Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Hi lovelies!

Sorry it's been a while, I've had a busy few weeks and for the past few days, have been a little under the weather. However, that is what has led me to write this post. Today, I wanted to share with you a few ways that I personally make myself feel better and some of my personal tips to get through the dreaded cold and flu season!

1. Rest Up.
This one is sometimes easier said that done and I am definitely one to work through an illness (unless I'm super contagious and putting others at risk of course!) and I do know that sometimes, it's just not an option to take a day off work. Colds can hit several times over the winter and when you've got a job to go to, I would never recommend taking time off every single time, firstly because you just can't do that and also because I personally think if you don't (gently!) force your body to get up and get through being under the weather, you'll struggle more and more to cope each time. That said, when you have been out to work, or out running whatever errands you need to do, come home and put your feet up. Maybe leave the housework for an extra day or so, get to bed early and just chill out when you can. I find getting to bed early and getting plenty of sleep helps me get better so much faster without the need to take several days off. 

2. Stay hydrated!
Another quite obvious tip is to stay hydrated! By this, I do not mean endless cups of coffee or bottles of Diet Coke to keep you awake, I mean water. I tend to avoid anything else at all when I'm unwell, as even fruit juices can be packed with additional sugar and other additives that aren't going to help you recover at all. Adding lemon or ginger to hot water can improve taste and sometimes help to soothe a sore throat. The reason I stick to water is because we all know both sugar and caffeine cause your energy levels to rise and fall very quickly, which may initially help you through the day when you're sick, but putting your body through the extra stress of sugar highs and caffeine crashes will only slow down the recovery process.

3. Season your food!
Of course what I definitely don't mean is adding a ton of salt to every meal, but some seasonings can be massively helpful in kicking a cold. A few examples include: Turmeric, which has anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in antioxidants, Ginger, which can help to fight nausea and aid digestion, Chilli, which, again, has anti oxidants and can help to spice up your food which can help to clear sinuses and Garlic, which contains compounds that help the immune system fight germs. These are just a few examples though, there's a whole host of benefits to adding seasonings to your food, which is definitely worth looking into, especially when you're unwell.

4. Eat up.
Again, this may be another quite obvious one, but it is super important to actually eat when you're unwell. Sometimes the last thing you want to do is get out of bed and cook for yourself, but food is fuel. Think about how rubbish you feel when you're super hungry, perhaps you had a super busy day and skipped breakfast and lunch, you feel pretty weak and crappy come dinner time right? When you're sick, your body is already having to work super hard to fight infection, so when you don't give it the fuel it needs to even just get through a regular day, you're not giving yourself much hope for a quick recovery! Eating plenty of healthy food, including lots of fresh fruit and veg will seriously speed up your recovery time.

5. Medicate.
I am definitely not one for dosing up on lots of pills and medicines when I'm sick, however, sometimes it is necessary. For me, I do like to find remedies that are a little more natural than just popping pills every four hours. A couple of things that really work for me are Echinacea drops or capsules and Menthol Crystals. Echinacea is a herb that is believed to relieve cold and flu symptoms. I find this works best if taken as soon as you feel a cold coming on, but it does help to lessen the symptoms throughout. Menthol Crystals are used to help clear sinuses. I've used them this year while I had a cold, but I also used them last year when I had a seriously bad sinus infection and they were amazing for helping to clear my sinuses and in turn, relieving the splitting headaches that came with it! You dissolve the crystals in hot water and inhale the vapours and they are incredible. Top tip though, do not use too many crystals as the vapours will blow your head off!

Luckily for me, I don't get ill very often at all. Even less so since going vegan, as I'm much more conscious and aware of what I'm eating and getting the correct nutrients. So, when I do come down with the common cold, I'm definitely not so used to it any more and I'm going to do whatever I can to fight it! Of course, as with every post, these are all my own opinions, I am not a doctor or nutritionist, but these tips definitely won't hurt if you try them and they absolutely work for me.

Hope this was somewhat helpful! Let me know if you have any tips for beating the dreaded winter cold!


Friday, 7 October 2016


Hi lovelies! A bit of a different post for you all today. As much as I adore well thought out beauty, fashion and food posts, there's sometimes nothing I love more than sitting on my sofa and writing up a good old chatty post. So, today, I wanted to write about something that's a little bit random, but I've been planning to write it for some time now. I'm at that stage in life where a lot of my friends are starting to move in with their partners, get engaged, generally just start being proper grown ups, so I thought I'd write a semi helpful post about moving in with a boy. Of course, not everyone that's moving out of their family home is going to be moving in with a boyfriend, but that's what I did and I have no experience with any other situation, so that's what this post will be focused on! I'm going to share with you all a few things I've learned since living with my now fiancé Darren. We've lived alone together for almost a year now and together at my Mum's place for a year or so prior to that, so obviously everyone's different so your experience may be different to mine, but these are a few lets call them 'observations' that I've had since living with a boy.

The Washing Basket Complex
If you live with a guy who knows how to use a washing basket then where did you find him? Was it on this planet? What really throws my particular male human is that we have two washing baskets, lights and darks. Darren and I have a deal, he takes the bins out and does all the washing up if I do the laundry. This is fine. However, I thought I was making life easier when I got two washing baskets for light clothes and dark clothes. To Darren though, this means one for black clothes, one for LITERALLY EVERYTHING ELSE. Navy jumper? Light wash. Dark flannel shirt? Light wash. Burgundy Polo shirt? Throw it in with the white bed sheets! What's the worst that could happen? It is what it is, I'm just grateful he has me to guide him or bae would be rocking a lot of pink work shirts by now. This of course only applies to when he actually puts things in the washing baskets, there is also a floordrobe at the bottom of our bed almost all the time.

You'll quickly stop caring about hiding 'girly things'
Darren actually lived with me at my Mum's place for a long time before we moved in together alone, so this stage was long over by the time we moved into our house, but when you first start living with a guy, things like razors, tampons, pore cleansing strips etc. will be safely tucked away because you'll want to keep the illusion that you're a perfect little princess who doesn't have periods, clogged pores and body hair. Yep you'll get over this, soon enough, your brand new pink razor will be sat by the sink with his mono-brow hair stuck in it (his fiancee is a beautician but he still shaves the damn thing), your tampons and pads will be bros with his shaving cream and you'll sit infront of bake off wearing nose pore strips together (it's just the right balance of gross and fun). Boundaries will eventually be a thing of the past, but I would recommend you keep some. Number twos are strictly a solo activity in our house - if you do that in front of anyone, please, please stop.

They don't 'get' decor
By this, I mean literally anything that has little to no purpose other than looking nice. They won't understand why it's so frustrating that they didn't put the boho style elephant back in his correct position on the stairs after they kicked it out of place. They won't get why it matters that they've put the cushions zip side up on the sofa and they'll look at you like you're an actual and literal psychopath when you tell them that that candle was not for burning. Again, this doesn't go for all guys, but Darren's idea of decoration is putting his many pairs of trainers in a neat line instead of a heap by the front door. Just bolt down your ornaments and save time.

You may be surprised if you let him have control of the remote
Football? Forever dull. American Pickers? Actually pretty interesting. I'm absolutely not a Towie, Ex On The Beach or Keeping Up With The Kardashians kinda girl, but I do love a bit of Take Me Out or Don't Tell The Bride from time to time and sometimes instead of joining him when Darren put on a proper 'boys' show, I'd just stick my headphones in, listen to some Green Day and blog away, but actually, sometimes giving his choice of TV Show or Movie a go isn't so bad after all. Fun fact, Olympus Has Fallen? Pretty good.

You'll question if they could ever actually live alone
Darren and I actually have never lived totally alone, so I don't even know if he could have ever coped, but he certainly couldn't now. Real life example: unpacking the food shopping, Darren has bought himself a frozen pizza. From the freezer section. I later find said pizza in the fridge. Not life threatening, but not fucking clever. Living alone, he would have to set aside half his pay cheque for washing up liquid. If it weren't for me stepping in, my 23 year old fiancé would literally have an accidental foam party for one every single time he does the dishes. I've caught him very nearly putting face scrub on sunburn to get rid of the peeling skin, I've stopped him flushing numerous definitely not flushable things down the toilet, the list goes on. He may be clever in some ways, but house trained he is not.

You'll wonder how you ever lived without them
While you may take on the role of mum and feel like you do a lot for him, he probably does a lot of the jobs you don't like to/ don't ever do. Like, did you actually catch your own spiders at one point? Did you have to put the bins out? Ughh. Light bulbs! Men are actually pretty good at getting a new light bulb when the old one goes, then they actually change it too. You don't have to live in the dark forever, who knew!

They are  essentially big, not so fluffy puppies that walk on two legs
This is in the sense that they often fuck up, do things wrong and unintentionally destroy the things you love (champagne glasses, decorative candles..), but when they do a good job, they want to know that they're a GOOD BOY. Scenario: *I get home from work late* Darren: 'Babe, babe!! I did the washing up and I hoovered and I cleaned the bath even the hair from the plughole!' Cool well done, but why is the pile of recycling I asked you to put out still on the side? Has the dog been fed yet? And why are there socks in the fire place? The thing is, if they've not had to do these jobs before, they do feel a sense of accomplishment. Go with it, give them a belly rub and a biscuit and then gently point out the other things that perhaps needed doing first. It's a learning curve for both of you and getting angry at each other for the small stuff solves nothing.

You'll have to make an effort to keep a bit of mystery
Other than absolutely NOT doing gross things in front of each other in the bathroom, there are other ways to keep a bit of mystery in the relationship. Wearing a brand new outfit on date night, surprising them with little gifts or meals out. It's important not to let everything get too routine just because you live together. Darren and I still go out just the two of us, or have special nights in, it's nice to still 'date' each other, even if you're not just dating any more.

It'll make or break your relationship
Ultimately, living alone together will show you the true strength of your relationship. It's tough at times, you'll get to know (and eventually accept) every single annoying habit, you'll argue over silly things and want to literally kill each other plenty of times, but despite all that, if you're in it for the long haul, it'll also bring you closer and closer together every single day. If you can cope with all their quirks, they are your lobster.

So that's it for now! I'd love to know what you thought of this post!
As I said, not everything in this post applies to all guys, it is to be taken lightly, so no drama! Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, 5 October 2016


Hi lovelies! I'm really excited to write this post for you all today, as it's about what has so far been my favourite part of planning my wedding - dress shopping! Aside from the venue, the dress was what I wanted sorted first, as I don't think you can decide on your Bridesmaids outfits, flowers, decorations or sometimes even photography until you have your dress. As much as dress shopping is super exciting, it can also be very daunting and extremely stressful. So, today, I thought I'd share my experience and some tips that I have for Brides-to-be facing the task of choosing the dress for the biggest day of any couple's life! I'll be doing a couple of posts on my dress shopping journey, but for now, I thought I'd share my experience of 'Wed2B', a discount wedding dress shop that has several locations in the UK. I didn't end up getting my dress in Wed2B, but I do think it's worth a trip if you're looking for a dress at a much lower cose!

The first time I tried on dresses, was in Wed2B in Chelmsford. I took three of my six bridesmaids along and was actually just planning to have them try on bridesmaids dresses to see what colours we all liked and I was determined not to try on any bridal gowns myself as my Mum wasn't there, but I was in a wedding dress shop with my twin sister and two best friends, there was only ever one way this was going to go. so, we headed over to the rails of white dresses and my lovely ladies helped me to pick out a few to try.

There wasn't as big a selection as I thought there was going to be in Wed2B, but there was plenty of choice. You buy the dress off the peg as is, so you're made to try the dress on with a net over your face to avoid makeup stains. This was fine, but it is definitely a different experience to a regular dress shop. The changing rooms are all in a line too, more luxurious than your average New Look changing room, but not the same as a private appointment in a regular bridal shop. You don't need to make appointments at Wed2B and when I went, on a Sunday afternoon, there were a couple of other brides with their families, but it wasn't too busy. The other brides and their families can see you when you're trying on dresses (not behind the curtain in your pants of course!!), so if you're quite a private person, this may not be for you. That said, it's not a million miles away from a 'regular' dress shopping experience, so I wouldn't be put off by this.

I tried on a good few styles in Wed2B, because as I said, it was the first shop I went to, so I really had no idea what I was going for! I chose one or two myself and my friends and sister also chose a couple. I think they let me take in up to six at a time, but don't hold me to that number! The girl in the shop that was helping me try on dresses was really sweet and really helpful and actually picked out one dress for me that she thought would suit my figure. Something that I really loved about this place was that they were totally cool with my friends taking photos of me in the dresses. This meant that I could take them away and look at them myself to compare shapes and styles of dresses.

As I said, you buy off the peg at Wed2B, so the dresses come as they are and you take them away on the day and get any alterations done yourself. These are not ex-sample gowns as far as I know, they're simply dresses by designers for Wed2B. All the dresses are priced between £99-£599, which for wedding dresses is incredibly low. Of course, this does mean the materials are slightly cheaper than higher end designers. If I'm being completely honest, for me, in some of the styles I tried on, this showed.

There was quite a wide range of dresses to choose from and while I didn't find 'the one', it did help me to pick out some styles I wanted to try more of and some that I wanted to totally rule out. A couple of the dresses I tried on were absolutely stunning and even now I look back at photos and while I didn't end up going for them, I'm in absolute awe of the look and quality for the teeny tiny price tag. A couple of others though, I could tell that the quality wasn't quite there. One thing I would suggest is to get your friends to take photos from all angles. One dress that looked quite nice in the shop, massively showed my knicker line in the photos! Lighting can be deceiving!

Overall, if you're on a budget, I'd definitely recommend Wed2B. I would say though, go with an open mind, don't expect a one to one luxury experience and really look at every detail of the dress. There are some absolute gems. but there are also some that are not so hot, so do make sure you're not so blinded by the tempting price tag that you overlook little details that aren't quite perfect. You'll (hopefully!) only get one wedding dress, so what you get just has to be the one!

Have you ever been to Wed2B? Are you planning on going? I'd love to know your thoughts!