Sunday 12 June 2016


One thing that I’ve noticed when looking at lifestyle blogs is how they all seem to focus on how diet and exercise can be important in helping us achieve healthy lives. And whilst this is undeniably true, they all seem to miss out the fact that our sleeping habits can also play a massively important part in shaping the way that we look and feel.

This is undoubtedly good news for the likes of me, as there’s nothing I like better than getting an early night on a firm mattress. But what I didn’t realise is how many different ways that sleep can help our bodies and minds!

Sleep your way to beauty

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who’s suffered the occasional bad night’s sleep. And as well as feeling groggy, I always hate the way that we get circles under our eyes and our skin looks rough after a restless night.

A recent article in Cosmopolitan shows that this happens because getting a good night’s sleep is key to ensuring that your body gets time to remove dead blood cells and produce the moisture it needs to keep your skin looking youthful. So whilst we can all spend a small fortune on investing in the latest beauty products, it’s nothing compared to the completely free power of natural sleep!

Sleeping to shift the pounds

But it’s not just our faces that can benefit from a good night’s sleep, as it seems that there have been various studies that have speculated as to a link between our sleeping habits and our body weight.

This is definitely good news as I’ve already stated how annoyed I’ve become by the faddy weight loss industry, so that with the power of a good firm mattress from the likes Bedstar that’s also better for your back, we can all hopefully snooze our way to a slimmer figure for the summer months!

Destressing through sleep

A big part of why sleeping can help weight loss is thought to be because it has important destressing powers. This is thought to be because our REM stages of sleep help us to process memories in a harmless way that makes everyday living much more easier to deal with when we’re awake. This means that we feel better about doing some more exercise rather than just binge-eating on the sofa!

So a good night’s sleep on a firm mattress will not only be able to give us better skin and a firmer body, but it can also help us live our lives in a much more enjoyable and productive way too!

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