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Hi lovelies! Welcome to my very first #BloggyBrides blog post! If you don't know already, I am now one of the 'Bloggy Brides' (follow us on twitter here) and will be posting regular Wedding themed blog posts. We're basically a bunch of Brides-to-be/ Wifeys who like to talk all things weddings! In the last Bloggy Brides post Catriona from Lady Law Student posted To Elope or Not to Elope, a fab read if big, elaborate Weddings aren't your thing!

With only a few weeks before my Wedding, I'm super excited to be able to post about my Wedding prep, my big day and everything inbetween both before and after the event. Really, I just love that I have a good excuse to keep talking Weddings after mine is over! With that in mind and such a short time to go before our Wedding Day is upon us, I've found myself reflecting on my time as a Bride-To-Be and wanted to share my thoughts.

A word you'll see thrown around a lot when planning a Wedding, reading about Weddings, scrolling through Pinterest or just mentioning the fact you're getting Married/ being a Bridemaids/ breathing the same air as any Bride ever, is 'Bridezilla'.  I'm fully aware that many people say this in jest and in my case, I don't think I've ever personally had someone say it seriously to me, but I have heard countless stories from girls I know that have been called it for real and for the teeeeniest things and it's just not fair!

Make no mistake, Bridezillas exist, some of the loveliest ladies are pure evil the second an Engagement ring is slipped onto their finger, but these are not who we are talking about today. Today, we're discussing the average Bride, the very normal, reasonable Bride who is unfairly and incorrectly labelled a Bridezilla. I have spoken to lots of lovely ladies in the same position and many of us, myself included once or twice have unjustly had the label thrust upon us. Let me explain.

When you're planning a Wedding, your friends and family (understandably) want to be involved. This is fine, however, despite the good intentions of your loved ones, it's important to remember that your Wedding day is about you and your fiancé and while it's nice for others to help, the final say is yours. So when you've got ten different people providing you with their ideas and opinions, you are inevitably going to have to say no from time to time (a lot, you're going to have to say it a lot). In fact, even with a pleasant 'nice idea but we're going to...', you can start to feel like you're constantly shutting down ideas and telling people no.

Because of this, I honestly feel as though many Brides get the dreaded title just by knowing what they want and sticking to it. I mean, are you really a Bridezilla if one of your Bridesmaids suggests you all wear flower crowns and you're just not feeling it? Or if you put an absolute ban on any kind of inflatables or penis straws at your Hen do? What about telling 15 people that no, for the 100th time, I will not have the Cha Cha slide, the Conga or the Ketchup Song played in the evening. I can't even remember how many Dresses I had to say 'thanks but no thanks' to trying on in Bridal stores just because I knew I didn't want them. And suddenly, you're no longer simply a Bride that wants her Wedding Day the way she pictured it, you're 'having a Bridezilla moment'.

The thing is, Weddings are exciting for all involved and it really is so lovely to have so many people want to share their ideas and thoughts with you, but when you've got ten different opinions and ideas about what your centrepieces should look like, you're going to have to say no to at least nine of them and while those whose ideas got put in the maybe/ not a hope in hell pile might feel a bit bruised, it doesn't make you a Bridezilla. When you tell your DJ that under no circumstances is a single Katy Perry song to be played at your Reception or you tell your Photographer that you hate too many photos of people standing in a row or you say that actually, you'd really rather not try on the blue 'Elsa' Wedding Dress (really Mum?) you're simply being a Bride that knows her mind and that is 100% okay. Your Wedding Day is your day and us Brides have got to be able to unapologetically say 'No, I'm doing it this way' without being labelled a stroppy diva*.

* Telling your Bridesmaids to dye their hair, throwing a tantrum because someone can't afford the Hen do/ expensive gifts you wanted, forcing your Bridesmaids into ugly dresses to make you look better or writing your Fiancé's speech for him so he says the right stuff about you does make you a Bridezilla, stop being a bitch.

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