Sunday 30 July 2017


Hi lovelies! Another Wedding themed blog post because yes, I am obsessed. If you know Darren and I at all, you'll be aware that we're not exactly 'kid people'. This isn't to say we don't like Children, but it is to say that we aren't very experienced with them, so when it came to having kids at our Wedding, we were a little unsure of what to do. We don't have our own kids, nor do we plan on having any any time soon (if at all) so we weren't sure if we needed to get anything to keep them entertained, whether they'd even need anything and if so, what?!

So, I asked those more experienced than I, work colleagues, family members, the good people of twitter, the list goes on. I got a few ideas, but one that came up with almost everyone was colouring books. See, actual games or toys can be a little too distracting or loud, which during speeches is just not a good idea. Sweets and treats may not go down well with parents. Arts and crafts and people's best clothes don't mix. You get the gist.

Armed with this knowledge, I went on the hunt for Wedding themed colouring books. I felt like something personalised and themed around Weddings would look more suited to it's intended purpose of giving the kids something to keep them happy and not bored out of their minds by all the speeches and grown up stuff going on around them, whereas any old colouring book may look like we're just saying 'we really hope your offspring stays quiet right now, so have this'. That could just be me overthinking it, but as much as we aren't too clued up on the ways of small people, we do appreciate them coming and celebrating our big day as much as any other guest and want them to feel like they've been thought of as much as the grown ups.Weddings are long and potentially boring days for kids, the speeches being arguably the most difficult part for them what with all the sitting still, so these little activity books will (hopefully!) provide a little entertainment.

I found these adorable little personalised activity books on eBay (that site really has been a saviour when it comes to these little wedding details!), they're A6 in size, so not too big and not too tiny either and come with this really cool multi-colour crayon/ pencil thing. I lived for these kind of pencils as well as anything with my name on it as a kid so I'm hoping they'll love these too! Pro Tip - pencils and crayons don't stain clothes, avoid felt tips at all costs, accidents happen! What I liked most about these - other than the adorable design on the front and the personalised cover of course - is the fact that they don't just have colouring pages. There are 20 pages of colouring, word searches, mazes, dot to dot, colour by numbers, spot the difference and little tasks like 'decorate the cake' and 'draw yourself at the wedding'. Because of this, I didn't feel the need to vary the gift for children of different ages as there's something in there for all of them.

For such a low price, I'd highly recommend getting these books or something similar if you're going to have little ones at your Wedding. Not only will it keep them happier during the boring bits, but it also shows their Parents that you've not forgotten about them. As much as a Wedding is about you and your partner, it is nice to show your guests where possible that they matter to you and that you're grateful for them being there to celebrate with you.

What do you think of this idea? What do you think of Children at Weddings?

Chloe x

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