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Main Rules of the First Phone Call for Online Dating
Do you actively exchange e-mails with one of your candidates? Would you like to go further? How can you understand when the right moment for the first phone call comes? Who should call first? What should you look at during the first telephone conversation?
The received e-mails tell you that you have an interesting and fascinating companion and you would not mind getting to know her better. There comes a time when it becomes important for you to hear the voice of this person. You are curious to know whether you will be comfortable and interested in a telephone conversation, as in those e-mails.
The moment has come.
There are no strict rules about how long it takes betweenexchanging the first messages and the first telephone call. Different couples deal with this question in different ways: some exchange telephone numbers in a couple of days, and other people exchange them in a couple of weeks.
A golden rule is a sense of comfort in a relationship. If you do not feel the need to go beyond the usual correspondence, then continue exchanging messages. If you like your partner by correspondence and you do not mind going further, you can offerher to exchange the phone numbers.
Who should call first?
More recently, the options for answering this question were as follows: a) man, b) no one. The classical idea of ​​the proactive man and the woman in anticipation is gradually changing in the modern world. The lady is free to choose and start communicating with the anyone she likes.
The first step by the man, however, is considered a sign of good manner. If you are not sure whether the girl is ready for the first call, you can give her your phone number and ask her to call you. Use your chance to measure progress and development of the relationship.
Some rules of the first phone call.
Do you worry before the first call? Are you afraid of awkward pauses? These simple tips will help you make the conversation as comfortable and useful for you.
Do your palms sweat and the voice tremble at the first telephone conversation when you are very worried? This is more a sign that you have some feelings for your partner by correspondenceDo not be afraid that she will feel your emotions. She will be quite flattered.
If you want to calm down a strong excitement and avoid awkward pauses in the first phone conversation, you should prepare a list of topics or questions that you would like to discuss with the partner. At the same time, your letters can help you. Do not be surprised if, at the end of the conversation, you notice that you have not looked at this list at least once. It happens that you have the feeling that you are talking with a long-familiar person.
Do not delay the first phone call and pay attention to the fact that both of you should be involved in the conversation. Sometimespeople do not allow expressing themselves with excitement.
It does not matter what you are talking about, the main thing is that you have complete impression of each other. Have you imagined your Internet-friend like this? Have you learnt something new? Is she as cute as in letters?
The first phone call does not necessarily end with an appointment. Before you decide whether you want to meet this person or not,take a break and agree on the second call. Listen to yourself: with what feeling do you expect the second call?

The first and the last phone call.
After the first phone call, it may become clear that despite the interesting letters, a person does not suit you. Do not worry, because the first phone call is intended to help you understand if you want to continue communicating with each other. Thanks to our friends from for providing this article.

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