Sunday 13 December 2015


Hi lovelies! First things first, very sorry about the lack of posts in the last couple of weeks, Darren and I finally moved into our new house on Monday and we finally got Wifi this weekend - it was a long week of waiting believe me! But we're all settled in now so we're good to go and things should be back on track as of now! Anyway, in todays post, I thought I'd share my perfect Christmas, my plans for this Christmas, old traditions and new traditions (if you can even have a 'new tradition!!). I absolutely love hearing about what people do at Christmas, so after you've read my post, let me know in the comments if you share any of these traditions, or if you have any that are different from mine, as I'd love to hear it - even better if you write a post like this, definitely link it if you do!

So, let's start with Christmas Eve, basically, the only tradition we have that has continued into Adulthood is that we definitely don't cook. As a kid, we'd go out for dinner or get a takeaway with our parents, this year, as myself and my Boyfriend have our own house, we'll be ordering a takeaway together, because with all the cooking you'll be doing the next day (although we're off to my Mum and Dad's for Christmas so no cooking for me!), who really wants to cook on Christmas Eve too? So, takeaway and Christmas films until super late, so that we're tired enough to go to sleep, because do you ever really grow out of the too excited to sleep phase?

I'm also hoping to do lots of baking on Christmas Eve this year, as we'll be going back to my Parents house rather than actually living there, I think it'll be really nice to bring some home made goodies back with us! So, I'll spend the early evening baking the likes of mince pies, fudge, Christmas biscuits etc. Our little house is going to smell so good! Of course, I'd do all of this with an extra long playlist of Christmas songs on the go! So, after the baking and takeaway, we'll be watching a Christmas Film or two (The Holiday will forever be my favourite!) then off to bed.

On Christmas morning, I always woke up to a stocking full of smaller gifts which I'd open with my sister as soon as we woke up, this was every single Christmas right from when I was a kid until when I was older and now that I've moved out, myself and Darren are doing a stocking for each other on Christmas morning. As we're older now, we won't rush and open these the second our eyes ping open, we'll go downstairs and make breakfast, usually we have toasted teacakes or crumpets, nothing too big or filling with Christmas Dinner on the way later!

After breakfast we'll get ourselves ready, we don't get too dressed up but I do still like to wear a Christmassy outfit on Christmas Day! New Look were kind enough to gift me my gorgeous Christmas jumper this year. As much as I love being super festive, proper novelty Christmas jumpers aren't quite me and I prefer to go for something a little more girly and pretty! If you like my jumper, you can take a peek here to buy it! As you can see above, I'm going to pair it with a burgundy skater skirt and tights for a simple but festive outfit. I'll definitely post a proper picture on the day! After getting dressed, we'll open our presents to each other before driving back to my Mum and Dad's house for presents and Christmas Dinner. Obviously more Christmas music in the car on the way home.
Every year, we open presents to each other around the tree, then usually, I'll help my Mum with the dinner while everyone 'plays' with their presents (there's always something to play around with!). Christmas Day for us is pretty chilled, so we tend to have Christmas Dinner, followed by games, then we watch TV and play more games and just generally chat and spend time together until the early evening. Then, in the evening we sometimes have Turkey Sandwiches for 'tea' - though this depends on how huge Christmas Lunch was and if anyone actually has room left for more!

To finish the day off, I always like to have a bit of a mini pamper, I always get new bath and body bits and bobs for Christmas, so I'll usually have a bath or shower using gorgeous smelling shower gels and scrubs, followed by body lotions and sometimes a face mask, then brand new pjs!

So, that's my perfect Christmas and my plans for this year! Congrats if you got to the end of this post, it was definitely a long one! Let me know what your plans for Christmas are this year in the comments, I'd love to hear all about it!


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