Thursday, 14 September 2017


Hi lovelies! Today, I wanted to share a quick little post all about our house and how we've made it out own on a budget. I’ve been meaning to do this since Darren and I first moved into our (not so new) home, but Wedding and life got in the way! When we moved, we moved from a rented house that was fully furnished when we moved in and our place was literally a blank canvas, so as we were starting from scratch, we decided to go very basic with our furniture (charcoal sofas, black coffee table and side table etc). I’m all about monochrome and keeping things minimal so while this suited me, it also meant I wanted to add a few touches to make our place feel like our own!

Honestly, when choosing where you're going to live whether you're buying or renting, I think making sure you love the actual space itself, a mistake we made with our last place, we picked the first rental we came by that'd allow a dog and while our little cottage served us well as our first home together, it so just not us at all, very old fashioned and with no garden to speak of and honestly it never fully felt like home like our place does now. When we first moved in here, it felt a bit strange as our place is a first floor maisonette, so while we do technically have a downstairs, it’s literally just a little hallway where our front door is, then you’re straight up the stairs into our open plan living room/ kitchen area. This was very different for me and initially, it felt more like a holiday apartment than our actual house (something I now love!!).  Probably my favourite thing about it is how light and bright it is thanks to several big windows – something our old house definitely didn’t have! The Kitchen area and bathroom both have roof windows, which is fab because it means the light floods the room, but no one can see directly in (though we’re surrounded by forest and trees on that side of the house so it’s not too much of an issue!). You can get Top Hung Roof Windows from Roof Windows Veluxshop – it’s an investment and luckily our house had them already but I’d thoroughly recommend them. It may seem like an odd one recommending windows, but because the room is so light and bright, it meant that we could have dark furniture, which I absolutely love.

As we went with black and grey furniture, that means we can bring in other colours as and when we fancy a change, this is particularly good for those on a budget as it's a really easy way to make a room feel really different without having to spend a lot of money. Try using Laura Ashley promo codes which would help you find furniture at economical prices Personally, I love keeping everything black, grey and white as much as possible as it's a look I love, but to make it feel our own, we've added little touches of things that fit our personalities, particularly in the living room area as it's where we do a lot of entertaining and I love that you can get a feel for who we are just by looking around our home.

I got the Globe from Home Sense and I am obsessed with it. We both love to travel so that was a no brainer for sure! The guitar speaks for itself, both Darren and I play guitar and our love for music was what we bonded over when we first met. I love that little things in our house reflect this. We're not an overly soppy couple in general, but keeping things like the little collage of gig tickets gives a little nod to the early days of our relationship while also providing a reminder of some of our best memories together! We've got a real mix of the both of us with the dream catcher and plants with the Star Wars figures. That particular little corner of the room is a work in progress, but it's definitely one of my favourites! The little marble pots were Primark bargains for those wondering! Another favourite of mine is our Movie Camera lamp, which we got from The Range. It's nice to have something a little different from a standard lamp and at only £14.99, this was a really inexpensive way to add a statement piece to the room.

I think what made this place feel like home so quickly was just filling it with our favourite things and things that reflect us and really that would be my biggest tip for those moving into a new place. Put photos everywhere, stick silly toys on the shelves, get some big fluffy cushions and make it somewhere you're excited to come home to every day.

I hope you enjoyed this rather random post, I've wanted to share some snaps from our home for a while and thought this was a good way to start! If you'd like to see any more interior themed posts, please do let me know!

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