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So-called ‘Botox parties’ are quickly becoming a trend, but how safe are they? Take a look here to realise the dangers of casual cosmetics. 

The world is quickly becoming de-sensitized to cosmetic surgery. Kylie Jenner was 17 when she got her first taste of lip fillers, and people are finding it easier and cheaper to turn to cosmetics in order to fix those little insecurities. 
A new development in this ever growing trend, is the rise of so called ‘Botox parties’. You may be familiar with the format, with Ann Summers and The Body Shop having held similar sales-driven parties for years. This however takes casual cosmetics to a whole new level. 
Botox can be great for ironing out a few tell-tale signs of age, or providing you with the sultry smile you’ve always wanted, but what people seem to be quickly forgetting is that it is considered cosmetic surgery, and should only be administered by a medical professional in a safe, and sterile environment.  
The dangers of Botox parties may seem obvious to some, but to a growing number of mainly younger people, they’re a fun, carefree way of experimenting. 
So, What Actually is Botox? 
For those who are unsure, Botox is made primarily of a chemical called botulinum type A, which blocks nerve activity and causes a temporary reduction in muscle activity. 
It was originally used to treat patients with cervical dystonia, which translates as severe muscle spasms for those of us less accustomed to medical terminology. 
Today however, it is better known for its cosmetic properties.
What are Botox Parties? 
Botox parties are more of a phenomenon across the pond in the US than here in the UK, for the time being that is. 
The format of the parties is pretty straightforwarda medical professional comes to the hosts’ home or an agreed venue, where the attendees choose from a number of possible treatments which are then administered. 
There are no consultations given beforehand, and the atmosphere of the party often encourages spontaneity, meaning many procedures are performed without much, if any, prior intention. 
Treatments are often offered at a discounted price, provided that there are 6 or more guests present at the ‘party’. Most companies also schedule participants for regular top ups, as well as loyalty cards to encourage future procedures. 
Alcohol is not allowed during the events, but the jovial atmosphere and not so subtle encouragements from friends may mean that you end up spending - and receiving – a lot more than you originally bargained for. 
(imageOceanview MedSpa under CC BY-SA 2.0)
What are the Risks? 
One of the biggest risk factors of a Botox party is the casual attitude undertaken by both the attendants and the medical professionals. 
The procedures are often administered at a dining room table or even on the hosts’ sofa, friends and family are also often crowded around the patient as the Botox is administered. Those of you who watch Grey’s Anatomy would know that a sterile environment and equipment is crucial when performing a medical procedure. 
Although the medical professional may go to certain lengths to provide a sterile environment, and clean equipment, it’s no doubt that the risk of infection or contamination is significantly greater with so many extra bodies crowding the workspace. 
Problems with the M.D 
Things have taken a slightly more sinister as of late however, as many companies attempt to take advantage for the rise in Botox procedures. 
Many untrained and unqualified ‘doctors’ are using the party format to perform backdoor cosmetics without the correct processes in place. These fraudsters often advertise lower prices, and prey on the relaxed attitude toward Botox to avoid any questions about their medical background. 
Unfortunately, these conmen are often unable to gain access to the Botox used by licensed professionals, and often resort to using illegal, and untested substances. 
These chemicals often lead to adverse side effects, with many customers being left with infections, bad reactions to the chemicals, and even deformed or overly inflamed lips when receiving fillers. 
While it is easy to forget the seriousness of cosmetic surgery, Botox and lip fillers yield the best results when administered in a controlled and sterile environment. 

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