Tuesday, 22 September 2015


Hi lovelies! If you know me at all, you'll know I'm a huge lover of having a tan, however the British weather isn't the best for a year round natural glow, so unless you're constantly away on Holiday, faking it is the only way (as there's no way I'm frazzling my skin on sunbeds!!). So, any opportunity to give a new fake tan a go and I'm there. The tan in question today is Beauty Lab's Peptide Tanning Lotion.

What had me instantly hooked was the descriptions, 'Quick, easy, non-tinted, non-streaky, extremely hydrating self tanning lotion', who doesn't love quick and easy?! Non-tinted is fab as it means you don't stain your sheets if you apply before bed (my boyfriend will be thrilled!) and non-streaky and hydrating speak for themselves. It contains organic extracts, peptides and has skin firming and anti-ageing properties, which I think is a huge bonus from a fake tan. Many tans are just that, a tan, you then need to apply a separate facial tanner as well as all your moisturising products to keep the skin your face and body soft after tanning, but this tan does it all in one, face and body, tanning, softening and firming - how easy is that?

The first time I used this tan, I put it on an hour or so before bed to give it plenty of time to dry and on first application, I was blown away by just how hydrating this really was. I've had gradual tanners before that claim to moisturise, but this felt like a very light, but very luxurious body moisturiser more than a tan, I actually had to remind myself not to start massaging it into my hands! It actually says you only need to allow 2-3 minute to dry, which I do think you could do, as it is very light, so it'd be great if you wanted to apply in the morning before going out. My skin felt great when I got into bed, literally like I'd just applied a moisturiser all over. I was a little bit nervous about applying to my face as I generally wouldn't do that with a body tanner, but the instructions said I could, so I did!

I don't have a before and after because I never remember to do so with tanners, but let me tell you, I woke up the next morning looking like I'd applied an instant tan, but without the dodgy guide colour. I was genuinely so impressed with the colour this gave off in just a few hours and without the need to shower off a dirty looking guide colour and questionable bedsheets in the morning! I can't say this gave an instant super dark tan and if that is what you're after, this isn't the product for you, but it did give a very noticeable and very natural looking glow. I can't explain just how natural the colour this gives off was on me, it was a gorgeous brown tan with not a hint of orange or red in sight!

This can be built up and I used this twice, two nights in a row and it built up to a deeper tan, it would have definitely been quite a dark tan with a third night, which I do love but I perhaps wouldn't use this every single day, as it does seem to build up and up! It doesn't seem to go patchy with more than one application and has faded very evenly (although it hasn't completely faded yet after 5 days of wear!), however it has been 5 days after my first application and while the colour I got after two applications has faded slightly, I haven't yet felt the need to reapply, so I would perhaps use this once or twice a week in place of my regular body moisturiser for a fab, lasting tan. I love that this seems to last a long time, as I find with most gradual tanners, I have to apply pretty much daily to keep a decent colour and then of course you face the dreaded build up.

At £20, this isn't the cheapest tan on the market, but it is by no means the most expensive either. I would absolutely buy this again for three main reasons, the colour is seriously natural looking and even, application is dead easy and feels very moisturising and luxurious and finally, the colour lasts. So, if you'd like to pick up a bottle you can purchase it from Beauty Lab here - give it a go, I promise you won't regret it!


Monday, 14 September 2015


Juicy Couture, Viva La Juicy Noir* - £41.99 at Fragrance Direct

Hi lovelies! Recently, I was offered the opportunity by the lovely team at Fragrance Direct to choose a perfume to try out. While I have one or two perfumes that I love to re-buy over and over, I also like to have several perfumes that I switch up, particularly as the seasons change. So, as Autumn is on it's way (or pretty much here, as I'm writing this while it's cold and rainy out!), I wanted to choose a perfume I hadn't tried before and one that was going to be a little more appropriate for the cooler weather. 

So, looking through several scents, I finally decided on Juicy Couture's 'Viva La Juicy Noir', which is the night time version of the classic Viva La Juicy. Of course, what drew me to it initially was the insanely gorgeous bottle, I know some may find this slightly tacky and OTT but I love it! I think the metallic pink, huge black bow and glass top make it such a feature on my dressing table. So, after taking a peek and reading about the scent - the description on Fragrance Direct says 'Viva La Juicy Noir is a succulent blend of ripe berry notes, sultry amber and bright gourmand accents. This is for a sultry, daring woman who makes a lasting impression, with smoky eyes and rouge lips. Never afraid to show off and get noticed, confident and seductive.' - I looked into the actual notes a little more and I was sold! 

The top notes in this scent are Berry and Mandarin, followed by floral middle notes of Gardenia, Honeysuckle and Jasmine with base notes of Amber, Caramel, Vanilla and Sandalwood. I have to say, On first spray, the Berry notes hit you fist with just a small hint of citrus, which I was pleased about as I find very citrussy scents more appropriate for warmer weather, the floral notes are all there after a few seconds, mixed with the berry, keeping it from being an overly floral scent (again, pleased about this!), then the dry down after around 30 minutes to an hour is very warm, still a slight fruity sweetness from the berries, but mostly a deep, caramel/ vanilla and slightly woody dry down. It's warm and sultry, without being musky which I absolutely love.

Despite this being marketed as more of an evening scent, I do think this is fine for everyday in the cooler weather, I think it could maybe be a bit heavy if it was particularly warm out. While this is fruity and sweet with the vanilla and caramel, it's not overly sweet in my opinion, it stays quite close to the skin, so if people give you a hug or stand quite close, they'll probably get a whiff but it doesn't fill the room as you walk in, which is why I think it's everyday appropriate. It's warm and definitely a sweeter scent, but not too sugary or very fruity, so if you like a sweeter scent, it's a great time of year to give this a go.

What do you think, would you like to try this? Let me know what your favourite Autumn Perfume is!


Thursday, 3 September 2015


Hi lovelies! Today, I have something super exciting to share with you all! Recently, I was sent this gorgeous Lunar Bracelet from the lovely team at Nowseen. Nowseen have a gorgeous range of jewellery using beautiful semi precious stones. I chose the 3.99 Carat Blue Topaz Gold Plated Bracelet and I am obsessed with it - I get so many compliments when I wear it as it's so gorgeously dainty and pretty, but so unique.

So, when they offered to collaborate for a competition for my lovely readers, I was absolutely thrilled! This competition is open to bloggers only, as to enter you need to write a blog post (around 50 words) on about your #BloggerBesty and why you should both win a Nowseen Lunar friendship bracelet, just like mine!  http://www.nowseen.com/en-gb/bracelets/

This could be about your fave blogger, your best blogging friend, or just a blogger that inspires you - but make sure they're cool with you writing about them, as you'll be entering them to win a bracelet too!

So, get writing and make sure to link Nowseen and my blog in your blog post. Tweet your blog posts to @NOWSEENOfficial and me @chloesway with the hashtag #BloggerBesty - this competition will be open for one month and will end 03/10/12 and the winner will be chosen by me and the Nowseen team - good luck!


Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Weddings are great. They are a chance to dress up, get out your most expensive jewellery and use some of that makeup you rarely use to give yourself a new look. I love weddings they are a great chance to relax, and I always pick up ideas from other guests for fashion and makeup.
They are great fun too especially if the reception is good. There really is nothing quite like dancing into the early hours to a good band.
Finding the right wedding band
At the reception, the band sets the tone, so finding a good wedding band is essential. The right band can light up the floor and get everyone up and enjoying themselves.
The best wedding bands can play a varied playlist. They will be able to play something to appeal to every age group including family favourites.
If there are specific records that you want played at your wedding you need to ask in advance. A good band will happily learn a couple of songs to keep a client happy. If they cannot do so, they will tell you quickly to allow you enough time to look around for another band.
A local band
It is a good idea to look for a band that is local to you. In most parts of the country, it is not that difficult to find a good band. It is big business, so plenty of musicians target this market. This means that there are plenty of wedding bands spread throughout the country.
The fact that most bands are only prepared to travel for about an hour or an hour and a half to get to a gig also makes it better to look locally for a band. A wedding band who play in Leeds is unlikely to want to travel to London to play, unless of course it is a big wedding for a celebrity couple.
Staying local also gives you the chance to visit the band and hear them play rather than just listen to a recording of them playing. Hearing a band live is a far better way of ensuring that you get a good band than just listening to stuff they have been recorded in the studio.
The right type of band for the venue
The right band is also affected by the size and type of venue. If there is only a small stage it is not possible to hire a big band. In addition, some venues have noise restrictions, so again a big band is not likely to work even if the stage is big enough to accommodate the band. There is nothing worse than not being able to hold a conversation with other guests.
Want more information?
If you are getting married soon and are looking for more tips to help you to hire a good wedding band you can find more here. For those who are not sure about the type of entertainment they want a wedding band is usually the best option, but only if they hire the right band.

Monday, 31 August 2015


Hi lovelies! Recently, I was offered an opportunity by Salon Services to review their 'Tan Truth' home use products and do a review of them from the perspective of a beauty therapist (which many of you already know is what I do for a living!). I'd not actually used Tan Truth before and as a brand it's not one I've ever used on my clients either, so really this is a first impressions review, but I've given everything they have sent me a good go and I feel I can give you guys a fair review on each product.

First up and first in the routine, I tried the exfoliator, this is a gorgeous pink colour (always a winner) and is a very coarse scrub, making it fab for getting rid of old tan or smoothing over any dry patches - essential if you want an even tan! This does a fab job as a scrub and doesn't leave you feeling greasy as I find some scrubs do. As a therapist, I'd always advise using a scrub that's specifically made for use with tanning products, as other body scrubs can sometimes be too greasy and leave behind an oily residue that makes for a very patchy tan - not a good look!

Next up and the hero product for me is their tan primer,  believe it or not, I've actually never used a tanning primer before so I was intrigued to see if this was actually a useful item or just a bit of a gimmick. I tend to get quite dry on the back of the tops of my arms as well as the usual suspects, on the elbows, knees and feet, so I spritzed this in those areas and left it for a few minutes before applying the tan and I woke up the next morning, showered the tan off and no super dark patches in sight. I know there are lotions and things out there that are supposed to do the same job, but what stood out to me about this is the formula, it's a spray bottle and the product comes out as a very fine mist, making it super easy to use and very quick to sink in, so no waiting around before you apply tan. Perfect if like me you often apply your tan shortly before going to bed.

Similarly, the range did include a Barrier Cream, which works pretty much the same as most tanning barrier creams, I apply this all over around an hour before I tan, just to make sure my skin is well moisturised. I follow up with the primer in the areas mentioned above. I like this one more than certain other lotions I've used as it's very light and sinks in very quickly. As I said, I do leave this an hour to be 100% sure it's completely soaked in, but honestly you could probably do this 10 minutes before tanning - provided you rub it in fully - and you'd have no problem at all.

Another product that was quite different was the facial bronzer. I went to use this before putting my makeup on on the day I received these products and was surprised and slightly confused when it came out of the bottle as a clear gel, as opposed to the dark brown liquids or foams of other facial bronzers I've used. So, being slightly skeptical, I assumed this was going to be nothing more than a glorified basic serum, but I was wrong, by the end of the day, I noticed my skin did actually develop a light colour under my foundation. I love that this develops gradually as it means it doesn't wash off with your makeup and doesn't give an instant super tan like other facial tanners. It's very light on the skin and is perfect for use under makeup as it dried almost instantly if used correctly. I use this daily now as like most girls, the tan on my face never lasts as long as the rest of my body. If you tan regularly and find your face stays paler, this is absolute godsend. It'd also be fab if you just fancy a hint of colour on your face instead of an all over tan. 

The two actual body tans I received are the instant tan lotion and foam. I've used similar formulas before and knew to apply both with a tanning mitt (and make sure you do, your hands will thank you!). Both have a great guide colour so you know what you're working with, but the guide colour can and will transfer onto clothes, sheets etc, so your best bet (and what j usually do) is to apply an hour or two before bed after showering, then use dark sheets and rinse in the morning. Putting this on before school or work then getting caught in the rain would be nothing short of a disaster! Both tans give a very similar effect when rinsed off, I'd say the foam is just slightly darker and slightly easier to work with. The lotion is quite thick and while I have had some practice, I do think it's slightly more difficult to spread evenly than the foam is. The colour from both lasts a few days before it needs topping up and they both faded very evenly. I applied the mousse as the lotion had faded and still no patches! To be honest, you're going to get a lovely, natural looking colour with either of these so I'd put it down to personal preference when it comes to formula. I would say the lotion is just probably slightly better if you had particularly dry skin. Also, both the tanning products lasted a really great amount of time before fading, most tans I've used tend to need reapplying after the first or second shower at a push, but both of these lasted about 5 showers. I'm not sure how well this would do in a bath, as I recently got a thigh tattoo and haven't been allowed to sit in a bath recently, so I can't comment on that!!

Overall, I'd thoroughly recommend tan truth for an affordable tanning brand and think it's definitely worth a tan for tan-o-holics like me! If I were to recommend just one product from the range though, I'd have to say the primer is the winner for me. While I genuinely loved all the products, this is something I've never seen before and I've never used any lotion or cream that's worked so well to keep the stubborn dry patches from turning mega dark!