Wednesday 1 March 2017


A successful first date depends on many factors. Although communication and building relationship is the most important thing, the very first impression is always made by our look. It tells everything about our taste and lifestyle, so dressing on a date is an art. Moreover, guys usually wish to see a perfect lady next to them, whether they invite you just to have a good time, or for building serious relationships.
So, here we have seven ultimate tips to create a perfect look on a first date, which were taken from one Russian woman for marriage. You know, such girls take care of their appearance attentively.
1. Choose the best clothes you have. No doubt, the first date is a special occasion in every girl’s life. However, nowadays it is rather easy and informal, so you may dress jeans with some stylish blouse or a t-shirt. The only condition is that they should be the best of their kind in your wardrobe and emphasize your best traits.
2. Embellish your look with accessories. If it seems too ordinary for you to wear something casual, complete your appearance with accessories. Stylish earrings or bracelet make you look more elegant and coquettish. Also, chose small purse so not to overbalance your image. Going on a date with massive purse will make your vis-à-vis think you’re impractical. Take only necessary things with you: keys, phone, and cosmetics. They will fit into a small purse.
3. Dress comfortably. It doesn’t matter whether you go on a walk or plan to sit the whole evening in a café. Your well-being at this stress-filled occasion is more important. Don’t wear clothes you can’t breathe, sit or walk easily. Your discomfort may be revealed at once and positive impressions will be darkened. To avoid some unpleasant surprise chose the outfit you wore before.
4. Be feminine. The best way of looking stunning and seductive is emphasizing your femininity. Skirt or dress is perfect choice for a first date; there is nothing hotter than a woman wearing a dress. However, if you feel awkward or don’t have anything appropriate for your situation, skinny jeans will also make you look sexy. Don’t be afraid to show a little skin, but do it modestly. Don’t wear something too short and your breast should not be exposed too much.
5. Match the occasion. There are tons of options where to go on a date. You can chat in a coffee house for a couple of hours, go for a walk in downtown, relax on a picnic in park, watch some nice comedy or even ride a bike around the city. According to this, clarify your type of date in advance so that you can work on a perfect image. It will be ridiculous when you go on a romantic picnic wearing high heels.
6. Look natural. A modern girl never leaves her home without make up. When it’s time for a first date, most of us mistakenly think the more make up the better. However, looking stunning is possible even with minimum cosmetics. Pay attention to your skin, use light foundation and powder to make it fresh and shiny. Don’t overdo with eyeshadow and lipstick, choose neutral colors. Your partner will be happy to see beautiful and neat girl, not a doll.
7. Take care about the details. Manicure, hairstyle, and scent complete your image for the first date. Spend a little bit more time in a shower and pay more attention to all the minutiae which can ruin your look.

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