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The proliferation and easy access to synthetic highs means anyone with an internet connection who chooses to can order a vast range of concoctions that guarantee to bring on a load of fun. Find out about some of the many options that abound just a few clicks away.

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One of the great things about being alive today is the virtually unlimited range of options available when it comes to recreational activities. A little online research and access to a wicked product range means the ability to source new experiences just became even broader. There are naysayers who quip that such widespread availability is a negative thing but since when has the freedom to make choices about very personal experiences been something to be decided by the overblown fears of others?


The current ease of access to Legal Highs is either a blessing or a curse depending on which side of the issue you land on. Technology will always move faster than legislation, therefore it seems reasonable to assume that the current situation will only become more and more complicated and not easily resolved.

You know, perhaps it’s cliché to say it but times are definitely tough and sometimes it seems like they are getting even tougher. The media paint a picture of a world that is becoming increasingly darker and more despairing and political correctness rules the day. People are not fully acknowledged as unique individuals with very different personal needs, rather we are lumped together and forced to toe the line and go silently along without making a fuss.


Who can blame those of us who prefer to spend our time having fun with our friends and pushing the limits of mind and spirit to break out of this socially sanctioned, government-approved, passively accepted dreary nightmare allegedly known as ‘reality’? It’s always been the ones living on the edge that call society’s beliefs’ and underlying assumptions into question while being labelled outsiders and trouble makers.

There are experiences far beyond the norm that naturally open up previously unimagined realities. People access them through a variety of methods such as extreme sports, ecstatic dancing, ritual fasting, sensory deprivation, meditation, yoga, composing music, and creating artworks. Yet others believe incredible new realities will evolve by becoming super-enhanced cybernetic-human hybrids in sync with computers and artificial intelligence.


Regardless of the variety of beliefs, means and methods, there is a common root that underpinning these disparate approaches. The quest for state change and dominion over one’s own existence is a certain inalienable right. To choose one’s own personal reality by making decisions to drive your destiny in any direction you desire should not be interfered with by authorities getting in the way with the intent of restricting and controlling personal freedoms.

Life is just too damn short to be sitting on the side lines waiting for permission from authority to live the life you desire and having fun with the people one cares about while attempting to see the world through fresh eyes in many ways is possible right now. Whether it’s out at the club, partying with friends or some quiet contemplation in the privacy of your own home, the accessibility of legal highs online means the fun never has to end.


There are many places to access research chemicals and Herbal Incense blends in the UK where you can find stocks that would keep any industrious explorer happily experimenting for a long, long time to come.

The products come in all manner of style and substance, with exotic sounding names such as Cherry Bomb, Exodus Damnation, Happy Rasta, Kronic Pineapple Express, Pandora’s Box, Voodoo and the infamous clockwork orange legal high, to name but a few. There are more than 80 varieties easily accessed via the phone or internet that are sold at very reasonable prices, discreetly packaged and waiting to be delivered right to your door.

Research, experimentation and autonomous thinking are powerful keys to changing the today’s theme song and dancing to our own tune. Who amongst us would hesitate in choosing otherwise?

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