Monday, 25 June 2018


My car and driving isn't always something that is at the forefront of my mind during the summer, even less so my tyres. In the winter, we know we have to be extra careful, but with less rainy days and no risk of ice and snow, it's not surprising that tyres are taken for granted during the summer. The fact is, wear and tear happens year round and it's important to ensure that you're safe in your car year round. I've posted about car maintenance in the past and while I know it's a bit of a dull topic, it's so important.

Something that you might put off of proper tyre care, is the cost of new tyres. I get it, why buy your car new tyres when you could buy yourself new shoes right? Wrong! Without even getting to how unsafe bad tyres can be, they also increase fuel consumption, meaning you'll be spending even more money on fuel. It can effect your brakes, which can be very expensive to have to fix - so replacing old worn tyres can actually not only keep you safe, but save you money! For the price friendly factor, you can buy cheap tyres online at DAT Tyres here. My Husband recently bought a new tyre online after getting a nail stuck in his and it was so convenient not having to get the car to the garage with a flat!

Who loves a road trip in the Summer? We Brits travel in our cars a lot during the Summer, be it a weekend away or day trips to the beach, we spend a lot of time in the car. Wouldn't it put a bit of a dampener on your trip if one of your tyres went flat halfway down the motor way on your way to the seaside? Or worse still, if your worn out tyres were slipping and sling in the British summer rain. I'm trying to keep this post light hearted, but road accidents are all too common and can be caused by unchecked tyres. Something so quick and easy to check and fix, but all too commonly forgotten.

So, don't forget, before you head out on any trips this summer, check for punctures, check your tread depth (look up the 20p trick, it's so simple - and check your pressure (petrol stations usually have a free to use pressure gauge).

Happy driving!


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