Wednesday 16 March 2016


Hi lovelies! I'm super excited about this review I'm writing for you all today, because it's a new brand (to me at least!) that I'm already obsessing over. Today, I want to talk to you about the gorgeous 'So Eco' brushes. I was asked by the lovely people at if I'd like to review a brush from the brand and as you'll likely know, I'm always up for trying new products, however when I read into this brand and found out they were an entirely cruelty free, Eco friendly brand (clue's in the name!), which is something I'm really trying to focus on in my life at the moment, I was even more convinced that I had to give them a go! 

As I said, I've decided recently to try as hard as I can to buy products that don't test on animals, don't contain animal products and where possible are sustainable and Eco friendly. So naturally, 'So Eco' fit the bill perfectly! As you'll see from the packaging in the pictures, everything about the brand is environmentally friendly and animal friendly. The brand is cruelty free from the product to the packaging! The packaging is made from sustainable, biodegradable materials that are ethically sourced, it is printed using vegetable inks, the Windows are made from compostable corn starch as opposed to hard to break down plastics and they are stuck using solvent free, water based adhesives. They also use fairly minimal packaging, avoiding waste as much as possible. And if that's not enough for you, the brushes themselves are just as Eco friendly as the packaging! The brush handles are made from bamboo from sustainable sources and the aluminium ferrules are recycled and the bristles are made from cruelty free taklon, they also use natural, unbleached cotton bags to store the brush kits.

Being so environmentally friendly though, you may expect the quality of the brushes to perhaps be slightly compromised. You'd be wrong! The brush heads have all been tested for size, application and finish, the bristle colours have been carefully chosen so you can see exactly how much product you are using - again, preventing waste, the weight and handles are custom made for optimal weight and grip and the brushes are super soft and gentle on your skin.

I personally have been obsessed with these brushes and the few I've tried have absolutely made me want to try more! The brush I chose to try was the 'Multi Tasking Brush' as I thought it looked fab for buffing on foundation. I can genuinely say I much prefer this already to my higher end buffing brushes. I've found that this seems to distribute the product very evenly over your face without soaking up the liquid foundation, once again, preventing waste while creating a gorgeous, even finish. At just £7.50, this is also significantly cheaper than a lot of high end makeup brushes and the quality is not only just as good if not better, but I feel good knowing what I'm using is also sustainable and cruelty free. 

I was also sent the eye brush kit as a little extra so I thought I'd also give a quick overview on these. First of all, I love the cute little brush roll their in, it makes them really easy to find and handy to travel with! All of them do the job they're supposed to do very well but I've particularly loved using the shading brush - which is the largest in the pouch - for concealer and eyelid primer. Once again, it doesn't soak up loads of product, so you're getting full use out of your products and it applies my concealer and primer so evenly and smoothly without a brush stroke mark in sight! This little kit is just £12.50, which for 5 brushes of this quality is an absolutely steal in my opinion. 

So, I hope this proves that environmentally friendly, cruelty free products don't have to break the bank, nor do they have to compromise on quality! I will 100% be building my collection of So Eco brushes soon, seriously impressed! If you'd like to give them a go, is also offering FREE first class delivery with every order when you spend £15, so it's even more of a bargain! 

Let me know your thoughts! I'm loving finding environmentally friendly, cruelty free brands right now, so any suggestions would be hugely appreciated! 


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