Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Hi lovelies! I don't know about you guys, but every single year as August slowly comes to an end, I find myself getting more and more excited for the autumn. Despite the inevitable freezing cold winter that will follow all too quickly, I've always loved the time of year between mid september and early November when the leaves start to turn and knitwear and boots weather is upon us. If you know me at all, you'll know I absolutely love the summer, but autumn is quite easily my favourite time of the year by far. So, if you're getting the late summer blues, here are a few reasons why you should get excited for autumn!

Cold Nights
Again, I love the summer, but what I do not love is hot, sticky, humid nights. I'm a naturally cold person but even I can't stand a thick duvet during the warmer months. In the autumn it's time for all of the blankets, cosy nights listening to the rain outside while you're snuggled up are the best kind of nights after all.

Pretty Days
There is literally no better sun than the autumn sun. When the rain subsides, (which admittedly isn't that often in England!) the autumn sun makes the red and orange leaves look so pretty. Suddenly the same streets you walk through every day look like something straight out of a story book!

Hot Drinks
As soon as the cooler weather hits, every coffee shop brings out brand new autumnul drinks to their menu. Spiced lattes and flavoured hot chocolate everywhere.

Yummy Food
Yes, you can eat nice food all year round, but when the weather gets colder, soups, stews and roast potatoes are suddenly much more appetizing than they are in the summer, when all you want is ice cream! I'm a bit of a 'healthy' soup obsessive, so if any of you guys would be interested in some recipes, let me know.

The best kind of clothing. Jumpers and cardis make up around 90% of my A/W wardrobe and I love them. Autumn is definitely my favourite time for fashion overall, as it's not so cold you're covering up in a huge coat every day, but not so hot that the idea of layers makes you want to crawl into a freezer in your bikini and stay there. Tights and boots, jumpers and shirts, I can see the outfit posts already...

On the topic of autumn fashion, it is also, in my opinion the number one accessory season. Lightweight scarves, patterened socks, jewellery over jumpers, wooly hats etc, it's the perfect time to layer them on and not worry about the hot weather making you want to tear them all off in a sweaty rage! Not to mention the fact that a beanie hides a multitude of sins when it comes to bad hair days.

Cosy Pjs
After weeks of struggling to wear just a t shirt in bed, you can once again snuggle up in full length my little pony bottoms and a cosy hoodie and fuzzy socks and it is fab. Not sexy, but definitely cosy and god damn adorable. That's my excuse anyway.

The X Factor
Pretty much a countdown to Christmas (there, I said it), you know the autumn is well and truly here when you're sat on your sofa cringing at hundreds of wannabes butchering 'My Heart Will Go On', it's a yes from me.

#SorryNotSorry. Like it or love it, it is the beggining of cuddle season, hot weather and too much contact with other human beings is not so fun, but getting cosy in the cooler weather is great, particularly if you're both wearing your comfys and have a fab film (or the X Factor) on. It doesn't just have to be your boyfriend either, your dog or cat make a great cuddle partner, or even spoon your best friend!

Because any excuse to dress in fancy dress is fine by me. Halloween also doubles as mine and Darren's unofficial anniversary, which makes it super special too!

Who doesn't love colourful explosions in the sky? Except most dogs of course. By even so, fireworks are fab and going to displays at the beginning of November is one of my absolute favourite things ever. 

An Extra Hour in Bed!
The clocks go back, which means less daylight, but an extra hour of sleep. It's not a long time and it's not a big deal, but when it's on a work night, it feels like such a luxury, though I always end up going to bed an hour later than usual, so it doesn't really count, but it still feels like a bonus!

So, what do you think? Have I got you excited for autumn yet? 
What's your favourite thing about the autumn?


Saturday, 16 August 2014


Hi lovelies! I'm not sure if it's because I'm trying desperately to hang onto what's left of summer, or if it's just me being a mega girl, but I've been really drawn to anything candy floss coloured lately! If you know me at all, you'll know I'm a pink lover anyway, but the particular shade of the ted baker bag and purse above is just my fave right now! Ted Baker have recently bought out a whole new range of their gorgeous accessories and I am obsessed. Am I the only one who feels the need to update right away as soon as they bring out bags with a different kind of bow? Sneaky Ted!

The candle would look fab in my room and the scent, 'pink lemonade' sounds gorgeous too. I've never tried Flamingo Candle, but I've heard great things so I'm definitely tempted! Another brand I've heard a lot about but had little to no experience with is Too Faced. I've been eyeing up this 'no make-up make-up' palette on ASOS for ages as I think it looks fab for every day. If anyone has this, I'd love to know what you think! I'm not really one for buying pjs, as I usually just throw on whatever big, comfy t-shirt I can find to sleep in, but if it's got my little pony on it, I'll make an exception! My Rose Gold Marc Jacobs watch is my favourite and most worn accessory ever and this white one was love at first sight! It's fab because it's gold so it would tie in with a lot of other jewellery that my rose gold one doesn't. If anyone fancies sending me a very expensive present...

What are you lusting after lately?


Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Hi lovelies! I was going through my camera recently and found a whole bunch of product photos like these that I took back in April and May and completely forgot to blog about! So, expect a lot of product reviews coming up on Chloe's Way in the next few weeks or so! When I came across these photos of the Smashbox 'Bronze Lights' bronzer, I knew I had to blog about it right away, as I've been using it for a few months now and think I can definitely give a 100% honest review on it!

I bought this because I was looking for a matte bronzer that was light, but not too light and not too orange toned. So, after a quick swatch in store, I decided this, in the shade sunkissed matte was the one for me and it's been in my daily makeup routine ever since! It's simple, sleek packaging makes it perfect for your every day makeup bag and a travel makeup bag as you get a lot of product in a fairly small package.

The formulation of this is just lovely, it's super soft and isn't too powdery on the skin and blends really easily without looking muddy or cakey. What I love about this is that as it's a fairly light bronzer, it can be built up, or used with a light hand for a more subtle look. When I first bought this, it was early May, so I didn't have even a hint of a real summer tan and this worked perfectly on my paler skin when used more lightly. However, now, as I have a tan from being away, this is perfect, as my face is generally paler than the res tof my body, due to regular exfoliation, face masks etc. As its a gorgeous natural looking bronzer, it blends my paler face into my neck perfectly, without looking like I have an orange face and tanned body!

Overall, I'd say this bronzer is fab for light to medium skin tones, as even with a tan, this is buildable and can be used for contouring, however they do have darker shades if you feel you need something a bit deeper. This seems to set really well on the skin and last all day, particularly if applied over a good setting powder. Fab for both all over bronzing or contouring, I think this is going to be a staple in my makeup bag from now on.

What do you think? What's your favourite bronzer?


Sunday, 10 August 2014


Hey beauts! Before I went on holiday, I was sent an email by the lovely people at Bass Buds asking if I'd like to review a pair of their headphones. In all honesty, I'd never really bothered looking too much into getting 'proper' or 'decent' headphones, but as these ones were so pretty, I had to give it a go! Bass Buds are described as a 'high performance, luxury in ear headphones', this description is perfect for the headphones, as they're so cute! I know headphones are ultimately all about the sound, but looking cute at the same time can't be bad! The Bass Buds tagline is 'Your Colour, Your Style', as these little beauties, all complete with swarovski crystals, come in several colours, so you can choose your favourite and go with which one best suits your style.

With this in mind, I went for the white, as I've been wearing (and buying!) a lot of white clothes and accessories lately and the uniform in the salon I work in is all white, so I like my headphones to match my clothes on the way to work - bit sad, but true! Being a Fashion and Beauty blogger really does take over your life in that way! The headphones turned up super well packaged in a stylish looking box with a certificate of authenticity, a protective pouch and several sizes of their fab memory foam ear buds, which you can use on the headphones for extra comfort when wearing them for longer periods of time (these were fab on the plane when I went away!).

So, they look fab, they come in a cute box and there's a huge choice of different colours, but most importantly, how are they when it comes to actually listening to music? Well, I am pleased to report that they are fab! The sound quality is absolutely amazing, where I'd only had cheaper headphones before, I'd never really known what difference 'luxury' headphones could make. However I can definitely tell the difference, the sound is much clearer and when you're wearing them, literally all sound around you is completely blocked out - this comes in particularly handy on a plane or on the tube!!

Overall, I'm seriously impressed with my gorgeous new headphones and if you think fashion and music are the perfect pairing, definitely check out BassBuds.co.uk and check out their fab range of colours and styles and choose which one best suits your style!


Thursday, 7 August 2014


cami - matalan
shorts - missguided
flip flops - ted baker
necklace - new look

Hi lovelies! I'm really excited about this outfit for one simple reason, this top is from Matalan and it's a size 6! Yes, my local Matalan are finally stocking a petite range and finally have some smaller sizes. As much as I love Matalan, it's been near impossible for me to buy clothes in there for the longest time, because even though I can sometimes wear a size 8, it's always a bit loose and just doesn't look right. There isn't a huge amount in the petites range just yet, but I'm hoping they'll expand it soon, as they have some fab stuff, with even better prices! This gorgeous cami was only £6, the material is lovely and I love the way it fits. Some camis can just hang completely wrong and to be honest, I'm really fussy with them, but Matalan are onto a winner with this one!

Another thing I bought recently are these gorgeous little cream lace trim shorts from Missguided. They're on sale now, so if you fancy them it's worth taking a peek at the link above and snapping them up quick! These are perfect for the summer as they're so light and comfy. They're a great alternative to denim shorts as they go with so many different things. I feel like these could be dressed up slightly with heels for an evening out on a holiday, or just worn more casually like this for everyday. I know I'm going to be getting a lot of wear out of these this summer. I wore this while I was in Spain last week but swapped the flip flops for my white chunky heels, which was fab, as it looks out together, but it's so comfy and cool as well, perfect for the hot weather.

What do you think of this outfit? I'm loving doing more outfit posts lately, so let me know if you enjoy them!


Monday, 4 August 2014


 off to the airport! - cheeky bit of duty free - my gorgeous new spanish bff
myself, my mum and my twin sister - ootn - my lovely boyfriend and me
cocktails! - yet more cocktails and some cute friendship bracelets - yummy lunch
gorgeous view - tanning - sex on the beach, on the beach
outside the loveliest restaurant ever - darren bought me a rose at dinner! - triple ootn!
'shit hat' man, who walked around selling 'shit hats, for shit price' (quote.) - bbq - palm trees

Hey beauts! I'm baaaaack! I intended to get a proper post up today, which I planned to write yesterday, as I'd planned to be home at around 8pm, as we'd planned to fly back at 6pm Spanish time yesterday evening. Ryan Air on the other hand, had other plans. So after a seven hour delay, then having getting home at 4am this morning and then going to work in the salon today, my brain has turned to absolute mush, so trying to write a 'proper' post, is just going to end in delirious rambling and very poor quality photos, so we'll give that a miss for now!

So, instead, here are a few snaps from my holiday in spain, which other than the hideous journey back, was absolutely lovely. I have some serious tan lines and some fab free highlights going on, shout out to the sun for that one. After a fab chilled out week, I'm back and (brain melting tiredness aside) raring to go! I have lots of blog posts planned for you all and plenty of exciting things coming up on the blog. For now though, I'm off to consume all the caffeine while catching up on all the TOWIE I've missed.

Speak soon lovelies!


Sunday, 3 August 2014


Buying diamonds can be an expensive affair. However, because diamonds are rare and in limited supply, you can rest assured about the return on your investment. Moreover, diamonds are a timeless favorite. No other stone can express your love like a diamond. Thankfully, there are ways to purchase these precious stones at discounted rates.
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Consider weight  You can also save a lot by opting for aless than one carat diamond. If you opt for stone that weighs just shy of one carat, you can you can save a good amount of money. For instance, an 80 pt diamond would look almost as large a one carat. However, the difference in pricing would be considerable.

Avoid round shapes – Another way to save is by selecting a fancy shape diamond, such as an oval or marquise. These diamonds appear much larger than their carat weight and are frequently priced lower than round or princess cut diamonds.
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