Tuesday 28 June 2016


Hi lovelies! Today, I wanted to share with you all how to make a Green Smoothie. Obviously, if you know anything at all about smoothies, or just fruit and veg in general, you probably already have a good idea of how to make a Green Smoothie. However, as much as I love smoothies and experimenting with fruits and veggies, for a long time, I just couldn't master the Green Smoothie.

Fruity smoothies are fab, just packing in lots of fruits makes a smoothie super sweet and really tasty, however when I have a smoothie, I do sometimes like to get some veggies in, just so I know I've had a good amount of veggies that day. This is where Green Smoothies come in. They're a good way to get in seeds, greens, veggies etc, however they're not always an easy way, because if your ratios are off, they can be pretty gross! So, I thought I'd share the way I make my favourite Green Smoothie with suggestions and alternatives for fruits and veggies that you can switch up without compromising the taste.

So, to make my Green Smoothie (this makes roughly one pint) I use:
1/4 of a Pineapple (Fresh or Frozen)
1 Frozen Ripe Banana (Frozen Bananas give off less of a Banana-y taste, which is nice if you're not a Banana lover! If not, fresh is fine)
1 Handful Frozen Spinach (I use the frozen spinach portions from tescos and use 2 of these, again, as the spinach is frozen, I feel like it gives off much less of a green taste to the smoothie, meaning the fruits come out stronger)
1 or 2 Kiwis (depending on how big they are)
1 Green Apple
1 Cup or around 200ml Filtered Water

That's the base of my smoothie covered, for additional nutrients, I also blend in 1 or both of the following:
1 Tablespoon Milled Hemp Seeds (A great source of fibre and magnesium)
1 Tablespoon Milled Flax Seeds (Vegan Friendly Omega 3)

You can pretty much grind up any seeds you like for a little added boost of nutrients and healthy fats to make your smoothie even better for you and more satisfying,

Extra Tips:

Using Pineapple is absolutely essential for me as I absolutely love the sweetness it gives, however, I have also used Frozen Mango and this was lovely too. If you're not a big Pineapple fan, Mango or extra Kiwis, Banana or Apples will be fine. I do recommend trying with Pineapple though, as it's so tasty!

If you prefer a slightly sweeter taste, you could add a little Agave Nectar, Maple Syrup or a couple of Dates, but I recommend trying this first as I don't find these ingredients necessary.

If you like your smoothie slightly fresher and not so sweet, you could substitute the Apple or Kiwi for a chunk of Cucumber or a stick of Celery. I don't personally like these in my breakfast smoothies, but they do work well with the combination of fruits. You don't need to substitute if you prefer not to, you can just add to taste.

Kale is a great substitute for Spinach, however I would definitely recommend frozen Kale as I find it much less bitter in taste.

It's good to use a good mix of frozen and fresh fruits and veg as keeping the smoothie super cold makes it taste so much better!

So that's it! Just a fairly quick post for today, but I thought it may be helpful for some of you!
Let me know if you give this smoothie a go! What are your favourite smoothie combinations?


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