Tuesday 1 November 2016


Hi lovelies! Today, I wanted to do my very Christmas themed blog post, this seemed quite fitting as we're in November now and while some of us may not want to, it's probably time we all started thinking about Christmas! For most of us, there'll only be one or two pay days left before Christmas and it's definitely a good idea to spread the cost out as much as we possibly can! So, today, I wanted to share a few unique gift ideas with you all. These are the kind of gifts that you might get for those hard to buy for people in your life, or perhaps if you want to buy someone a useful gift. As you can probably tell, I'm struggling to explain my 'theme' for this post, so we're just gonna roll with it!

WARNING TO MY FRIENDS & FAMILY! Some of these gifts MAY be for you! I wanted to include some gifts that I thought were particularly good or unique ideas (if I do say so myself!) so if you're a family member, please stop reading/ scrolling!!

So, we'll start with the 'Dads and Grandads' Gift idea, mostly because I feel like my Dad and Grandads are the least likely to be reading this post and even if they are reading, they're probably the most likely to listen when I say STOP READING! Ahem. Moving on.

I found this Gentlemen's Hardware Shoe Shine kit on the Amara website, however it doesn't look as though it's available anymore. This one from John Lewis looks to be pretty much the same with slightly altered packaging, but it is the same brand if you're interested in it! I thought this was fab as it's a really useful gift, I find the men in my life quite hard to buy for, so something that's useful, but nicely presented like this seemed like a great idea. The other two gifts I actually don't have links for as I can't find the exact items on the sites! The mixed nuts basket gift is from Tesco and I thought this was a fab gift idea. The boxed Innis & Gun Ale is from Sainsbury's, you'll find it with all their other alcohol gifts. I thought this would make a nice little extra to a bigger gift, or just a small token gift for someone. The fact that it's boxed just makes it look that little bit more special than just giving them any old bottle of beer.

Next up, we've got my personal favourites, the Prosecco lovers gifts!

I found this super cute Processo Handbag gift set in Sainsbury's and it gave me the idea to do a Prosecco 'themed' set of gifts. Of course, these chocolates aren't vegan, so if you were shopping for a vegan (aka if you were shopping for me), a regular bottle of prosecco on it's own, or even a cute mini bottle would be fab too! The Prosecco Rose Candle was another Amara find and it smells gorgeous! It's not overly rosey which is nice if an overwhelming rose scent isn't your thing. To me, it smells like a very luxurious perfume! Lots of shops have plaques, bags and cushions with prosecco themed quotes on them. I haven't managed to pick any up yet, but I think they'd be the perfect addition to finish off a gift like this.

If you know someone who loves Gardening and being outdoors, these next gifts will be for you (or uh.. them).

My Grandparents are very into gardening and I know from my Nan that when you do a lot of gardening, you get through gloves pretty quickly. So, you're probably pretty unlikely to buy pretty ones for yourself. I think it's nice though to have some cute gloves like these Caroline Gardner ones, just so you can enjoy them for whatever short time you can before they fall apart! I found the butterfly house in my local Home Bargains and unfortunately can't find it online now, but these pop up in lots of little homeware shops, so just keep an eye out! Obviously these aren't gifts that are going to be too useful right away as it's a bit cold during the winter for butterflies but they'll be lovely come spring time!

Finally, this last set of gifts are for anyone who loves to cook, or perhaps for someone who just has to cook and could do with some cute gifts to perk up their time in the kitchen!

Although not particularly useful for cooking, I thought I'd include this owl mug, as I thought it was really cute. A nice, boxed mug paired with some luxury tea bags can make for a really thoughtful and fairly inexpensive gift for any tea lover in your life. I particularly like that this mug has an owl on it as my Mother in Law (to be!) loves owls, so this was perfect for her. Again with the lack of links, but I found this mini recipe book in Matalan. You can see similar here, but my local Matalan did have plenty of these Christmas ones very recently so it's worth a look. I thought this was lovely as it's chock full of festive recipes, but they'll work all year round too, particularly in the Winter. Something I really loved about this is the huge variety of recipes as a fair few of them are actually vegan, so there's something for everyone (side note, there's a recipe for a prosecco sorbet that's totally vegan! This book isn't for me, but I've snapped a sneaky picture of that one to keep aside!). It's quite a random one, but something really drew me to this Pheasant Pot Holder. Sometimes something like this is a little quicker and easier to use than an oven glove and safer than a tea towel so I thought it'd be a really useful gift.

So, that's it for now! I hope this post has been somewhat helpful to those of you starting your Christmas shopping!

Have you started shopping for gifts yet?


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