Saturday, 18 February 2017


Hi lovelies! As you may be able to tell by the fact it's mid February, this post has been a long time. I'm not usually much of a New Years person, I love the prosecco and partying, but I've never bought much into the 'New Year, New Me' vibe. Until I did. Over the first few weeks of 2017, I've been thinking a lot about the past year. 2016 was a weird year, in some ways it was an incredible year, I got engaged, I started working in a job I absolutely love and made some fab memories and looking back, that's what I want so much more of.

In 2016, I spent a lot of the year being self employed as a beautician. It was a job that I loved to bits and it did wonders for my confidence at work ethic running my own business, but when I realised that I'd gotten all I wanted and all I could out of it and felt like it was time to move on, I felt like a bit of a failure. Being your own boss in a creative industry is the dream for so many people and admitting to myself that t wasn't my dream after all was hard. I'd always said I could never work in a 9-5 office environment and guess what? It's exactly what I'm doing and I genuinely have never been happier. Having a scheduled week, a steady, reliable wage and free weekends has left with me so much more time and freedom to live my life. The biggest thing I learned last year was absolutely that it's okay to change your mind and your path and it may be the best thing you've ever done.

So, that said, I've decided that 2017 is going to be a year of making memories. Last year, any time I had a little spare money, I'd buy clothes, shoes, homewares, makeup, just stuff. Of course, I'm human, I'm not vowing to give up all material possessions and live among nature (I may be a vegan, but I'm still a 21st Century female!!), but I do want to do much less buying and much more experiencing. Lately though, I've realised that as much as those things do make me happy, what I really love is going places and doing things, those are things that mean the most to me. Those things, not physical things are what will shape my personality and provide the best memories in years to come.

I think as a blogger it can feel like such huge pressure to have new things all the time for interesting outfit posts or product reviews and while I love doing those, I want to buy things because I really want them, not because I feel like I should want them. I won't stop doing beauty and fashion posts because I still love that, but I will do them when I want to, not as a filler when I don't have anything else to write about.

So, a few goals for me for the rest of the year (better late than never!);

Go to lots of gigs.
I LOVE live music, I would rather go to concerts than go on holidays most of the time and having already seen my favourite band ever (Green Day) once this year, I definitely want to do more of the same!

Explore London.
London is my favourite city in the world, I live so close to it and definitely don't take advantage of that enough! Despite knowing London relatively well, I really want to explore more of it, some of the tiny tucked away places that not everyone knows about. Any suggestions please let me know!

See family more.
I'm super close to my family and I love seeing them however life gets in the way sometimes and I'm determined to make more time to see them all as those times are so precious.

Learn German.
I was recently introduced to a free app that you can use to learn languages and I've started to re-learn German. I did it at GCSE level and was pretty good at it however as I didn't keep it up I've forgotten a fair bit and I'd really like to learn it again. I've always want a second language and while German may not necessarily be the most useful, it's a good place for me to start!

Book some time away.
Though I'm not really one for long beach holidays I do love going and seeing new places and I'd love to do a long weekend in a city I've never visited before, so again, any suggestions would be fab!

So, I think I've leave it here for now. A question to you all first though, would you like to see posts about these sorts of things? Reviews of events and places, or my recommendations of things to see and places to visit?

Let me know your thoughts!


Monday, 30 January 2017


Faux Cactus - Primark
Hello Cushion - Next
Yellow Footstool - Next
Banana Tray - Primark
Well Dressed Stag - ASDA
Tile Print Mug - New Look
Globe - M&S
Lamp - Wayfair

Hi lovelies! There's really something about January isn't there? For all it's downfalls (and it has many), something I just love is the feeling of a fresh start. So, this January I did a complete home overhaul and Darren and I did a long overdue revamp of our living room. Since we moved in last December (as in 2015!), we'd had the same cushions and decor as we had since we moved in and as we were pretty broke when we first moved in, they were all pretty naff quality and were looking very tired! So, a few new cushions, a new bookshelf, lamp, shoe storage unit (lifesaver), a few decorative bits and a generous helping of fairy lights and our little cottage is finally starting to feel really quite homely! I'll do more homeware type posts in the near future, but I wanted to share with you all a few bits and bobs that I've been loving while browsing the web for even more bits to make our house a proper home.

As you can probably tell, I'm loving yellow right now! Our living room is vaugely yellow/ navy/ oak themed with a bit of a boho vibe, so that's what I had in mind with these picks. Primark have a huge range of homeware bits and they are just gorgeous, I've been obsessed with shopping there lately, you can get so much for your money too - perfect if you're just starting out in your first home. My particular favourites are the yellow pouffe/ footstool from Next and the 'Well Dressed Stag' from Asda, isn't he fab? 

What do you think? Where's your fave place to shop for homeware? 


Sunday, 22 January 2017


Hi lovelies! Well, long time no see! To cut a long story short, I have no real excuse other than being super busy with Christmas, work and planning the wedding and because of that, my blog has been on the back burner a little! But I'm back and I really want to get back into at least semi regular blogging again! Today, I'm easing myself back in with a good old fashioned product review, as I haven't done one for some time and I've got a lot of things I want to share with you! We're starting off today

Saturday, 17 December 2016


Hi lovelies! I cannot believe how fast December has been going! I'd had big plans for lots of festive blog posts and things, but with a busy time at work, at home and catching the inevitable winter flu for a few days, that didn't quite happen! However, it's not too late yet and today, I wanted to share with you all a recipe that I'm super excited about for the festive season. This Christmas will actually be my first Christmas fully vegan, so I've been coming up with recipes for yummy festive foods so that I'm not stuck eating sprouts all day (ugh!).

For me, the best part of Christmas food was never the Christmas roast dinner (though stuffing and roast potatoes have a special place in my heart), but the evening food, the sausage rolls, sandwiches and crisps that we all probably unnecessarily snacked on later in the day while playing board games and drinking too much Prosecco. I decided that even though now I can't quite stomach the idea of an actual sausage roll, I still wasn't going to sit nibbling on pringles alone this year! So, the vegan sausage roll experiment began!

Now don't get me wrong, I love cooking. I love making things from scratch, experimenting with lots of different ingredients and flavours, but with these, I wanted to keep it simple and more importantly, fairly cheap and easy to do. So, you won't find a list of obscure ingredients and expensive spices and seasonings here, basically, these are just one big shortcut with a seriously yummy outcome, so while these sausage rolls aren't going to give any chefs anything to lose sleep over, they're still sure to be a hit with your vegan and hopefully non vegan friends this Christmas.

For these, I got almost all my ingredients from Aldi, all except the lentils, which for some reason they don't seem to sell, but you can get lentils at most supermarkets so that won't be a problem. So, you will need;
Dried red lentils (Any will do and you can also use canned as a shortcut!)
Sliced mushrooms (Again, any kind, I used frozen for speed)
Gravy granules (I used Bisto as it's vegan, the red box!)
Sausage casserole seasoning (again, I used Aldi as it's vegan)
Sage and Onion stuffing mix
Pre rolled puff pastry
Plant based milk

As with almost every other recipe I've ever done ever, I don't measure anything. I do think it's all dependant on taste, but basically, I use roughly equal parts mushrooms and, lentils and then adjust the stuffing mix as needed. So for example, one mug full of cooked lentils plus one mug full of cooked mushrooms, then enough stuffing mix to bind it all together. You can adapt as you go, but there's really no right or wrong here!

To start, I cook my lentils in veg stock on the stove. While they cook, I take my (defrosted) mushrooms, make up some thick gravy and add all the mushrooms and a little gravy to a blender, I then blend them up, adding a little gravy at a time until the mushrooms are totally blended and make a thick liquid/ paste. You don't want to make this too runny, but sort of like a super thick smoothie. When the lentils are cooked, you'll want to drain off all the liquid and add the mushroom smoothie (nice) to them. Add your sausage casserole seasoning and stir through, it'll all still be very runny at the point, but that's where the sage and onion stuffing come in! Add the dried stuffing mix to the mixture until it becomes thick enough to hold its shape. I then put the mixture into a greased loaf tin in the oven for around 20 minutes to cook through.

Once it comes out of the oven, take your pre-rolled pastry and cut the 'sausage' mix into strips. I doubt I need to tell you how to roll them into sausage roll shapes, but just a couple of quick tips; I always score the pastry a couple of times on each roll so that the mixture gets cooked all the way through, I also use a little plant based milk to stick the pastry together at the join, and use a little on top to give them a golden finish - no egg wash needed!

Sorry if this recipe is a little vague, I'm definitely no chef, but my non vegan fiance absolutely loves these, as do I and I promise these are super easy and self explanatory once you start making them! These will be the perfect addition to your Christmas feast and from what I remember, they taste pretty similar to the real thing, so you're sure to impress all your non vegan friends and family!

Merry Christmas!


Saturday, 3 December 2016


Snow Fairy Gift Set - Lush
Jewellery Tray - Debenhams
Bodycare Set - Boux Avenue
Bobble Hat - Primark
Pyjamas - Primark
Pom Pom Keyring - Harrods
Makeup Bag - Harrods
Snowflake Cookie Candle - Yankee Candle
Rollerball Perfume Set - New Look
Revolution Lipgloss Trio - Superdrug

Hi lovelies! Another Christmas gift guide for you all! I know the blogosphere is full to bursting with festive posts right now, but I think inexpensive guides like this are much more reasonable and realistic for the majority of people. I see so many high end gift guides, which are lovely, but not always ideal if you're looking to buy a small gift for a friend! So, as the title suggests, everything in the gift guide is £10 or less, perfect for stocking fillers, or just a little something for someone special.

Lush is always a winner for gifts as they're not only gorgeously scented and fab for your skin, they also come beautifully packaged, which is great for saving a bit of time wrapping presents. One shop that I think is seriously on point with their gifts this year is Debenhams. The gift section in their stores is beautiful, you can find something for pretty much anyone and their prices are very reasonable too. The jewellery tray in particular is a favourite of mine. I love jewellery trays and this one is just too cute! Another favourite of mine at Christmas is Boux Avenue, I adore their underwear but their gift section is my absolute favourite. Like Lush, they also gift wrap beautifully with every online order or in store purchase. This little bodycare gift set is such a wonderful gift on it's own, but their gifts are actually all three for two, so that's perfect if you have a few people to buy for and the fancy packaging feels a little bit for luxurious too!

Speaking of luxury, I mentioned in my 10 under £10 for Him gift guide that anything from Harrods always feels a little more special, so for this post, I chose two of my favourite girly gifts. At the time of writing this, the makeup bag is on offer for £10, so I thought it was okay to include it! Fingers crossed it stays that way! The other is a Pom Pom key ring, I know these are everywhere right now, but who wouldn't want one from Harrods, right?!

From high end to high street, Primark has so many gorgeous things right now, but this bobble hat and satin pyjama set were two of my absolute favourites. Both perfect for the festive season, but they'll work throughout the whole winter too. For little gifts that will please just about any lady in your life, I thought the Snowflake Cookie candle, Rollerball set and Lipgloss trio were all amazing gifts. The candle is my favourite festive scent of all time, it's super sweet so it may not be your thing if you're not into sugary sweet smells but I'm obsessed! The rollerball set from new look is lovely as the scents are all different and can take you through the whole year, they're really handy to keep in your bag for little perfume top ups throughout the day. I love Makeup Revolution as a brand so any gift from them is going to be a winner. I think inexpensive makeup gift sets like this are great for any girl, but particularly for those just starting out with makeup, it's nice to receive a few things in one.

So that's it! What do you think? I for one would be more than happy to receive any one of these gifts on Christmas day!

Send any gift guides you've done over my way as I've found them seriously useful this year!


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