Monday 30 November 2015


Hi lovelies! Another gift guide for you all today! This time, for the baking fanatic in your life. We all know someone who loves to bake and as much as baking is already a lot fun, I personally think cute, pretty or quirky bakeware can make the whole process even more enjoyable!

Not all of these are actually for baking, such as the Candyfloss Machine and Party Ring Coasters, but I just had to include both of these, because candyfloss and because party rings. I think all of these are fab gifts as they're all so pretty and cute, but I really love are the Mug Cake Mug, which is a mug, that has a mug cake recipe printed on it, efficient. Also, I never, ever use a kitchen timer, but I really, seriously want the Toaster Kitchen Timer. So cute, so much like the toy toaster I had as a kid. I just think I need it.

I hope you like this gift guide! Let me know your favourite in the comments!


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