Monday 16 May 2016


Hi lovelies! Today, I've got another fab Vegan beauty product for you all! This time, it's in the form of this 'Moisture Restoring Conditoner' from Australian owned and made brand 'Sukin'. I got this on recently as I was in desperate need of a new conditioner and wanted to try something a bit different to what I've been using. As some of you will know, I've been making an effort to buy only products that are cruelty free and vegan, which often goes hand in hand with more natural, safer products. This certainly applies to this brand, you'll see in the picture above that it is free from all of the usual nasties that should be avoided for your hair, so no sulphates, sythentic fragrance, parabens and a whole host of other things you don't want to be putting onto your precious strands!

As someone with highlighted hair, I need to take special care to use products that are not only safe for dry and damaged hair, but also free from harsh ingredients that are going to alter or mess with the colour of my hair. This is why I went for Sukin, as I loved the ethics behind the brand as they're totally vegan and completely against animal testing. Their products are also created with high quality botanical extracts to provide quality products for your skin and hair, while remaining very affordable. This conditioner in particular retails at just £13.22 for 500ml. As it is very moisturising, you don't need to use too much either, so it will last you a good amount of time before you'll need to replace it.

Containing aloe vera, Shea butter and wheat germ, as well as avocado, rose hip and jojoba oils, this conditioner has an impressive ingredients list that combines to make your hair look and feel soft, nourished and much more manageable. Since using this, I've notified a significant difference in the amount of breakage I get - or don't get should I say! My hair is prone to breakage, but after using this, my hair brushes through much easier without snapping off, which is definitely down to the improved texture of my hair since using this. My hair also smells lovely after using this, the scent isn't strong at all, which is great as you can be sure there are no unnecessary perfumes in the product, but it just smells so fresh and clean with a very slight lasting scent, nothing too overpowering.

Overall, I'd absolutely recommend this if you have dry, damaged hair. I have quite fine hair and this doesn't weigh it down at all, however Sukin do have other products for different hair types, so I'd definitely recommend checking those out for your own hair type. They also do smaller sizes if you wanted to try before you go for the 500ml bottle, but I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be disappointed, I absolutely love it!


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