggled with in the past is finding the perfect makeup primer. I've tried almost every single hyped up primer on the market and to be honest, while some are definitely better than others, I've always been left slightly disappointed. As a beauty therapist and qualified makeup artist, a good primer is absolutely essential to me and to clients and something that really bothered me was having to carry around several different ones because no one primer seemed to suit every skin type. Until now.

I was recently introduced to Arbonne and to be honest, I hadn't heard too much about the brand before now, but through talking to a lovely lady (who was actually one of my salon clients!), I learnt more and more about the fab products, I knew I had to try them out for myself! I'll be doing a few reviews of some of the products that I've been loving but I wanted to start off with this one as I think it's honestly a product everyone needs to know about!

Arbonne products are all 100% Vegan and are botanically sourced and hypoallergenic, meaning no matter what skin type you have, these products will be safe for your skin. I definitely want to review some of the skincare line, (and definitely leave me a comment if that's something you'd like to see!) but for now, let's get started with the fab primer!

As I mentioned, this is completely vegan and hypo-allergenic, so very safe for those of you who struggle with your skin reacting to products, then this will be perfect. What I love with this, is that due to the carefully chosen ingredients, not only does this make a fab primer, it also doubles up as skincare. It helps to plump and smooth skin slightly and stops any makeup you put on after from clogging your pores. I have to say, since using this, I've noticed a huge reduction in clogged pores, which is something I really struggle with. It keeps my foundation perfect for 8 hours easily, I've tried this with several foundations and while higher end foundations do last better, it kept every foundation on throughout an entire day at work, which is very impressive.

Honestly, if I could just recommend one product this year, (or maybe just this season, a beauty blogger can't commit to a whole year!) it'd be this. It has literally transformed my makeup routine, obsessed!

This primer can be purchased here for £27, which for this, is an incredible price. A tiny amount goes so far that this will last you twice as long as a regular primer. What I love about Arbonne, is as they don't really advertise in a conventional way, their prices are fairly reasonable while the products are an outstanding quality.

P.S. quick tip, if you love the sound of Arbonne products, you can sign up here as a 'Preferred Client' for £17 for one year and you will receive 20% off everything and plenty of special offers too!


Monday 10 August 2015


Hi lovelies! It's summer, which for me, is party season! (After Christmas of course!) Weddings, BBQ's and summer parties all over the place and right now, I'm planning a party for my Chihuahua's first Birthday (yes, really!) so I've looked to sites like Pinterest for inspiration! Of course, in true blogger fashion, I got carried away and ended up planning a puppy party, several birthdays and a wedding before I knew it, so I thought I'd share a few photos of my favourite party bits!

As you may have noticed, I love a decorated chair, I think these are just gorgeous for weddings, but also a regular party - as who ever has enough chairs! You can hire chairs like this at Top Table Catering Hire, saving the old BBQ request BYOB and a chair! Or perhaps it could be something to look into if you are planning a wedding.

Are you planning any parties in the near future? If so, do you look to Pinterest, tweet me your party boards @chloesway!