Wednesday 22 August 2018


I'd like to start by making a very clear point. I'd absolutely consider myself a Feminist. I'd consider everybody that I love in my life to be a Feminist, whether they know it or not. Feminism, by definition is a range of movements and ideologies with the common goal to establish and achieve equal rights not only for Women, but for all people of any Sex, Race or Religion. I don't think I know anyone worth knowing that doesn't agree with that. So let it be known, this post is in no way 'Anti-Feminist', but I do think it's time that we look at what Feminism really means.

I've spoken to countless Women who've told me 'oh no, I'm not a Feminist!' and it's a rare thing to find a Man who'll openly admit to being one. I think that's a shame, but I don't find it hugely surprising. A lot of people have a skewed idea of what Feminism is and that's largely down to how it's often portrayed in the media. Anti-male slogan tees are sold in high street stores, boy-bashing posts are all over the Instagram feeds of big name brands, tweets about how 'Men are trash' gain thousands of RTs and likes and I can understand why people wouldn't want to be a part of that.

The impression that to be a Feminist means you have to be a Man-hating bitch is entirely false though. The 'Boss Babe' culture is brilliant, we're in a time where Women are doing huge and incredible things that our Grandparents wouldn't have even dreamed of. And yes, in some cases and in some industries it is still unfortunately more difficult for Women to get ahead and that sucks. But Feminism is fighting for change, fighting for equality in these situations, not making Men 'lesser and dragging them down beneath us because it's 'our turn'.

Men in the past and sometimes nowadays too, have had it easier in many ways, we know that. Does that mean though, that the Men of our generation deserve to be lumped together as a group of chauvinistic, unfeeling bastards that we have to rise above and take over? I don't think so. Equality is just that. You should always strive to be at the top of your own game, no one else's. If we're all doing that, there's absolutely room for everyone up there, right? The ideal goal is for every person on this planet to have equal rights, equal opportunities, equal pay etc etc. As much as it's blood boiling to know that that isn't always the case, it isn't the fault of all Men and we don't need to cast the entire male species aside to prove a point. Surely to do that is to do exactly what we're fighting against? An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.

Perhaps I'm falling into the all too familiar 21st Century trap of being too easily offended, but I just don't see what's so wrong about 'nice'. Strength does not equal hard and bitter. Nice does not equal weak and dull.

Feminism is equality for all people, Feminism is fighting for Women's rights, Feminism is a sisterhood of Women supporting one another. What it is not is unnecessarily hating on Men, putting down other Women who you deem 'anti-feminist' or spreading hate and negativity in any way. There's still a ways to go when it comes to equality between Men and Women, but the world has come so far thanks to the Feminists of our generation and many before us and I don't know about you, but I'm super proud of that and it's absolutely something I want to be a part of.