Friday, 14 August 2015


Hi lovelies! I don't know about you guy, but something I've always struggled with in the past is finding the perfect makeup primer. I've tried almost every single hyped up primer on the market and to be honest, while some are definitely better than others, I've always been left slightly disappointed. As a beauty therapist and qualified makeup artist, a good primer is absolutely essential to me and to clients and something that really bothered me was having to carry around several different ones because no one primer seemed to suit every skin type. Until now.

I was recently introduced to Arbonne and to be honest, I hadn't heard too much about the brand before now, but through talking to a lovely lady (who was actually one of my salon clients!), I learnt more and more about the fab products, I knew I had to try them out for myself! I'll be doing a few reviews of some of the products that I've been loving but I wanted to start off with this one as I think it's honestly a product everyone needs to know about!

Arbonne products are all 100% Vegan and are botanically sourced and hypoallergenic, meaning no matter what skin type you have, these products will be safe for your skin. I definitely want to review some of the skincare line, (and definitely leave me a comment if that's something you'd like to see!) but for now, let's get started with the fab primer!

As I mentioned, this is completely vegan and hypo-allergenic, so very safe for those of you who struggle with your skin reacting to products, then this will be perfect. What I love with this, is that due to the carefully chosen ingredients, not only does this make a fab primer, it also doubles up as skincare. It helps to plump and smooth skin slightly and stops any makeup you put on after from clogging your pores. I have to say, since using this, I've noticed a huge reduction in clogged pores, which is something I really struggle with. It keeps my foundation perfect for 8 hours easily, I've tried this with several foundations and while higher end foundations do last better, it kept every foundation on throughout an entire day at work, which is very impressive.

Honestly, if I could just recommend one product this year, (or maybe just this season, a beauty blogger can't commit to a whole year!) it'd be this. It has literally transformed my makeup routine, obsessed!

This primer can be purchased here for £27, which for this, is an incredible price. A tiny amount goes so far that this will last you twice as long as a regular primer. What I love about Arbonne, is as they don't really advertise in a conventional way, their prices are fairly reasonable while the products are an outstanding quality.

P.S. quick tip, if you love the sound of Arbonne products, you can sign up here as a 'Preferred Client' for £17 for one year and you will receive 20% off everything and plenty of special offers too!


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