Monday 26 October 2015


Hi lovelies! As you will know, there is less than one week until Halloween and as you may not know, mine and my Boyfriends 'anniversary' falls on Halloween too, so for us it's a a double whammy and while we do like to do something fun, this year, we're in the process of moving into our first home together, so everything is on a tight budget, so big fancy meals, fright nights at theme parks and huge parties are a tad out of the question! So, I thought for those of you in the same boat as us, I'd put together a list of Halloween themed night in suggestions! If you have any other ideas, I'd love to hear them so pop them in the comments below! Quick disclaimer, some of these ideas include alcohol, casino games and horror, so under 18s, adjust these ideas to be age appropriate!

Spooky Movie Night
I'll get the ball rolling with an eye rollingly obviously one, but this will always be a classic for Halloween! Find the scariest movies you can, turn out the lights grab some blankets and snacks and have a cosy night in scaring yourself silly! I'm a huge lover of horror films, but I'm also the one who wants the light on and a huge blanket ready to cover my face at all times! Keep a big bowl of sweet for trick or treaters knocking on the door, grab a pizza and snuggle up!

Trick or Treat Games Night
For the competitive, why not put a spooky spin on a regular games night, by making it trick or treat themed. Perhaps play card games, board games or any game on your phone, iPad, computer etc. Play each game with rules such as whoever loses first does a forfeit such as a dare, eating something gross, or even shots! Then there could be a prize such as Halloween sweets for the winner! If you wanted to make it interesting, you could head over to a casino game site such as to browse the best casino sites (many of which will offer bonus sign up credits, sometimes for free!) and play for real treats! Again, as this is a budget night in, it's best to set a limit to how much you can spend - forfeit for anyone who over-spends! Even games like candy crush or any other level by level game could be great, set a time limit and see who can get furthest, winner gets a prize, loser gets a forfeit chosen by the winner!

The Great Halloween Bake Off
One idea that I absolutely love is a cake decoration competition, put together a list of inexpensive cake decorations (icing, food colouring, sweets, edible spiders...??), split the list between a group of friends to split the cost, buy a pack of cheap cupcakes or biscuits and have a decorating competition, stick your final masterpieces on Facebook (without saying who's is who's!) and get your friends to vote for the best! Winner gets to choose the movie!

Cocktail Night
For the grown ups, ask a group of friends to each bring a different spirit and a different fruit juice and have a go at mixing and naming your own cocktails - the scary part will be trying them at the end! For kids or under 18s, doing this with just fruit juice and soft drinks is just as fun and potentially less gross! Shops like poundland often have little Halloween themed straws, cocktails stirrers and other fun things to theme your night.

Halloween Makeover Night
This one's for the girls (or guys, if they're up for it!!), grab your mates, tell the to bring makeup, face paints, nail polish, whatever they have and make each other up as scary as possible! As fun idea would be to write different characters on little cards, pop them in a hat, pick one, make up your friend and have your other friends guess who she is! It's like pictionary or charades on someone's face!

Let me know your thoughts on these ideas and if you'll be doing any of these this year!
What are you doing for Halloween? X

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