Tuesday 1 September 2015


Weddings are great. They are a chance to dress up, get out your most expensive jewellery and use some of that makeup you rarely use to give yourself a new look. I love weddings they are a great chance to relax, and I always pick up ideas from other guests for fashion and makeup.
They are great fun too especially if the reception is good. There really is nothing quite like dancing into the early hours to a good band.
Finding the right wedding band
At the reception, the band sets the tone, so finding a good wedding band is essential. The right band can light up the floor and get everyone up and enjoying themselves.
The best wedding bands can play a varied playlist. They will be able to play something to appeal to every age group including family favourites.
If there are specific records that you want played at your wedding you need to ask in advance. A good band will happily learn a couple of songs to keep a client happy. If they cannot do so, they will tell you quickly to allow you enough time to look around for another band.
A local band
It is a good idea to look for a band that is local to you. In most parts of the country, it is not that difficult to find a good band. It is big business, so plenty of musicians target this market. This means that there are plenty of wedding bands spread throughout the country.
The fact that most bands are only prepared to travel for about an hour or an hour and a half to get to a gig also makes it better to look locally for a band. A wedding band who play in Leeds is unlikely to want to travel to London to play, unless of course it is a big wedding for a celebrity couple.
Staying local also gives you the chance to visit the band and hear them play rather than just listen to a recording of them playing. Hearing a band live is a far better way of ensuring that you get a good band than just listening to stuff they have been recorded in the studio.
The right type of band for the venue
The right band is also affected by the size and type of venue. If there is only a small stage it is not possible to hire a big band. In addition, some venues have noise restrictions, so again a big band is not likely to work even if the stage is big enough to accommodate the band. There is nothing worse than not being able to hold a conversation with other guests.
Want more information?
If you are getting married soon and are looking for more tips to help you to hire a good wedding band you can find more here. For those who are not sure about the type of entertainment they want a wedding band is usually the best option, but only if they hire the right band.

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