Friday 1 July 2016


Preparing for a camping holiday

There are a lot of reasons I’m thankful for living in this country, but one of them has to be the stunning scenery that you can find when you go exploring. We live in such a beautiful place and I have always wanted to make sure that the kids experience it, appreciate it, and love it as much as I do.

If your kids have grown up to love the outdoors, you’ve probably been considering a camping trip like me for some time. I think it’s the perfect opportunity for families to spend quality time together, to bond and to forget all the stresses of daily life. There’s so much to plan though it often seemsoverwhelmingso if you’re struggling to prepare for a similar family trip, read on for my top tips.

Get your sleeping arrangements sorted
This is of course the most important part of any camping trip, and there are some essentials to bear in mind when buying the basics. First of all, always get a tent that slightly bigger than the number of people you have. 

For example, although you can physically fit four people into a four-man tent, realistically when you put your belongings, cooking equipment and sleeping kit in there, there’s only really space for two. I’d suggest getting several four man tents and putting a couple of the kids in each one, or going all out if you intend to make it a regular thing, and get a proper compartmented family tent.

Then you need to make sure you get good quality sleeping bags and either blow-up mattresses or mats to put underneath. A lot of people skip this step and then wonder why they get ill from the cold, but that extra layer separating you from the ground is incredibly important – I certainly wouldn’t risk this with my kids. You can find more tips on sleeping essentialsright here.

What to pack?
What to pack is always tricky; a lot of it will depend upon the time of year you go, but I always find it best to plan for cold and rain so that you’re always prepared. You don’t want to load up on woolly jumpers if it’s the summer though, so just take a few items with you, such a long waterproof coat. I’m a big believer in space-saving, which is why opted to pac a mac ladies! This is a great option, as these macs are super lightweight and can be folded up into a bag for easy carrying. You can get kids and men’s version too, so whenever you take a day trip somewhere you don’t have to worry about the weather turning

Aside from this, you’ll need to invest in some good wellington boots for the family, some high-quality walking shoes with a thick tread, and then general emergency supplies like a first aid kid, pain killers and spare torches in case you find yourself a little lost of an evening.

When are you heading on your camping adventure?

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