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So you want to go green and you’ve started embracing eco-friendly products in your day to day life. Maybe you’re buying locally-grown produce instead of processed and GMO foods. Or you’re using recyclable and earth-friendly plastic bags instead of petroleum-based ones. What about the clothes that you wear every day? The clothing industry has an enormous environmental impact – second only to the petroleum industry. With the help of ethical and eco-friendly clothing brands, you can go green in fashion too.

What Are Eco-Friendly Clothes?

There are a number of ways in which a fashion brand can be eco-friendly. Maybe they’re using only organic material to manufacture their clothes. Or maybe they’re recycling fabric for new clothes, so that there’s minimum wastage. Regardless of the differences in materials they use, the main thing they have in common is that they aren’t using petroleum-based fabrics in their manufacturing process. The goal is to provide sustainable clothing that isn’t harmful for the environment.

These eco-friendly fashion brands usually embrace an ethical manufacturing method, which means that everything they make is done in an ethical work environment. They shun the use of real fur and leather, so that no animals are harmed in the process of creating their products. Their clothing is also either made locally or under Fair Trade agreements. So any ethical woman would choose to wear clothes from an eco-friendly fashion brand over garments made in sweatshops.

Who Makes Eco-Friendly Clothes?

Let’s take a look at some amazing fashion brands that choose to create earth-friendly garments to preserve the environment:

  1. London Ethnic – This ethical fashion label promotes London-based designers and revolves around high-quality women’s clothing and organic beauty products. Everything under this label is produced within the U.K., so you won’t have to worry about buying clothes made in sweatshops.
    Image Source: London Ethnic

    London Ethnic is dedicated to making fashion sustainable with ethically-sourced materials and promoting fair trade. Another reason why we should embrace this brand is because it serves as the foundation for novice British designers to gain ground in the fashion industry.

  2. Indelust – This South Asian label is made up of ethically-sources and artistically-curated creations from the Indian Subcontinent. Its online luxury boutique promotes clothing made by independent artisans from the region. The Indelust fashion brand isn’t just about items for women and kids but also boasts of artistic decor pieces.

    The brand’s sentiment revolves around organic, vegan, handmade, sustainable products that will generate a positive social impact. Indelust infuses local materials with traditional techniques to create minimalistic designs.

  3. L Saha – This UK-based premium womenswear label targets fashionable and eco-conscious women. L Saha uses natural fabrics to create timeless pieces and puts a modern twist to them. With a commitment to produce ethical and sustainable fashion, the brand nurtures the skills of their craftsmen and gives them the platform to make a positive change in their lives. Image Source: L Saha
    What’s unique about L Saha is their dedicated to build a connection between their customers and the people who created their products. Every item comes with a ‘Made By’ tag, which provides customers with basic information about the person who created the item. Customers can also trace the detailed journey of their purchase using a tracking code. This helps them learn about the conception of the design to the package and delivery of the finished product.
  4. Sydney Brown – Before she launched her US-based ethical footwear brand in 2012, Sydney Brown had been embracing the vegetarian lifestyle for years. The idea for eco-friendly shoes came about when she found herself thinking twice about buying leather shoes. Being unable to find an alternative to leather designer footwear, she started working in European shoe factories and took up an apprenticeship in the craft.

    Now she oversees the production of her ethical, cruelty-free line of footwear handcrafted by artisans. Shoes from the Sydney Brown brand are made using high-quality eco-friendly materials. The brand makes the most of reclaimed wooden soles, coconut insoles, and recycled and sustainable uppers.

  5. Kabukimono – Another UK-based fashion brand, Kabukimono was launched in 2014 and has since come up with eccentric and unique creations. Each piece of clothing from the brand is hand-crafted under ethical conditions in London. Their latest collection is named “Hands & Faces of the Shiro Meda”, which tells a story with abstract hand-painted designs.
    Image Source: Sancho Dress
    The collection shows an appreciation for textiles made by Ethiopian co-operative and comprises of unisex jumpers and totes. Kabukimono is all about individuality and cultural infusion with ethical production of goods. Each piece is described using a Haiku poem, which further promotes their idea of preserving individuality.

There are a lot of other eco-friendly clothing lines that cannot be all covered in one article, so let’s just leave it at five for now. When we’re adopting the eco-friendly lifestyle, we should always be conscious of everything that we buy. We can always opt for a sustainable method even when it comes to buying clothes for special occasions and events. For instance, we can buy second-hand goods and re-purpose old clothes for Halloween costumes, so as to save money while promoting a green lifestyle.
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