Monday 21 August 2017


Hi lovelies! I honestly cannot remember the last time I wrote a perfume review, which for someone who loves perfumes as much as I do, is really something! I went through a phase a couple of years back of buying all of the perfume. And when I say all of it, I mean all of it. I literally used to spend all my spare money on it searching for my 'signature scent'. While now I do feel as though I have 'my' scent (Victoria's Secret Bombshell if it's anything to you!), I do like to switch my perfumes up a lot.
First of as always when talking perfume, right or wrong, I can't help but just a scent by it's bottle. While this bottle does look cute on my shelf among my several other (mostly hot pink) perfume bottles, I wouldn't say it's my favourite of the bunch. That said, it is cute and it's by no means bold and hideous (like a certain celeb perfume bottle with pink plastic hair but we won't go there). It's simple, it's sweet and it'll make an inoffensive addition to your perfume collection.

Onto the actual important part, the scent itself. The top notes are Bergamot, Raspberry and Orange, middle notes are Jasmine and Lily of the Valley and the base is Vanilla and Musk. Rather simple, but sometimes when done well, there's no need to over-complicate. I definitely get the Raspberry right away, there is a slight citrussy scent there for me, but it's not overwhelming, which I like. As it settles down, the fruity notes and light florals combine with the vanilla to create a light but warm sweet fruity floral. The musk isn't very strong at all and I think it's really just there to add a little depth to the Vanilla, which it definitely does and I think it takes the edge off of the sweetness too, which keeps the fragrance from being too cloying and 'immature'.

The Fragrance Shop are currently running a deal where you can get the 75ml perfume with the 100ml Body Lotion in the same fragrance for just £12 - that's cheaper than buying the perfume alone! Check it out here.

What do you think? Have you found any unexpected gems while fragrance shopping? I'd love to know!

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