Friday 2 October 2015


Essential Tips for the Winter Bride

There is something magical about winter weddings. Perhaps it’s the soft blanket of snow, the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree, lower prices across the board, greater availability of wedding venues or maybe it’s the fact that bridal parties can wear some pretty shrugs that totally add to the whole winter-themed celebration. Whatever it is, there is definitely something special about tying the knot during the colder months of the year. 

However beautiful a setting it is, winter brides have to overcome a lot of challenges that summer brides don’t have to entertain. On that note, let’s uncover some essential fashion and beauty tips for the winter bride. 

Beauty Tips

1. To achieve the ultimate seasonal look, it’s important to embrace everything about winter by incorporating autumnal shades like berry and gold in your look. Combining a copper eye shadow with dark eye-liner and a rich berry lipstick is a winning look. 
2. Most winter looks have one thing in common and that’s the emphasis they place on the eyes. The dramatic smoky look using browns, gold, and black is timeless and will always lend itself well to a winter wedding. 
3. The cold weather can, and probably will, wreck havoc on your hair. Your stylist should be able to tame your frizz on the day but you can do your part by prepping your hair before the big day by treating it with serum, oils and leave-in conditioners. 
4. To tan or not to tan? Most winter brides prefer to steer clear of the fake stuff by choosing to embrace their bold features and impeccable, natural skin tone instead. If the thought of doing this instills fear into your bones, be sure to get a professional job done to ensure you look flawless and not too sun-kissed on the day. 
5. Whether you’ve chosen to get married in one of Cheshire wedding venues or a small chapel in the countryside, wedding day nerves and a drop in temperature can leave your skin looking dull and feeling drab. Ensure that your skin glows on your special day by practising a thorough skin care routine in the run up to your big day. For added glow, a highlighter will add instant luminosity to your skin so it’s a beauty essential. 

Fashion Tips

1. When searching for your dream dress, remember that while it will definitely be cold outside, chances are that your wedding venue will be warm and toasty. This variation in temperatures calls for removable layers such as a silk cape or a soft fur shrug. 
2. While the thought of wearing peep-toe showstoppers or pretty corked wedges might sound appealing, choosing footwear that’s weather-appropriate is vital in winter. Teaming your dress with a kitten-heeled court shoe is a much more sensible option and one that your feet will certainly thank you for on the day. 
3. A lot of brides think that a full-length gown is the only style that works in winter. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, as long as they choose the right style of dress, winter brides can rock everything from a mid-length pencil skirt ensemble to a short and funky A-lined 50’s inspired dress so don’t let the season limit your options. 
4. Do add sparkle to your outfit, but in a tasteful way! Anything that glitters or shines will certainly add to your wintery-inspired look so don’t be afraid to dabble with a jewelled neckline, a crystal headpiece or a sequinned shawl. 
5. Don’t think that your wedding look should follow trend, as winter is the most perfect time of the year to be daring and dress according to your own personal style and preferences.  

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