Monday 30 November 2015


As prom time gets closer and closer, style and color are just as important now as they were a century ago. “Prom” comes from the full word “promenade” which was once a formal march of couples entering a ballroom once they were publicly announced to surrounding guests.

For the wealthier Americas, grand debutante balls were held for daughters to “come out” into society. These grand balls were the envy of the middle-class who wants the best for their children, too. While formal dances for youngsters date back as far as the late 1800s, it was the early 1900s when the first proms were introduced. 

Teenagers would dress up in their absolute best for their high school banquets and by the 1920s and 1930s, dancing was included. Once World War 2 and the Great Depression ended, proms took on far more elaborate meaning. They started moving away from school gyms and into country club ballrooms. Students began to fiercely compete to be recognized as the best, most elegantly dressed.

These days, some students go in groups of friends and others prefer to go as couples. Even couples want to look striking, and often color coordinated, though. That’s why the color of an outfit for prom has become so important. 

About Dress Colors

It seems that any color really goes, but the most popular shades tend to be the brighter jewel hues. Geometric shapes, metallic fabrics, classic gold, white and silver and large patterns are all “in” right now, and bling is pretty big these days. The classier black dresses seem to be standing out at proms these days too

With such a myriad of colors and styles to pick from, how do you make such an important decision?

• For starters, let’s consider that some colors will look good on you while some won’t. Girls with fair complexions tend to look much better in softer colors as well as pastels. Ocean blues, whites, light raspberry, corals, champagne, and soft tangerine are just some of the stunning choices that will show you know how to be stylish while dressing to compliment your skin tone. If you shop at one of the best online stores for prom dresses, looking for dresses in these shades shouldn’t be a challenge.

• Darker skin tones will suit vivacious shades, bright colors, and bling without becoming lost in the shades. Attention-getters include ruby red, electric orange, midnight blue, and emerald green.

• What is your prom’s décor going to be like? An old-world or classic theme requires the likes of subdued, softer, or even pastel shaded dresses. A funkier, modern theme, though calls for golds, silvers, magentas, and metallic. If there is a seasonal themelike winter, feel free to try on traditional winter formal dresses. You don’t have to strictly stick to prom dresses alone.

• Next, consider your date. A lot of girls tend to pick out their dress way before their date has ordered a tuxedo. Since you’re going to be taking pictures to last a lifetime of memories, coordinating outfits is pretty important. Typically, if you’re wearing lighter colors, he will look amazing in a light grey or white suit or tuxedo. However, if you’re going bright and bold, he should wear a black tux. Despite popular opinion, you don’t need to try and perfectly match his accessories or shirt to the main shades of your dress. It actually doesn’t always work since there tends to be a slightly off-shade difference that can be incredibly noticeable. It’s safer to match his shirt or tie and cummerbund it to an accent or secondary shade. 

• Don’t try to outdo your partner, either. If one of you prefers to dress more conservatively, be sure to follow the lead. On the other hand, if one of you really wants to make some sort of fashion statement, keep up with that kind of energy.

Whatever colors you decide to choose, remember to relax and have fun on your prom night.

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