Monday 13 November 2017


Hi lovelies! Today, I wanted to put together another Christmas gift guide type post as whether you love it or hate it, Christmas is not so slowly creeping up on us and it's time to get shopping! For this one, I thought I'd do something a little different and put together a gift guide for music lovers. Music is just my favourite thing in the world and gifts that reflect that are just the best! So, I've pulled together a few of my favourite music-themed gifts.

Everything on this wishlist is from HMV, just because it's one of my favourite shops ever and I think it's so important to support the music industry with digital downloads always on the up. This brings me onto my first suggestion - a turntable! This Crosley turntable is just gorgeous and as cliché as it may sound, you really can't beat the sound of music on vinyl. This'd make a fab gift for someone who really loves their music and bonus - they'll be super easy to buy for in future as you can add to their vinyl collection for gifts later on. To go alongside something like this, or for someone who already owns a turntable, a box set full of vinyls from their favourite band is an amazing gift! I've been eyeing up this Blink 182 box set, which would be perfect for a big fan of the band!

Band tees are always a safe bet for a music lover andI just had to include a Green Day one in this gift guide as they're my favourite band ever! HMV have a huge range though, so you'd be bound to find the perfect one. For something a little bit different though, I thought these Pink Floyd shot glasses were seriously cool. They have a few different versions of these with different bands on, so it's definitely worth checking out if your music lover is also an alcohol lover! Another quirky gift idea I found was this Amy Winehouse Pop figure. Again, they have a few different artists so these are a fab idea as something a little bit more fun.

Possibly my two favourite things on this gift guide (or perhaps I should call it wishlist as I seriously want everything!!) are the David Bowie tea towel and the Guns N Roses doormat. I feel like these would instantly make any house a hell of a lot cooler! They have a few variations of both of these so definitely take a look!

So that's it! I'd love to know what you think of this slightly different spin on a Christmas gift guide!

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