Monday 30 November 2015


Hi lovelies! So, turns out, I really, really like doing Gift Guides, so I'm turning it into a bit of a series, from now until early December, I'll keep posting these regularly as I find them super helpful on others blogs, so I thought why not do lots of my own!

So, this one's for the boys! Or the men who are still boys at heart! My boyfriend is a bit of a big kid at times (okay all the time, but it's why I love him!) and this gift guide has been approved by him, his exact words being 'Get me any of that, except the Doctor Who thing' (not a fan). As much as guys do love their expensive gadgets and things, I don't think anyone is ever too old for a fun present, so I thought I'd pick out a few fun, but grown up items, such as the Samurai Kitchen Knives, Swearing Turtle and Sergeant Pepper Mill as well as some for the guys that just never grew up - Chewbacca Slippers and Cape Towel anyone?

As a kid, I always got a soft toy of some sort in my stocking, so I think the teeny tiny Captain Ameria Tsum Tsum is really sweet. I know a lot of guys aren't into soft toys (Darren hates that I still sleep with one as he wakes up with it on his face half the time!), but I do think a little one like this of their favourite character is actually quite a cute little gift, it could go in their car, on their desk or just in a bedroom as a cute reminder of you!

What do you think? Would your boyfriend/ bother/ friend/ dad etc love anything on this list?
Let me know your favourites!


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