Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Hi lovelies! Today, I thought I'd share yet another recipe with you all! This one is vegan, but you could adapt it by adding meat or cheese if you prefer. I do suggest you try it as it is though, as it's super yummy! So, I don't really have a name for this one, as you can see from the title, but essentially, it's a Tomato based Spaghetti dish, which (almost) everyone tends to love, but with a little bit of a twist to make it more interesting and dinner party appropriate! Or at least great to cook when your parents come over if you want to look like you've put a lot of time and effort into an actually very easy meal! So, let's get right into it without too much rambling!

Ingredients (Serves 2);
500ml Passata
150g Spaghetti (Dry weight)
50g Black Pitted Olives
1/2 400g Tin Chickpeas, drained
Two handfuls Wild Rocket
Mixed Herbs
Garlic Powder (or crushed garlic cloves)
Cayenne Pepper
Salt & Pepper to taste
1/2 Veg Stock Cube

1. While boiling the Spaghetti, take the half tin of chickpeas, and either microwave in a microwavable bowl, or boil in a separate pot to soften. While these are both cooking, chop your olives into slices. This is optional, but I strongly recommend it, as the smaller pieces mean each mouthful isn't overwhelmed by the strong olive taste. Smaller pieces mean you get a little piece in each forkful, which adds a lot of taste and texture.

2. When the spaghetti is cooked, drain and put in back into the pot with the drained chickpeas and sliced olives. Pour over the Passata.

3. Add your herbs and spices to taste and crumble in the stock cube. Do all this before adding the rocket to prevent overcooking it.

4. Add the rocket once everything else is well combined, how much you cook this entirely up to you, but as you can see from my photo, it really shrinks down when cooking, so if you like it to still have a bit of crunch, you'll literally only need a couple of minutes for this.

That's literally it! You can of course adapt the recipe to your tastes, but this is a seriously quick, easy dish with lots of amazing health benefits. Black olives are full of antioxidants, dietary fibre and heart healthy fats that promote healthy digestion and can help in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. The rocket is a great source of essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C and iron. The chickpeas are a fab meat free source of protein and are a great source of fibre, helping you feel fuller for longer. And of course, pasta provides carbs, which your body needs to function! Whole-wheat pasta would of course have more benefits, but we didn't have any and whatever you prefer is fine!

So that's it! How easy is that? Let me know what you think and definitely tag me on instagram @chloesway if you make this!


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