Monday 22 August 2016


Bridesmaid's Robe - Boohoo
Bride Night Tee - Boohoo
Wooden Number - Festive Lights
Dream Catcher - eBay
Flip Flop Basket - eBay
Sandals - Etsy

Hi lovelies! Another wedding post for you all today, along with some massively exciting news! It's looking like I've found my wedding dress!! All going well, we should be ordering this week, eek! So, that means the wedding planning is getting pretty real so as you can imagine, I've been coming up with lots of ideas and doing a lot of browsing for wedding things!

I think the Bridesmaid and Bridal robes and PJs are so cute and perfect for the morning of the wedding when you're getting ready. There are so many out there but Boohoo have been one of my favourite sites to look on as the prices are so reasonable! I've got six bridesmaids so spending tons of money on each gown is definitely not an option!

As for decoration on the day, we've not decided 100% what we're going to do yet but I do want to keep it fairly simple. That said, I do absolutely love the Wooden Number lights, they have letters and numbers and I'd love to have either the date or maybe our name/ surname or something! I also love these big white dream catchers, I'm not sure what I'd do with them but I'd definitely love to have them hanging somewhere.

The sandals though you can't see, have blue soles (check out the Etsy page to see!), which I thought was lovely as it means you have your something blue but it's hidden. I'm not too sure, but I think I want flat shoes, at least for part of the day and these look fab! As much as I love heels, I do think it's important to be comfortable too, so I'd love to have an option of some flat shoes to change into. Speaking of which, I think this flip flop basket is just gorgeous and such a lovely idea for all the ladies at your wedding. So many people end up barefoot in the evening and I think to have some flip flops out is much nicer for your guests.

So, that's it! What do you think of my picks?


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