Tuesday 1 March 2016


Girls that choose bad guys instead of nice and decent men are one of the

most widespread stereotypes of the Western world. We are assured that you can 

recollect no less than twenty books and movies that exploit this idea. However, a 

stereotype as a scientific phenomenon always has a prototype based on the 

empirical reality. Today our team and datingladies.com are about to talk about 

most common reasons why girls prefer bad boys to any other kind of men. 

1. These guys seem more confident. Let’s decide first - what kind of girls 

would choose a bad guy? A girl that underestimates herself, of course. 

Some women have low self-esteem and poor self-reliance issues. These 

women think that a good man cannot really handle their low spirits. 

However, they think the bad boy will treat them as badly as they treat 

themselves – and, in the end, it will improve their self-confidence. To be 

honest – the male part of our editorial office believes that it makes no 

sense at all. Yet, we all know that female logic is sometimes too 

complicated for men. As a result, a bad-guy formula in a girl’s mind looks 

like this: a guy with robust attitude and confidence can help me improve 

my self-esteem. Too bad that it rarely works this way. In 90% of cases, a 

bad boy makes a fragile girl submissive to his needs and desires – and she 

loses herself completely. 

2. These guys are indifferent. Famous Russian writer Alexander Pushkin 

says that the less we love the women, the more she is fond of us. This 

controversial psychological thesis has somehow been proved by centuries 

of dating experience. Likewise, bad boy’s skepticism becomes his rule for 

life. He likes to play against the rules and basically do things his way. Such 

boys are impossible to bring on to the track, as they are obstinate and 

take pride in being rule breakers. Surprisingly, the whole concept of their 

exponential indifference makes girls excited and simply turns them on. 

3. Bad guys are mysterious. Not every young girl needs to marry and have 

kids. There is a huge category of women who just fancy the excitement, 

the adventure and the feeling of danger that bad boys are known to 

bring. It mainly works for the girls who are raised in the atmosphere of 

strict rules and rigorous limitations. In the end, this girl lay herself out to 

get all the excitement in the world! Dating a mysterious bad boy is one of 

the most effective ways to cast her prudence to the winds. He is mute 

about his OBVIOUSLY terrible and thrilling past. As well (and it is more 

important), he has no plans to look forward to. He lives for the day – and 

a girl wants to be his companion. Teenagers are usually fond of Bonnie-

and-Clyde type of stories. What they do not mention in their dreamy 

thinking is that this couple ended up in a truly pitiful way. A girl should 

also understand that a bad guy (especially if he is in denial about his 

“badness”) is a good choice for a spring break affair romance but he 

should not likely become the man of her life.

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