Monday, 30 November 2015


Hi lovelies! Today's gift guide is for those who have to buy a small gift for someone who they perhaps wouldn't always buy a gift for. Perhaps a Colleague in a Secret Santa, or a friend of a friend, a babysitter etc.. Just those people who you want to get a little something for, but perhaps you don't know them quite well enough to get something really personal. So, for those people I've put together an under £10 gift guide of crowd pleasing gifts!

I think all of these are great for someone you don't know brilliantly well, because they're all very nice gifts without being overly personal. For a slightly more personal touch, I think the scrabble mug is great, because you can get the persons Initial, making it a technically personalised gift without having to overthink it! I think the bodycare sets and candle are pretty fail-safe gifts as everyone needs to wash/ look after themselves and it's always good for your house to smell like Christmas in December!

I absolutely love the Christmas Pudding bin bags because I think these would be fab for men or women and make the excessive amount of rubbish you tend to have at Christmas actually look kind of cool! Lots of people get biscuits, chocolate and other food gifts in Secret Santas, but I think the set from Harrods just makes it a little more special.

Hope this helped! Do you have to buy a secret santa gift this year?



Hi lovelies! So, turns out, I really, really like doing Gift Guides, so I'm turning it into a bit of a series, from now until early December, I'll keep posting these regularly as I find them super helpful on others blogs, so I thought why not do lots of my own!

So, this one's for the boys! Or the men who are still boys at heart! My boyfriend is a bit of a big kid at times (okay all the time, but it's why I love him!) and this gift guide has been approved by him, his exact words being 'Get me any of that, except the Doctor Who thing' (not a fan). As much as guys do love their expensive gadgets and things, I don't think anyone is ever too old for a fun present, so I thought I'd pick out a few fun, but grown up items, such as the Samurai Kitchen Knives, Swearing Turtle and Sergeant Pepper Mill as well as some for the guys that just never grew up - Chewbacca Slippers and Cape Towel anyone?

As a kid, I always got a soft toy of some sort in my stocking, so I think the teeny tiny Captain Ameria Tsum Tsum is really sweet. I know a lot of guys aren't into soft toys (Darren hates that I still sleep with one as he wakes up with it on his face half the time!), but I do think a little one like this of their favourite character is actually quite a cute little gift, it could go in their car, on their desk or just in a bedroom as a cute reminder of you!

What do you think? Would your boyfriend/ bother/ friend/ dad etc love anything on this list?
Let me know your favourites!



Hi lovelies! Another gift guide for you all today! This time, for the baking fanatic in your life. We all know someone who loves to bake and as much as baking is already a lot fun, I personally think cute, pretty or quirky bakeware can make the whole process even more enjoyable!

Not all of these are actually for baking, such as the Candyfloss Machine and Party Ring Coasters, but I just had to include both of these, because candyfloss and because party rings. I think all of these are fab gifts as they're all so pretty and cute, but I really love are the Mug Cake Mug, which is a mug, that has a mug cake recipe printed on it, efficient. Also, I never, ever use a kitchen timer, but I really, seriously want the Toaster Kitchen Timer. So cute, so much like the toy toaster I had as a kid. I just think I need it.

I hope you like this gift guide! Let me know your favourite in the comments!