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Hi lovelies! Today's post is a guest post and it's one I'm super excited about as it's written by Clare Weyers, who I actually trained with when I first started out in beauty! I did a lot of my initial beauty training with Clare, so I can tell you first hand that this lady knows her stuff! So, if you're considering getting your eyebrows Microbladed, or fancy training in this treatment, this will absolutely be worth a read beforehand. Enjoy!

Clare Weyers is the owner of Elite Beauty School in Essex. She's recently started a new course at her beauty school: Microblading. What exactly is this new form of eyebrow treatment? What makes it so special? Here she shares everything you need to know about the new eyebrow trend.

With a variety of eyebrow treatments on the market, it’s difficult to know which one is going to be best to get the brows you want. Waxing, plucking, threading, tattooing — the choice is almost endless! Now a new eyebrow style has been thrown into the mix: Microblading.

Marie Claire is keen to try the new method, and it’s highly tipped to be the best new eyebrow treatment. If you haven’t heard of it yet, here’s everything you need to know about the treatment.

What Makes Microblading Treatment Different?

Microblading works with the eyebrows you already have to enhance their shape or style. The treatment is done using a small, manually handled disposable microblade. Each blade is drawn on individually, giving the brow a totally natural look alongside your natural hairs. It’s the delicate nature of the treatment and drawn-on blades which make this option unique and popular. “Why didn’t I try this sooner?!” is one response to the treatment, and will probably be said many more times.

Unlike tattoos, the cosmetic makeup used in microblading is added to the epidermal (outer) layer of the skin, meaning it’s not permanent. Your new brows can last approximately 18 to 36 months. During or after this time, you can have a colour top-up or refresh.

Who can have the treatment?

Unfortunately, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you won’t be able to undergo treatment. Prior to treatment, you’ll have a full consultation about the style and colour you want to achieve. You’ll also have a skin test to make sure your skin is suitable for treatment. It’s important to disclose any skin problems you have, as this could affect the end result.

Microblading is a popular choice for those who have very light brows, or who are fed up and frustrated with constantly filling in their eyebrows in the morning. If you’ve suffered hair loss due to chemotherapy or alopecia, microblading offers a new way to get the brow you want.

Does the treatment hurt?

The treatment can take two or three hours, and a numbing agent will be added to the brows beforehand. Those who have had microblading say there is a very small amount of pain at first, but once the initial pain is over, the pain lessens as you know what to expect. Pain aside, people say the treatment is absolutely worth it!

Aftercare is essential to maintaining your new look. If you feel some irritation or redness, vaseline can work well to ease this.

Is the treatment expensive?

The average cost for the initial treatment begins at £200-£300, with follow-up treatments for refreshes or top-ups to come. Be sure to ask how much these additional services will be when you go for your consultation. If you’re on a tight budget for beauty, it may require some saving.

Interested in trying the new treatment? Head down to your local beauty therapist to find out some more information. It might be just what you need to give your brows that glamorous revamp you were looking for. Microblading can be the answer you’re looking for to give you that extra boost of confidence with your look. For more information and beauty tips, check out Clare’s blog for more beauty advice and information.

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