Monday 16 November 2015

Simple Tips to Impress A Girl

Foreigners who are interested in dating Russian girls , and especially those who aspire building serious relationships, need to understand the nature of Russian girls, as they have little in common with their countrywomen. To make a good impression on your Russian romantic interest you just need to learn what traits do these Slavic beauties like and dislike about Russian men. This information can become a powerful weapon that will help you win the heart of your love interest. So, the following are a few simple and effective recommendations on how to impress a Russian girl.

Dress Immaculately

A vast majority of Russian men do not care about their appearance and dress very simply. They prefer wearing comfortable and sometimes shabby clothes. There are men who can put on a tracksuit going on a date. Thus, to impress a Russian lady, you should do the opposite and dress nicely. Of course, this does not mean you should wear a tailcoat and a bow-tie. A pair of clean jeans and a fresh shirt is usually more than enough to look good. Also pay attention to your shoes and make sure they are clean. Russian girls also like men in suits, thus by wearing a suit you double your chances of making a good impression. However, do not choose a very formal one and make sure it matches the type of date you have, otherwise, you may look odd.

Be Assertive

Though Russian girls like assertive men, it is important not to go too far in you desire to take the leadership in your relationships. The biggest problem of Russian men is that they sometimes become aggressively assertive, which girls do not like. Your task is to strike the right balance and therefore show your assertiveness or take control over a situation when necessary. For example, you can choose a restaurant and plan your date. However, do not forget to share your plans with a girl and pay attention to her reaction. If you notice that something bothers her, just talk to your girl and change your plans, so that both of you could feel comfortably on that date.  

Be a Gentleman

Unfortunately, lots of Russian men are rude and impolite. Of course, not all of them have bad manners, and  many are  trained in chivalry. So, the task is to demonstrate your social training and show respect to your date. It should be you who pays the bill at a restaurant, opens the door, carries heavy bags from the supermarket and so on. Otherwise speaking, always mind your manners, as Russian girls like well-bred guys.

Respect Her View of Social and Family Life
Though Russian women get a traditional upbringing and many of them firmly believe that the main calling of a woman is to become a good wife and mother, an increasing number of women want to make a good career first and therefore  be financially independent. In other words, you must  be ready to accept whatever she decides - build a career, take care of the house and kids or be a working mum. Try to understand her desire and help achieve her goal.  
Be Generous

All girls (even financially independent) dream of a generous partner. So do not forget to pamper your lady with small gifts and flowers. Russian girls adore flowers and your lady will appreciate you bringing her flowers even with no special occasion.


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