Wednesday, 1 October 2014



Hi lovelies! I have a review for you all today from my absolute most favourite makeup brand ever, Benefit! Recently, I've had a bit of a thing for eyeshadows and while I've been loving the high street for bargain palettes lately, this little 'World Famous Neutrals' kit from Benefit has caught my eye several times, so I finally gave in and bought it. Best. Decision. Ever.

Honestly, I don't know how they do it but I have genuinely never tried a Product that I didn't actually like. So, when trying new things, the little kits like this one are fab as you get several products all in one, very cute, incredibly well presented package. More than the actual shadows themselves, I was super excited to try the little cream shadows that come in this kit, I love using cream shadows as a base for my regular eyeshadow and having always stuck with my MAC paint pots, (which don't get me wrong, still have a very special place in my heart!) I was ready for a change. 

All I can say is wow. The two 'creaseless cream eyeshadows', 'Birthday Suit'(brushed chrome) and 'My Two Cents' (polished copper), are absolutely stunning, you can see from the swatch above how gorgeously pigmented these are and they apply like a dream, super smooth and can be blended out for a more subtle look or built up for a richer, more pigmented finish. I am also pleased to report these can be worn alone or with eyeshadows over the top with absolutely no creasing all day long. The one teeny tiny little grumble I have about these is the size of the pots. I totally understand that they need to be small to fit inside the kit, but for someone with long nails like me, it's a bit of a nightmare to get your finger in there! I get around it by using a little brush though, which many people would probably do anyway, I just quite like apply cream shadows with my finger! That aside though, these really are fab products and I definitely want to add a few full sized versions to my collection in the near future.

As for the actual shadows themselves, I was absolutely blown away by the quality of them. Benefit isn't the first brand that tends to spring to mind when it comes to eyeshadow but let me tell you, these are incredible! The kit comes with four shades, 'Call My Buff' (pale shell), 'Kiss Me I'm Tipsy' (spiced brown), 'It's Complicated' (golden peach), 'Gilt-y Pleasure' (golden sand), these are all 'longwear' shadows, and when they say that, they're not joking! Applied over one of the cream shadows, these look as perfect at 8pm as they did when I applied them at 8am! The swatches above were done with just one fairly light touch of my finger, so you don't need a lot of product to get a rich, pigmented colour, making them great value for money too. 

All the shades in this palette compliment each other perfectly and it comes with a little book of tips and tricks and mirror in the lid of the box, making it fab for on the go, or as a palette for beginners, as you can create so many looks with the gorgeous shades provided and you can go from day to night all in one super handy little palette! 

As you can probably tell, I cannot say enough great things about this little beauty! The 'World Famous Neutrals' range has three variations, so if these shades aren't for you, I'm sure there will be one to suit you! These are available on the Benefit Cosmetics website, bonus, the 'Most Glamorous Nudes Ever' palette is the number one best selling eyeshadow item in the UK! This retails at £23.50, which for four good sized fab eyeshadows and two beautiful cream shadows, is pretty damn good if you ask me!

Let me know your thoughts! 
Have you tried any of the Benefit kits? What's your favourite?


Sunday, 28 September 2014


Hi lovelies! You'll probably have seen in my latest haul, that I've gone a bit eyeshadow mad at the moment and instead of going crazy and spending tons of money on the likes of MAC, Urban Decay and other such favourites, I decided to go for something a bit more purse friendly and give the good old high street a chance for a change.

Something that caught my eye while browsing the 'Essence' stand in Wilkos, was the 'All About' range, a selection of 5 different palettes ranging from neutrals, to brights, to pastels, as much as the more colourful options did look very pretty, I am not one to put the likes of royal blue or canary yellow anywhere near my eyes, so 'All About Nude' was the palette that I decided would come home with me. 6 gorgeous neutral shades all in one handy little palette, for just £3.50? How could I possibly resist?

I'd heard a few things about Essence as a brand, but hadn't really tried much from them at all, so as much as I did have high hopes, I wasn't really too sure what to expect. When someone says they bought an eyeshadow palette for £3.50, to be honest, I'm very quick to think, oh, that'll be rubbish then! Well, I have been proven massively wrong with this little bargain beauty! All six cool toned neutral shades are soft in texture and incredibly well pigmented. The palette comes with all the shades you'd need to create a pretty, light daytime look or a bolder, darker look for evening. It contains a light, shimmery champagne colour, perfect for an inner corner highlight, or to sweep all over the lid for a light, bright look, a satin finish shell pink, gorgeous worn alone or with a darker colour in the outer corner, a shimmer finish taupe, fab as an outer corner colour for day or all over the lid for night, a shimmer finish cool pink, a dark, cool, brown, great for a brown smokey eye and a deep, satin finish plum colour, which adds a hint of colour to a smokey eye without being too dark.

Each and every shade goes on beautifully and none require several layers to build up the colour, as you often find with cheaper shadows. In fact, you need quite a light hand with the darker shades as they're so pigmented! They go on very evenly and aren't chalky or too powdery at all. I would say you could probably wear these alone, but with a primer or cream shadow (I use MAC 'Painterly' paint pot), these will seriously stay put all day long!

What do you think? Have you tried any Essence products?


Thursday, 25 September 2014


Hi lovelies! If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll be aware that as well as fashion and beauty, another thing I am passionate about is fitness and as I haven't done a fitness post in quite a while, I thought I'd do a little update of my fitness routine and a few tips for keeping fit and staying motivated, as my fitness routine has changed a fair bit recently! Get comfy guys, it's gonna be a long one!

So, first of all, I'll give you all a bit of background. I used to be signed up to a gym close to where I live, which I did love and initially, I actually found I was more motivated to go out and go to the gym, rather than working out at home, but more recently I've worked at setting up a home gym and have found that much better than being signed up. At home, we have a treadmill, stationary bike, weights, vibration plate (still not entirely sure what this is for) and a leg master machine. I'd like to get more equipment but what I have now is definitely working for me.

As for my actual routine, I don't tend to stick to anything too structured or regimented, as I find trying too hard to stick to a strict routine is what throws me off course. My working hours at the salon vary week to week so while I do try to work out at least 5 days a week, it won't always be at the same time. For example, if I'm in work until 5pm from early in the morning, I'll do an evening workout when I have plenty of time, whereas if I start later (this can be anywhere between 12 noon and 5pm), I'll workout in the morning so I can then shower and get ready for work afterwards. This way, it fits in with my day and doesn't feel like an inconvenience.

So, we've explained where I workout and when I workout, now all that's left is to explain how I workout. As I said previously, I don't stick to anything too structured, I do what I feel my body needs, and switch it up whenever I feel like it. However, I do think some structure is good and in a week, I tend to do 3 days of intense cardio and 2 days of lighter cardio and strength training. Like I always say in these posts, this is what works for me personally and I am in no way a professional. 

So, to elaborate, on the days where I feel like I can push myself, I train. These are my three days of intense cardio. On these days, I'll warm up by fast walking, then jogging for around 10 minutes, then push myself as hard as I can on the treadmill and stationary bike for around an hour, then cool down again by jogging. Generally, on these days, this is all I'd do as it's quite intense and I try to up the pace every couple of weeks or so, this way I make progress rather than just sticking to the same routine, which can get boring. On the other two days or three days in the week, I'll do light cardio, so fast walking or jogging on a slightly higher incline on the treadmill, or on a low resistance setting on the bike. I'll then follow this up with weight training, sometimes squats with weights, lunges etc. I'm not personally into heavy weight training, so light/ medium weights along with aerobic exercise for half an hour is plenty for me on these days. I'll then take a day or two as rest days, which I'll talk more about when I get into the actual tips.

As I say, this is my personal routine that works for me, it may work for some of you, it may not, it's just something I've been asked about before and thought I'd share! To sum up, that's 3 days of intense cardio and 2 or 3 days of light cardio and strength training. Now I'm going to share a few of my personal fitness tips with you guys. These are a just a few things I've learnt along the way and things that I think some of you may find helpful.

Workout somewhere comfortable and convinient.
For me. I'm lucky to have created my little home gym, which works well for me as I can go whenever I want and don't have to worry at all about who's around! If you prefer going to a gym, then it's a good idea to choose one that's easy to get to and a good environment, this way it's much harder to make excuses! 

Don't pressure yourself.
By this, I definitely do not mean only workout when you feel like it, because if you only fancy getting up and excerpting once in a blue moon, your results ŵill be very slow! What I mean by this, is don't pressure yourself to stick to an unrealistic routine. If you're still in school and vow to wake up at 5am to run every morning, you'll more than likely start getting bored and very, very tired! However, if you find a time that works for you, even if it's just weekends or days off to begin with, you're much more likely to stick to it, as you're doing it at a convinient time and not forcing it into your daily routine.

You do have time.
That said, as much as you shouldn't have to deprive yourself of sleep to exercise, too often do people say they just don't have time to workout. However, these same people very often find the time to watch an hour or two of tv every night after work. Finding times throughout the week that suit you is essential, make the most of your time throughout the day, sitting and watching tv in the evening may be something you love to do, but why not do some squats, jumping jacks, leg lifts and crunches while you watch? Or perhaps invest in a stationary bike or cross trainer (some of these fold away and can be bought really cheap!) and drag it into your living room while you settle down to watch GBBO (okay, maybe a show about cakes and pastries isn't the most motivational thing in the world), this way, you'll get in a good hour of exercise and you're not depriving yourself of anything. Remember, an hour of exercise is about 4% of your day, now tell me you don't have time!

Find a routine that you enjoy.
For me, I love running. However, I do not love going outside in front of living, breathing people and running on slippery pavements and in raining English weather. Therefore the treadmill is my solution, I enjoy it and it's in the comfort of my own home - no judgey strangers in sight. I also really enjoy the station bike, I love doing squats, lunges, crunches and other aerobic exercise. I actually enjoy my routine, which is why I stick to it and do it regularly. Perhaps if running and cycling isn't your thing, maybe swimming is, or dance or perhaps some sort of team sport. Whatever your thing is, find it and do it. If you actually enjoy your workouts, you'll push yourself a lot harder and get a lot more from them.

Don't rely on others.
This one may sound a bit odd, but in a lot of fitness posts I've seen, people say that they find it helps to work out with a friend. While I agree that a workout buddy can be fab (infact, I think I evenmmentioned it in one of my previous posts!), as they can help to motivate you, I think it's important notto rely entirely on your workout buddy for that motivation. For me, I always used to work out with my Mum, but now, our working hours are very different and while we do still get to work out together sometimes, other times it just doesn't work. Sometimes, your friend may have to cancel your run, or trip to the gym last minute, but this doesn't mean you shouldn't go! Having a workout buddy is fun and definitely does help to motivate you, but if you only workout when your friend is available, then you may find you aren't as consistent as you'd like to be. Which brings me to my next point...

Be consistent!
I've said again and again in this post that I don't believe in sticking to strict routines, however I do believe in consistency. To be honest, I think the key to a good fitness regime and healthy lifestyle is consistency. Yes, there will be days when you're busy from 7am to 11pm, or you may be sick, or perhaps you're just not feeling it and that's absolutely fine and normal, however, always pick yourself back up the next day, or week and get yourself back on track ASAP. The longer you go without a workout, the harder it is to get back into your routine afterwards. 

Have active rest days.
It's important to have rest days, particularly when you're just starting out with fitness, to avoid burning yourself out. However, I personally believe you should be active as often as possible. Perhaps just getting out for a walk on a rest day, or even dance around your bedroom for a bit! We all enjoy a duvet day now and then, but being entirely inactive and not getting up and moving at all on every single rest day may make it harder for you to get back into routine again. Personally, I generally plan my 'rest day' on a day when I have got work, as opposed to a Sunday or another day off, because even though I won't be hitting the treadmill or weights on that day. I know I will still be somewhat active at work. The I can just look forward to a chilled evening in front of the tv when I get home!

Phew! I think I'll leave this post at that for now, as I have lots more tips, but this is getting mighty long already!

Let me know your thoughts on this and if there's anything else you'd like to know, or perhaps if you'd like me to do posts like this a little more regularly. Leave a comment letting me know! 


Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Hi lovelies! A bit of a chatty post coming your way today, I hope you don't mind. This is a post that I've been planning on doing for some time now as it's a topic I've struggled with in the past. 'Maintaining a blog when you work full time'. As, for most of us blogging is a hobby, we have to fit it in around everyday life, whether that be work, uni, school, actually having a social life etc etc, it can actually be kind of difficult to do. Let's face it, if you start a blog, as a hobby, with the intention of turning it into a full time job or for a project for school, whatever the reason, you probably want your blog to be successful right? You want people to read it, you want to gain views and followers and comments, because let's face it, it's nice to know that people enjoy what you do.

Let me make one thing quite clear, I do not consider my blog to be 'super successful', It isn't, nor do I want it to be, my full time job, I don't earn huge amounts of money every week from sponsored posts and advertising and I certainly don't have a fan base to rival One Direction, but for me, my blog is a personal success. I have a fair amount of followers, I get to go to cool events and meet amazing people, I get products, clothes, accessories and other more random items sent to me fairly regularly, and sometimes, my monthly income is sometimes boosted by the fact that I am 'A Blogger'. However, to get the perks of being a blogger, I've had to put in a lot of work and while for others these achievements may seem small, to me they are as I said, a personal success.

As I said though, being a moderately successful blogger, whatever your view of blogging success may be, takes a lot of work and dedication. Don't get me wrong, I love blogging and I don't consider it 'hard work', but what blogging does take is time, so today I thought I'd share my tips for managing your time and being a blogger when you have a full time job as some of you will know, it's not that easy! This will also apply to those at Uni, College or School, particularly if you have a job alongside, basically, if you feel you want to have a blog, but don't have the time, read on!

Utilise your free time.
One of the more obvious points I'm going to make I admit. However, it can be really easy to forget to do this. I work as a beauty therapist and am generally in the salon 5 days a week and sometimes do private beauty work for friends and family at home too. However due to the nature of my job, I don't work a normal 9-5, I work Saturdays and often have a day or two off in the week and sometimes work nights, freeing up my mornings. It is so easy to spend your time just chilling watching TV or generally wasting time in the mornings, late evening or on days off, but use them! Even if you just spend a free lunch hour jotting down ideas for blog posts, it will make it much easier on your when you do get the time to sit and write and you won't find yourself staring at a blank screen so much! 

Keep notes.
As I said in my last point, spending any little time you can jotting things down can be a huge help in future. Even if you're at work and an idea for a post pops into your head, pop it in your phone, then, whenever you have time, expand on it, brainstorm that idea. If it's a product review, write down your thoughts, does your new foundation last through your whole day at work? Did anyone comment on your perfume today? Inspiration can be taken from anywhere - just make sure you remember it.

Take photos in bulk.
This is something that I find helps me a lot when I've got a particularly busy week at work. Taking photos can take a long time setting up your background, sorting out good positioning etc, once you've set up that space, photograph as many products as you can. If I have several products I want to review, I'll wait until I have some free time (and preferably good lighting!) and I'll set up, then photograph them all at once. This means when it comes to writing up blog posts, the hard part has been done beforehand and all you have to do is write. It's also a good idea to have a folder on your computer full of these product photographs, as this way, when blogger's block hits, you'll have a whole range of products ready to be reviewed.

Write, write, write.
Similar to taking photos in bulk, writing posts in bulk can be a good idea too. Some posts are spur of the moment posts and are best written and published straight away, but other posts, such as product reviews, advice posts or tags can be pre-written and published later, on days when you just don't have the time. I tend to do this when I have a day off, or in the evenings. However, I'll only do this when I'm really in the mood to write, because if you're forcing it, you'll end up with a whole load of half hearted posts and that's definitely not what you want!

Decide what your idea of 'success' is.
When starting your blog, or developing your existing blog, it may be a good idea to know what you want from your blog and why you're doing it. For me, my blog is a hobby, the perks I mentioned above are great, but they're bonuses, ultimately, I blog because I like to write. I enjoy sharing my views with like minded people and getting to know people with similar interests. That's not to say though, that if you want to blog with the intention to eventually be a full time blogger, that you shouldn't do it. However knowing your goal will help you prioritise. If blogging is really what you want to focus on, dedicating more time and energy to it will be more important to you than if you're a blogger that's blogging for fun. However, do not take this as an excuse to lose focus on your job or education in the name of blogging! Unless you do become super successful and can blog full time, your blog will have to come second to things like work and school, but that does not mean you can't dedicate a lot of time to it if you are determined to succeed. 

Take the pressure off.
To repeat what I said above, your blog, sometimes does have to come second to certain things. Sometimes you will just be too busy to blog and that's okay. Sometimes you won't be able to post every day or every other day but your loyal readers won't go anywhere if you don't. When I first started Chloe's Way, I blogged every single day and it was hard going. I was at college and had a part time job and eventually I realised that it was too much pressure. After decided to stop blogging on such a strict schedule (every single morning, usually before 11am), I actually found my posts got better as I only wrote when I wanted to and that definitely came across in my posts. 

Love it!
Honestly, whatever your goal, if you don't love blogging, there's no point. If you're starting up because you love the idea of free stuff and easy access to catwalk shows and parties, then you'll be bitterly disappointed. Those things all come with time and effort and don't happen overnight. Write because you love to write, write about things you love and enjoy it. Running a blog can take up a lot of your free time and if you don't enjoy it, then that's a lot of time wasted!

Let me know your thoughts, are you a blogger with a full time job? 


Sunday, 21 September 2014


zebra dress - £5 primark sale
grey dress - £3 primark sale
essence all about nude palette - £3.50
essence quattro palette - £3
essence eyebrow stylist set - £2.50
essence long lasting eye-liner pen - £2.50
MUA undress your skin highlighter - £3
MUA velvet matte lip lacquer - £3
make up revolution iconic 3 palette - £4
make up revolution primer - £5

Hi lovelies! I'll be honest, I love a bargain in the clothing department, but when it comes to make up, I can be a bit of a snob, and tend not to trust cheaper brands, however, I set myself a little challenge this weekend, as I was in a serious shopping mood but have been a bit naughty with money this month, so I decided to buy nothing above £5. It was actually kind of fun hunting around for bargains and setting myself a little challenge to find quality items at a low price. I think this is a fab idea for anyone, particularly if you just want to treat yourself, but don't want to spend too much money! Anyway, I've had a little play with everything and I just had to share everything I got with you guys! So I'm just going to give a few first impressions and will hopefully feature some (or all!) of these in future posts, so let me know if you'd like to see anything reviewed in full.

This time of year, as the seasons are changing, lots of stores have some pretty good sales and absolutely nothing beats a good old Primark sale. They had loads of pretty dresses, but very few size 6's left, so I ended up going for this super adorable black zebra print cut out sleeve dress for only £5 and a cute, casual grey dropped waist dress for just £3! I thought these would be fab for more casual looks throughout the A/W and for those prices, how could I say no?

Moving on to the biggest and most exciting part of this haul, make up! I picked up a few items from three different brands, Essence, MUA and Make up Revolution, all brands that are very competitively priced and all brands that, despite the low cost I've heard great things about. First up, Essence. I think this brand is fairly new to the UK and my local Wilkos has recently got a huge stand full of Essence make up, so I thought I'd pick up a few things to try. I got the 'All About Nude' eyeshadow palette, 'Quattro' eyeshadow palette, 'Eyebrow Stylist' set and 'Longlasting Eyeliner Pen', I'll probably review most of these in full anyway, but I've had a little go and so far I'm seriously impressed! Eyeshadow is actually something I'll usually spend a fair bit of money on my favourites being MAC and Urban Decay, however I thought I'd give some of these a go as a cheaper alternative.

All I can say, is I was definitely wrong to write off cheaper branded shadows, as these are amazing! The 'All About Nude' palette, is made up of 6 cool toned nudes and the 'Quattro' palette is a 4 pan palette made up of slightly warmer toned shades, so I thought I'd give both a go, just so I'd have options depending on how I wanted to do my make up that day! These are both fairly slim and travel friendly, so I'll definitely be keeping both of these in my make up bag! I'll definitely be doing a full review once I've used these a little more, but all I can say now is the pigmentation looks fab and the texture and colours are gorgeous - all for less than £4 a go! I needed a new eye-liner pen anyway and for just £2.50, I figured I had nothing to lose, so I picked up the 'long lasting' one. At that price, I'll probably be repurchasing this over and over if this lives up to it's claims! Lastly, as I've been a bit brow crazy lately, I decided to give the 'Brow Stylist' set a go, I got this in the shade 'blonde style' and the colours look great. For only £2.50, I think this is amazing, as it comes with brow stencils as well as a little instruction booklet along with the two gorgeous shades. Again, if you'd like a review of this, definitely let me know and I'll get on it!

As for MUA, a few things caught my eye, but I have tried a couple of things in the past and have found it to be a bit hit and miss, some things they do seriously well and others, not so much. However, this gorgeous highlighter caught my eye right away and after swatching it in store, I knew it had to come home with me. The design is absolutely gorgeous and the soft pink colour is a nice change from my usual Topshop 'Sunbeam' powder highlight. The texture and consistency seems lovely, perfect for adding a subtle glow to any make up look. I also decided to try a 'Velvet Lip Laquer', I've tested this a little and the texture and pigmentation are lovely, however I can't comment on how long lasting this is, so I'll have to update you all on that. I chose the colour 'Tranquility', which is a nude, but it's darker than it looks as the bottle is frosted and they had no testers, so that's something to bear in mind. However the quality is lovely so I'll probably try more colours anyway!

The final brand I shopped was one I've heard lots about lately and luckily, one my local Superdrug has recently started stocking. That brand, is Makeup Revolution. There was so much to choose from, but as I've not tried anything before I decided to just pick up a couple of bits and see what I think before going mad on too many items that will end up just sitting in a drawer! So, I picked up the Redemption palette in 'Iconic 3', which is full of both warm and cool toned shadows in shimmer, satin and matte finishes. This is a supposed dupe for the Naked 3 palette. I have to say, the shades do look very similar, so we'll have to see if the quality matches up too! I had a quick play and the pigmentation looks fab, so I have high hopes! Finally, I needed a new primer, so I figured for only £5, I decided it was worth a shot. I tried this on the back of my hand only, but it seems quite nice for the price, it's is a clear liquid that seems to blur the look of pores and smooth out skin texture. It has that typical silicone feel, which I do quite like in a primer, so so far, I'm impressed. Once I've given this a proper go, I'll let you guys know my thoughts.

Do you like going bargain hunting every now and then? What's the best bargain you picked up lately?

Let me know your thoughts!



Queen of Handbags

The handbag you carry with you everyday says a lot about you. The colour, style and fabric are all things that suggest a lady’s personality and sense of style. So, obviously, carrying luxurious designer bags is never a bad thing. Whether you throw everything in your handy tote, or want a chic small clutch for night, the quality should always be of the highest standard. These luxurious handbags are some great options that are always in style.

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