Sunday, 22 November 2015


Hi lovelies! As you'll possibly know from my recent posts/ twitter/ instagram accounts, my boyfriend Darren and I are moving into our first house together next month! So, lots of pretty homeware bits have been all I can think about/ buy recently! I thought I'd share some of my favourite things we've got recently, as I think all of these would not only make gorgeous additions to our home, but also perfect Christmas gifts for someone who's into pretty homeware and useful presents. So, let's get right into it!

Kate Spade Address Book - £29.00 Amara*
I am obsessed with this gorgeous little Contacts and Address Book by Kate Spade. I know we have phones and things for storing things like phone numbers, emails and addresses now, but when you're writing Christmas or Birthday cards, sometimes it nicer and easier to have an address book to sit and use. Plus, it's fab quality and absolutely beautiful, so it'll look super cute in our living room! 

Wild & Wolf Retro Phone - £54.99 Flamingo Gifts*
This absolute stunner was kindly sent to us by Flamingo Gifts and I am just in love with it. I think it's going to look stunning on a little side table next to our super pretty address book! Yes, it's not the most practical phone in the world as the handset is huge and it's corded, but let's be real, no one really uses their home phone that often anyway and it's basically just there to look super shiny and super beautiful. If you know someone who loves retro and vintage homeware, this could make a great novelty gift.

 Ted Baker Notebook - £10.36 Flamingo Gifts* (on sale!)
Not exactly an essential homeware item I know, but I always use notebooks for shopping lists, christmas gift/ card lists and often I leave them out on show, so of course, it's nice to have pretty ones! The theme in our living room is going to be pink, mint and gold, so this will be absolutely perfect for that. Again, this would make a lovely gift for someone who like me, is always writing notes. I bought my sister one of these for our birthday as she's doing a Teacher Training course, so for someone like that, it would be a fab alternative to the usual spiral-bound notebooks they pick up at the supermarket! 

Prolex Kettle - £19.99 and Toaster £14.99 - B&M 
This super cute pair are actually an early house-warming gift from my Mum, she gave us them early as we need a toaster and kettle ready for moving in! As I've said in earlier posts, we're going for a retro/ vintage theme in our kitchen, as our house is a little cottage, so we thought it'd go really well! So, this pastel blue kettle and toaster will be perfect. Of course, items like this are quite personal, but I personally love receiving items like this a gift, as it's not something you'd necessarily buy yourself. I think this is perhaps something that'd be great to put on your own Christmas list if  you need new appliances in your kitchen.

Create Your Own Stashbox - £10.00 Beanies*
Like the notebook, this technically isn't homeware, but I just had to include these flavoured coffees that were kindly gifted to us by Beanies. I don't often drink coffee myself, but Darren loves it and I like to have different things like this as options for guests, because I like to be the family member/ friend who says 'Sure, what flavour?' when someone asks for a coffee. No shame. These are particularly great, because they're only 2 calories per cup (before milk and sugar of course!). This Xmas Stash is perfect, because you can choose three flavours that the person you're buying for/ you love and they come packaged in a cute little gift box, which make them a really nice gift for a coffee lover.


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