Friday, 8 January 2016


Hi lovelies! I'm super excited about this post today, because as you can see - I got a new toy! A little while back, I was contacted by Ocean Loans and asked if I'd like to take part in a Winter Polaroid Project that they're running, taking photos of some of my favourite moments this winter. To take part in this, I was kindly sent this gorgeous Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera - I chose pink, of course! So, before I show you my favourite winter snaps, I thought I'd also do a little review of the camera, as I know these are super popular and you may want to hear a little more about it before you buy.

So, in the (very cute and colour co-ordinated) box, you get the camera itself, two batteries, a wrist strap, ten 'shots', which is the film you put in the camera and set up instructions. I think it's such a nice touch that the boxes are all themed to match the colour of the camera inside, I know ultimately the box just gets thrown away, but I think if this is given as a gift, it just makes it look a bit nicer!

As you can see, set up is pretty simple, you simply pop the batteries and film in and you're already good to go! I really liked how easy this was as I'm quite impatient with things that take a long time to set up or have an instruction book the size of an Argos catalogue, so this is perfect if like me, you like your new toy to be quick and easy! To turn it on, you simply twist the lens so it opens and then take your first shot! Something I didn't realise, is that the first shot is like a tester shot and doesn't actually develop, so if you accidentally click on your first go (like I did), you're fine, but after that, the photos are instant so no second chances!

What I love about a polaroid camera is the fact that there are no second chances, the shot you take is the one you're stuck with, just like back in the day with the old disposable cameras or cameras with rolls of film inside! My photos above pretty much sum up a typical winter evening in for me, hot chocolate and cuddles with my boyfriend and puppy! I'm absolutely loving taking pictures and popping them up on my fridge, there's something quite nice about the shots being spontaneous, as I spend so much time sometimes trying to get the perfect instagram picture or best lit selfie but with this, your first go is the picture you've got to keep and actually, that's really not so bad! It means you're truly capturing the moment, rather than a super staged photo and I think there's something really special about that. 

What do you think? Do you have a polaroid camera? Would you like one? What's your favourite thing about winter?


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