Thursday 12 November 2015


Hi lovelies! I don't know about you guys, but in the mornings, I'm all about speed, I like my makeup to be done as fast as I can, but as I run a beauty salon, I do like to go to work with a full face of well done makeup every day. I'm trained as a makeup artist, so while I do enjoy doing makeup, I also enjoy sleep, so I love a product that makes my morning routine that little bit quicker! Step forward Wonder Wand! Before I talk about the product itself, I'll just go over the brand for those who haven't heard of Bagsy before! Bagsy is a brand I've spoken and raved about before, they're fairly new on the market but I'm sure they'll soon be huge! The products themselves usually come in very simple, sleek white, silver and black packaging, but the outer packaging is super pretty, making them perfect gifts. All of the Bagsy products I've had have all come in gorgeous printed packaging (each item is packaged differently) and have cute little quotes inside, which I think is a really sweet little touch. 

Anyway, all that aside, let's get into the actual review. When I received the Wonder Wand, I was a bit confused. I thought a highlight/ concealer duo in the same pencil would be far from quick and easy to use and to be honest, I thought it'd be a bit of a faff. But, despite being unsure about it, I'm always up for giving things a fair try and I was also really curious as to how this would work. Well, was I surprised or what?! First I used the concealer side on some red areas around my nose (damn this windy weather!) and I was shocked at how creamy and beautiful the texture was, it slid on so smoothly and covered up the slightly dry area with no gross flakiness or patches. I then used the highlight down my nose and under my brows and then mixed the concealer and highlight under my eyes, which gave a beautiful highlighted, lifted effect to my slightly dark under eyes. 

So, the product went on and blended beautifully (I applied over foundation, you could apply under if you prefer, but this blended in seamlessly with my foundation so the two shades looked like a perfect match), but did it last? Well, I am thrilled to report that it seriously did. Usually. If I have any blemishes or red areas, I have to touch those up throughout the day, but this seriously stayed put. The highlight on my brow bone in particular looked fab all day long. 

The only grumble I have with this is that only comes in one shade. Despite the fact this shade worked really well for me, I would say if you had very fair or very dark skin, this may not work for you. That being said, this is a tad dark when you first apply but if you have a light/ medium skin tone this concealer will be perfect on its own and if you have a very light skin tone, the concealer and highlighter work perfectly when mixed together, so this could be a way around it if you do find the concealer slightly dark. To be honest, for dark skin tones, I doubt this would work and I'd really like to see a darker concealer with perhaps a more golden toned highlight for deeper skin tones. However, this doesn't take away from the fact that this is a seriously beautiful product that does the job very well and very quickly!

This is perfect for all kinds of concealing and highlighting, so, as I've said, it can save time in a makeup routine and space in your makeup bag! I tend to also use a powder highlight on the cheeks, but if you prefer a more subtle look, you could highlight the nose, cheeks, brow bone, Cupid's bow and anywhere else you like to highlight with this. 

Overall, if you have a fairly light to medium skin tone, I'd definitely recommend this, perhaps very light skin too if you want a great under eye concealer (just mix the two sides!), I think it would suit any skin type as it's very creamy, but doesn't slide off oily areas of skin either. For those with darker skin, perhaps Bagsy will extend their range soon! I know they have recently come out with a range of lip and cheek colours to suit darker skin types, so hopefully the Wonder Wand will soon follow suit!

What do you think? What's your favourite concealer or highlighter? Do you have a favourite 'two in one' product? Let me know! 

The Wonder Wand is usually £18 but is currently on offer both online and in store at 10% off. Bagsy Beauty is available to buy on FeelUnique and in Debenhams.


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