Wednesday 22 February 2017


What to Wear on a First Date
Nowadays, there are a lot of dating apps for shy guysand girls where they communicate and make a date. There is no doubt that the vast majority of serious relations between a man and a woman begin with the first date. It is the decisive event for the further development of a relationship between a couple. If you want to make a good impression, you need to know what to wear on a date. I will help you choose the perfect outfit for it.
Define the purpose
It's better to start with the understanding of the purpose of your meeting. If your aim is to seduce and deceive, then there is no restriction - you can put on anything that you want. But if it seems to you that he is the biggest love of your life, then you will have to work hard for creating your own image.
The style of clothes and colors should match the situation and the weather
● Don’t wear your favorite T-shirt and sneakers for a date in a luxury restaurant and don’t come on a date in a light dress in the winter. 
● When you choose what to dress for the first date, give preference to outfits in pastel colors as they perfectly accentuate tenderness and femininity. 
● Don’t wear dark clothes. The black color is certainly the most elegant. But not always a “win-win” option. Don’t wear black clothes from head to toe if you are not sure that it really suits you. If you don’t imagine yourself without a favorite black trouser suit, refresh it with a light top, a neck scarf, a bright purse. Remember that it is a date, not a funeral. 
● Be yourself. You don’t need to strive to look perfect, you need to try to be yourself. Try to remain natural and unconstrained under all circumstances. Your insincerity and falsehood will be detected sooner or later. So, don’t wear a hateful evening dress if your usual style is sport casual, and don’t wear high heels if you don’t know how to look amazing in it.
Enhance your advantages
● Every girl tends to make the best impression on the first date. Focus on your most advantageous aspects so that a guy wants to meet you again and again. Remember that impression is made up of appearance. A man will notice how attractive you are and you will feel irresistible!
● Find something that will stand you out from the crowd. Accessories will come to the rescue: a pair of spectacular earrings, an original scarf or funny leggings will emphasize your personality.
● You will look the best in what suits you - the attraction lies in your individuality. A man who doesn’t like your style is unlikely to appreciate you.
Don’t forget about shoes 
The main thing when choosing shoes for a date is not even how it looks, the main thing is that it should be comfortable. As a rule, most of the first dates end with walks, so you have to be ready to walk for a long time. Therefore, don’t wear new, high-heeled shoes, even if you like it very much because there are no guarantees that they will not let you down in the first five minutes of a date.
Use accessories 
You can make any image complete with its help. However, having lost the sense of proportion, you can turn from a stylish lady into a decorated Christmas tree. Therefore, if you have already decided what to wear for the first date with a guy, then try to complement your look with some accessories putting the most expensive jewelry aside. Big earrings and a lot of chains around your neck - this is superfluous. Firstly, a man may decide that you are “too expensive” for him and secondly - it's just tasteless. It is enough to wear one ring, a chain with a pendant and neat earrings, then your image will be elegant and modest at the same time, and this is what men appreciate in women. And don’t forget that beauty is inside and clothes and accessories emphasize it.

Saturday 18 February 2017


Hi lovelies! As you may be able to tell by the fact it's mid February, this post has been a long time. I'm not usually much of a New Years person, I love the prosecco and partying, but I've never bought much into the 'New Year, New Me' vibe. Until I did. Over the first few weeks of 2017, I've been thinking a lot about the past year. 2016 was a weird year, in some ways it was an incredible year, I got engaged, I started working in a job I absolutely love and made some fab memories and looking back, that's what I want so much more of.

In 2016, I spent a lot of the year being self employed as a beautician. It was a job that I loved to bits and it did wonders for my confidence at work ethic running my own business, but when I realised that I'd gotten all I wanted and all I could out of it and felt like it was time to move on, I felt like a bit of a failure. Being your own boss in a creative industry is the dream for so many people and admitting to myself that t wasn't my dream after all was hard. I'd always said I could never work in a 9-5 office environment and guess what? It's exactly what I'm doing and I genuinely have never been happier. Having a scheduled week, a steady, reliable wage and free weekends has left with me so much more time and freedom to live my life. The biggest thing I learned last year was absolutely that it's okay to change your mind and your path and it may be the best thing you've ever done.

So, that said, I've decided that 2017 is going to be a year of making memories. Last year, any time I had a little spare money, I'd buy clothes, shoes, homewares, makeup, just stuff. Of course, I'm human, I'm not vowing to give up all material possessions and live among nature (I may be a vegan, but I'm still a 21st Century female!!), but I do want to do much less buying and much more experiencing. Lately though, I've realised that as much as those things do make me happy, what I really love is going places and doing things, those are things that mean the most to me. Those things, not physical things are what will shape my personality and provide the best memories in years to come.

I think as a blogger it can feel like such huge pressure to have new things all the time for interesting outfit posts or product reviews and while I love doing those, I want to buy things because I really want them, not because I feel like I should want them. I won't stop doing beauty and fashion posts because I still love that, but I will do them when I want to, not as a filler when I don't have anything else to write about.

So, a few goals for me for the rest of the year (better late than never!);

Go to lots of gigs.
I LOVE live music, I would rather go to concerts than go on holidays most of the time and having already seen my favourite band ever (Green Day) once this year, I definitely want to do more of the same!

Explore London.
London is my favourite city in the world, I live so close to it and definitely don't take advantage of that enough! Despite knowing London relatively well, I really want to explore more of it, some of the tiny tucked away places that not everyone knows about. Any suggestions please let me know!

See family more.
I'm super close to my family and I love seeing them however life gets in the way sometimes and I'm determined to make more time to see them all as those times are so precious.

Learn German.
I was recently introduced to a free app that you can use to learn languages and I've started to re-learn German. I did it at GCSE level and was pretty good at it however as I didn't keep it up I've forgotten a fair bit and I'd really like to learn it again. I've always want a second language and while German may not necessarily be the most useful, it's a good place for me to start!

Book some time away.
Though I'm not really one for long beach holidays I do love going and seeing new places and I'd love to do a long weekend in a city I've never visited before, so again, any suggestions would be fab!

So, I think I've leave it here for now. A question to you all first though, would you like to see posts about these sorts of things? Reviews of events and places, or my recommendations of things to see and places to visit?

Let me know your thoughts!