Sunday 27 December 2015


Hi lovelies! Today, I thought I'd do a little mini 'What I Got For Christmas' post, as I think listing every single present can sometimes come across a bit pretentious and braggy (though I know it's never meant that way!) so, instead, I've picked out a few of my absolute favourite gifts, though I loved absolutely everything I received, I selected a few that I particularly loved and those that I thought you guys would like to see. So, let's get into it!

This gorgeous scarf was a gift from my Parents and is from Pretty Little Thing, I just love scarves in the winter as I think they're a super easy way to completely change up an outfit. This one is just beautiful, I love faux fur at this time of year and Grey, Black and Burgundy are my three favourite colours to wear in the cooler weather too, so I'm going to be absolutely living in this this winter!

Another gorgeous gift from my Parents were these stunning Khaki Tasselled Suede boots, also from Pretty Little Thing. I am obsessed with these! Ankle boots are pretty much all I wear this time of year and these are a just a nice alternative to black or brown. I can't wait to wear these, but I'll probably wait until the rainy weather stops first!

Also from Pretty Little Thing, I got this gorgeous cream faux fur gilet. I've been totally obsessed with gilets this winter but I didn't have a cream or white one, so I'm really pleased with this, it's super soft and cosy and will look great with so many different outfits. 

This year, as we've just moved into our house, myself and Darren decided to buy a few nicer bits for the house as our 'main' gifts to each other and instead, did each other stockings to open first thing on Christmas morning. So, one of my stocking stuffers from him was this super cute black pompom bag charm. It looks perfect on my black Michael Kors bag (which was actually my main present from Darren last year!), despite being a very small gift, I absolutely love this. I've wanted a black pompom for my bag for a while, but haven't found the perfect one as they're either too big, too small or not so great quality, this one however is absolutely perfect. It's the perfect medium size, super soft and gorgeous and it's on a faux leather strap, with a gold clasp, meaning it goes perfectly with the gold hardware on my bag. He got this one from Boohoo if you're interested! 

My Grandparents got me this absolutely gorgeous blush pink dressing gown among a few other cute bits and bobs including hand cream (which I always apply before bed) and some slipper socks - my Nan always does a bit of a theme with her presents which I think is super thoughtful! Excuse the close up photo, but dressing gowns are super tough to get decent photos of, so this will have to do until I inevitably instagram a photo wearing it! As technology isn't advanced enough yet to let you feel this through the screen, you'll have to take my word that this is the softest thing ever. Literally it's going to be so difficult to take off after a morning shower before work. It's not too long in length which I like and has big pockets and a hood for extra cosiness - love love love!

Another favourite of my stocking stuffers from Darren was this is Treacle Moon Marshmallow Hearts shower gel. I think these are only available in Tesco, but this is just my favourite shower gel of all time. It lathers up beautifully and filled the whole room with it gorgeous sweet, warm scent. I don't always pick this up for myself when doing a food shop,so it's really nice to have this back in my bathroom!

 This s a few gifts in one actually as the copper wire basket was a gift from my Parents and I absolutely love it, this is from Next Home and it'd be perfect for storage in your bedroom or as I'm using it, in the bathroom. My Mum also bought me a Ted Baker gift set with lots of bath and body essentials in. The blush pink and rose gold on the TB packaging looked perfect in the basket and I'm so pleased with how it looks! My nan bought me a full size Ted Baker hand cream, which has the rose gold/ copper accent so it ties in perfectly with the basket. The three candles were a gift from one of my clients at the salon, they've got a slight floral scent which is really similar to the Ted Baker products so I thought these would be perfect for the bathroom, particularly when I have a Ted Baker bath!

This absolutely beautiful heart shaped mirror was a gift from my other Grandparents, who actually bought us a few bits for the home as we've just moved into our new house. I think this is just gorgeous, the frame is a tarnished metal effect and the hope it hangs from is super sturdy and well made. We needed something little to hang at the bottom of the stairs and this was just the perfect addition to that little space so I just love this.

Another gift from my Grandparents was this super cute pair of noodle bowls. It's a bit of an odd one but I obsessed with these. They say noodles on one side and soup on the other and the little handles make them perfect for carrying a bowl of hot soup or noodles to the table. You can't really see in the photo, but they're a deep brown colour with gold glitter running through it, they're fab quality and really unique and I just love them!

These gorgeous vintage looking weighing scales were a gift from one of my best friends - who clearly knows me very well! Our kitchen has a retro/ vintage theme throughout so these look perfect sitting on the counter! I'm actually quite liking baking at the moment and I didn't actually have proper scales before this so these have definitely got me baking over Christmas - my family have been hooked up with all of the mince pies.

My sister also got me and Darren lots of little bits for the home, including the cute sign. I thought this was a super cute addition to our kitchen as little things like this definitely make a new house feel a lot more homey. I love the chalk board effect of this and think it looks stunning in our little kitchen! 

What do you think? If you've done a post like this please leave the link in the comments below as I'd love to see what you got for Christmas!
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with friends and Family and have a fab New Year!


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