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Welcome to Chloe's Way! I'm Chloe, a 20 something (I say this not because I don't want to disclose my age, but because it means I don't need to update this page every year on my Birthday) girl from Essex and living in Hertfordshire with my soon to be Husband Darren and our Chihuahua Belle. I work in Legal Accounts and have a passion for the three P's, Puppies, Prosecco and Punk Rock.

When I first started Chloe's Way, I began simply doing 'What I Wore Today' posts, then expanded into beauty and lifestyle over time. Now, my main focus is Beauty, Fashion, Food and Fitness, with a focus as much as possible on healthy, vegan recipes, fitness for the everyday girl (or guy!) and cruelty free beauty. If this sounds like your kinda thing, stick around!

Any items marked with a * have been sent to me for reviewing/ trial purposes, this includes items I received at events/ purcahsed through store credit/ vouchers that were gifted to me. All opinions are my own and I will never agree to do a dishonest review.

I do occasionally accept payment for sponsored posts on my blog. All posts will be marked as such. My blog is like a part time job for me and while I do make a little money from it here and there, I do not and will not post irrelevant content for the sake of being paid. I reject more sponsored posts than I accept as many are just not relevant to my blog or of interest to my readers. I will only accept a sponsored or linked post if it is relevant to my blog or if I feel it would be interesting to my followers. All opinions are my own and I reserve the right to reject sponsored posts/ products should I feel they are irrelevant to my blog style.

All posts on Chloe's Way are written by me unless stated otherwise. I occasionally accept guest posts or written sponsored posts if I am short on time, away on holiday or simply want to mix it up a bit. Guest posts or posts written by anyone but myself will always be stated.

I use Skimlinks, which is an affiliate company that adds links to keywords in some of my posts. This means some of the links in my posts are affiliate links, meaning I make a small amount of money if someone clicks of one of these links and purchases a product through the link. This does not affect the person buying the product in anyway at all, it just means I get a small percentage of sales generated through my site.


  1. love your new blog :)
    <3 xxx

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  3. I was just passing through and have to say I really enjoyed having a nose round your blog. I love the way your personality comes through when you write, your blog is very user friendly for a technophobe such as myself and I have to say you look absolutely gorgeous in your pictures.
    I hope you're successful in what you want to do.
    All the best

    19 May

    1. thank you so much for the super sweet comment, glad you enjoy my blog xx

  4. Hey, awesome blog!! I stumbled across it, and I love it! I'm new to blogging myself, and I have a health/fitness/helping animals blog. Check it out! www.thecatzmeow.net let me know if you want me to advertise your blog on my page!! :)

  5. Your LBD blog saved my life!! :D love it - you just gained a regular :')

  6. i found your blog through my friend sophieetc, and i love it! :) love the design and the posts are really good! im relatively new to blogging, so a follow/comment from you would be great! :) www.fashionfumblings.com xxx

  7. really lenjoy reading this blog,content and layout x :)


  8. beautiful! Im sorry you didnt win new blogger of the year at the coso blog awards but theres always next year :) xx


  9. Beautiful blog!! Would love you to check mine out, maybe we can follow each other? http://myworldmylifelilc.blogspot.co.uk - LC xx

  10. absolutely love your blog chloe way to go !!!

  11. I am shocked I am on there! Thanks for compiling this list. I know it can be VERY time consuming and I appreciate your effort.minimalist shoes

  12. I am shocked I am on there! Thanks for compiling this list. I know it can be VERY time consuming and I appreciate your effort.minimalist shoes

  13. I love your blog! It's so interesting to read and to find out about great/new products :) it would be nice if you could check out my new blog, shaunajb.wordpress.com thanks :) <3

  14. Your blog is so gorgeous! I slightly envy the layout a bit, as it looks super chic and I love it! Blog goals! Aha, anyway, I read your blog all the time :) The photos are of such high quality, keep up the good work <3

  15. I have just started up my beauty blog,and i am trying to get the right design,can i ask what layout you use as it looks fabulous X

  16. Loved this x
    I've just created my very first blog and I'm about to upload a post! I would be so grateful if anyone had the time to check it out and possibly subscribe if they are interested, much love x x


    Lauren x

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