Tuesday 3 November 2015


Hi lovelies! As many of you will know from my last post, myself and my boyfriend Darren are moving into our first home together as of next month. So of course, I've been doing a bit a lot of homeware shopping! Today, I thought I'd share a little haul of some of my favourite kitchen bits that we've picked up so far! Obviously, a lot of the things we've been buying are the basics, crockery, cutlery, glasses, baking trays etc etc.. But I thought I'd show you a few of the more interesting bits and bobs rather than sharing a three day long blog post full of spatulas and measuring jugs! 

 As you'll be able to tell, we're going for a bit of a retro theme with the Kitchen. As I'm going for a bit of pink in the living room, Darren was allowed to choose the theme for the Kitchen, so 50's Diner it is! We actually managed to pick up a lot things from discount stores like Home Bargains and B&M, so if you like this sort of thing, those sort of places are just perfect.

 This cute little used tea bag holder is just too cute and it was only 79p from B&M - how can you possibly go wrong with that? They had a huge selection of these, but as this one matched perfectly with the Tea, Coffee and Sugar Canisters we found, it had to be this one! The Coffee Clock also matches the Canisters perfectly and was just £3.99 also at B&M. We really wanted to find a statement clock and any we found before this that we liked was just so expensive, so this went straight in our basket when we spotted it!

 The 'Morning Sunshine' Milk Bottle is from Asda and was on sale for only £2. We thought this would be really cute to use as a water jug when guests come over, rather than just sticking a regular jug or water filter jug on the dining table! Then of course, the infamous Tea, Coffee and Sugar Canisters! These were only £6.99 for all three from B&M and I am obsessed with them. These were actually the first themed thing we bought for the kitchen and our whole kitchen theme has pretty much been based around them. They're ceramic and absolutely amazing quality, so if you like this sort of thing, I'd thoroughly recommend them.

 Who spotted the milk bottles and paper straws? My kitchen will be Pinterest worthy let me tell you! Other shops I've found absolutely perfect for unique and inexpensive Kitchenware are TK Maxx and Wilko. TK Maxx is particularly fab because you can find a lot of things that there may only be one of in your store, so it's quite unlikely that your friends would have the same thing as you. 

This 'Flash Wash' storage thing was £3.99 from TK Maxx and is another of my absolute favourite items that we've got so far. I'm going to use this to store washing tablets, which is really handy as they're not stored away in the back of a cupboard, making them really easy to grab and use, but they'll be in this cute tin, so they'll look super cute on the counter top! The vintage Kellogg's tin was actually a freebie when you bought cereal at Home Bargains, we didn't really need a box of Frosties, but we had to have the cute tin, so we bought them anyway! They also had a Coco Pops one, which I may go back to get (and who doesn't love chocolate cereal as a treat now and then??), I do think these might sell out quite quickly though, so if you like this and have a Home Bargains nearby, I suggest you get down there pretty quick! I'm not sure what we'll use this for, possibly as a biscuit tin or for treats for the pooch!

 The set of four milk bottles and straws are from Home Bargains and cost just £1.59. I thought this was incredible, considering the price you pay for this kind of thing elsewhere. I think these will be super cute to use with the Milk Bottle Water Jug when guests come over. The heart shaped chopping board was £4 from Wilko, I love this as it's not too big and bulky and will look much cuter on the side than a regular chopping board.

The set of fridge magnets was another B&M bargain for just £1.99. I'm not one for using a ton of magnets and things, but as these fit my theme so well, they're totally allowed. The Cocktail Hanging Sign was from B&M also and cost £2.99. I love this sort of thing as it just adds something a little bit fun to the kitchen! They had a big selection of these, so you could absolutely find one to suit your house. They're a cute and cheap way to change up a room slightly, so it's definitely worth a look if you're heading to a B&M Store any time soon.

 I actually got this fab ceramic pots and pan set from eBay on a daily deal for just £9.99. I thought orange was a nice change from all the other grey/ black/ silver cookware we already have. These aren't huge, so if you're cooking for a family these won't be great for big pots of pasta or a huge stir fry, but they a nice small size for if you're only cooking something small or for one or two people, so they're perfect for us!

 I was kindly gifted a voucher for Joules so of course, I had to pick up a few homeware bits with that! They didn't necessarily have the same retro theme as we were going for in the Kitchen, but they did have the pink/ navy that I'm going for in the living room and I figured, when you have a drink, you usually have it in the living/ dining area anyway, so I thought these colours were perfect!

 The set of four mugs are £36.95, so not the cheapest, but they do make a gorgeous gift for someone, particularly if you're looking for Christmas presents for someone who's a little hard to buy for! The quality of them is fab and they have several different gorgeous designs. As I said, I went for these to match my living room, but they have lots of others so it's worth a look. All of them have different designs on the outside, a Joules logo on the inside and a little pattern on the bottom of the mug, so the attention to detail on these is just beautiful.

I didn't want to unwrap all the tea towels before we get to the house, but basically, they are each sets of two large tea towels with print that match the mugs. These cost £12.95 per set, so again, perfect for a gift or a special treat for yourself! Although these don't really match the kitchen them either, tea towels aren't really on show too much anyway! I got all three of the nautical tea towel sets because I really don't think you can have too many tea towels as they're constantly in and out of the wash. These ones may just make washing up a little more bearable as they're so cute! Maybe not, but I can only hope.

So, let me know what you think! What's your favourite thing from my haul?
Also, if you have any recommendations for cute, cheap homeware shops/ brands please let me know in the comments!


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