Monday 18 April 2016


Hi lovelies! Today, I have a review for you all and this time, it's a hair product! Recently, I was contacted by the fab people at Duck & Dry, a top London Salon, to see if I wanted to try out a product or two from their new product line. I'm always up for trying new products, so of course, I was interested already, but when I saw that the products were full of natural active ingredients to enrich your hair with goodness, I definitely couldn't say no!

Today, I'm going to be talking about the 'Blowdry in a Bottle'. This product claims to give weightless lift to the hair and add texture, which is perfect for my fine, soft, straight hair as while I don't have too many problems with my hair holding a curl or style, it definitely does tend to be a little flatter than I'd generally like. So, this sounded perfect to me!

The active ingredients in this Honey Locust, which is supposed to give instant and weightless volume while it's lightweight properties prevent build up, Ginseng, which enriches the hair follicles to stimulate the overall texture, giving hair extra grip and control to create styles much more easily, White Nettle to combat excess oil production, giving hair a fresh feeling and natural root lift and finally, Essential Oils; Camomile, Bergamot and Linden Flower to nourish the hair and also make the product smell beautiful! It's also Paraben and Sulfate free - huge bonus. Something I really like about this is the fact the bottle is a spritzer type bottle and not an aerosol can, as I'm trying to limit the amount of aerosols I'm using, so that's another definite bonus for me.

But of course, it sounds great, it looks great (seriously how cute is the bottle?), but does it work? Actually, yes! I've noticed a significant difference in my hair when I use this before blow drying. Usually, I pretty much just rough dry my hair, as it falls fairly straight anyway, so when I used this for the first time, I dried my hair as normal and while there seemed to be no immediate difference, my hair stayed very straight and swishy all day, whereas sometimes I'll get odd kinks and waves if I don't follow up with the straighteners. So, the next time I used it, I was a little more careful and spritzed it all throughout my hair aswell as on the roots and used a brush to dry my hair straight and blow dried upwards slightly using the brush and my hands to create a little root lift and I'm pleased to confirm that it did help to keep my hair volumised all day long!

I've actually taken to using this before styling my hair in any way be it with a hair dryer, straighteners or curling tongs, because I find it helps my hair to hold a style without the need for yucky sticky hairsprays, which I try to avoid at all costs as I don't think they're good for your hair (or to breathe in!) and I can't stand the way they feel. This however is totally weightless on the hair and leaves a light, but pretty scent, rather than the toxic scent of most hairsprays!

So, overall, I'd thoroughly recommend this if you want a long lasting, volumised style without the need for hairsprays and excessive styling products. This retails for £18.00 and can be purchased on the Duck & Dry website.


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