Sunday 10 September 2017


Hi lovelies! Welcome to another #BloggyBrides blog post! As you may know from previous posts on here and my socials, I'm married! Our Wedding Day was just perfect and I'm so excited to tell you all more about it, so if you have any post suggestions, please send them my way!

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Today, I thought I'd post all about mine and Darren's 'Pre-Wedding' shoot. I call it this and not an Engagement shoot as we literally got engaged over a year ago and to call in an Engagement shoot feels like milking it, even for me! So pre-wedding it is.

As part of our package with our amazing photographer Alice, we got to do some practice shots before the big day arrived. Pretty perfect as Darren and I are more of a peace and pout/ dab like it's not totally uncool kind of couple in front of the camera (I'll let you guess who's who), so needless to say, cutesy poses didn't initially come naturally to us! So, last weekend, we headed off with Alice to Down Hall Country House, which is near where we live to get snap happy. We decided to go for a casual, yet vaguely coordinated vibe with our outfits (I decided, Darren got briefed before getting dressed), so we'd look like we didn't totally clash, but weren't too matchy-matchy either. I also decided to wear my wedding hair extensions, which if you're planning on wearing anything like this for your big day, I'd totally recommend as it gave me a feel for how my hair may look and feel on the day/ if I'd want any length off etc. Of course, I styled my own hair for these photos and I'll have a pro do it on the day, but like I say, it gave me an idea.

Really, the point of the entire session, other than to get some cute photos of the two of us together was to get us a little bit more prepared on the day. Alice said it'd be a good idea for the two of us to go through and look at the photos and decide which poses we did and didn't like, or what side we prefer, basically, figure out which photos we think we look shit in and avoid doing those things on the Wedding day. Not only will it save bitter disappointment when you realise your Bridesmaid has been blocking your good side in 75% of all your wedding photos, but it'll also save time on the day, as you can skip right to your fave poses.

Another reason that I'd totally recommend doing this if you can, is that you and your photographer can get to know each other a little better. I was lucky in that I found Alice through work, when we first got engaged, I was working as a beauty therapist and Alice was a client. So I'd already spoken to her a good few times. However having these photos taken meant that she got to know Darren and I a little better as a couple and we learned a little about how she works. Alice is a total sweetie anyway, so we're very lucky, but whoever your photographer is, I think it's so important that you feel comfortable around them and you feel like you can really tell them what it is that you want.

So to sum up, my top reasons why you should definitely have a 'pre-wedding' shoot;
You get to know your photographer
They get to know you as a couple
You'll get to see your photographer's style and request any slight changes (though hopefully you'll know and like their style before you book them!!)
You get more comfortable in front of the camera
You learn which poses do/ don't work for you
You'll have pretty couple photos that your Nan will want to frame.

So that's it! Would you consider a pre-wedding or engagement shoot? I'd love to know your thoughts!

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  1. Such a gorgeous outfit, you guys look great!

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