Saturday 16 January 2016


Hi lovelies! As we all know, January is a bit rubbish, Christmas is over, you're back to work or school and its really bloody cold! However, this is a bright side to January. Sales. I actually found all of these items on, it's a super easy way to search lots of different sales without having to go on several websites, I love this as while I do love shopping, I do get a bit impatient with having to search through loads of sites when I'm looking for something specific.

So, sometimes (particularly in January), it's nice to get yourself a little 'just because' present, just because it's cute and for me, that was the super adorable little Pink Handbag Keyring, this was actually down from £35 to just £9 - so if you love this, it's the perfect time to pick one up! I don't know if this is something I should admit, but I actually plan on putting this on my keys with a couple of doggie poo bags in for when I take Belle for a walk! The glamorous life of a dog owner! However, it does make the very unglamorous just that bit cuter, and it saves the awkward looks when I go through my bag in public and a little hello kitty printed bag falls out, it's pretty and it's scented, but what it is is still very obvious! I also chose the black version too which I'm going to give my Mum as a little gift as she loves stuff like this! Lucky for her it'll probably be used for something much less Chihuahua related!

I actually have one of the long Michael Kors purses which I absolutely adore, but sometimes a smaller purse can come in handy. I'm not someone who will just throw their cash and cards right into a clutch bag on a night out, so for when I want to use a smaller bag, this gorgeous little Saffiano Square Purse will definitely come in handy. I absolutely adore the colour and style of this purse, it's very slimline and compact, but it has plenty of card slots as well as space for your notes (or a silly amount of receipts, which I am determined to stop keeping) and a little section that's secure with a popper for your coins. It's a perfect everyday purse if you like something a little smaller and easier to carry around, but still like to have plenty of room for all your cards and things. Bonus, this was down from £70 to just £19, which is a huge bargain.

Though Christmas is obviously over, I think all of these are fab ideas for gifts for a Birthday (or Valentines, get hinting girls!), or for the super organised, next Christmas! January is a fab time to start shopping for Birthdays and things coming up in the year, because you can get a great gift for much less! It's definitely worth checking out Love The Sales as they list all the best sales from lots of huge brands including Kurt Geiger, Michael Kors, Vivienne Westwood and Marc Jacobs to name just a few! 

What do you think of my sales finds? Have you picked up any great bargains in the sales this year?


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