Friday, 22 July 2016


Hi lovelies! So sorry it's been a while since I posted, as you'll probably know from my last post, I recently got engaged and the past few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind as I'm sure you can imagine, but, in amongst seeing family and friends and beginning to plan a wedding, I've been seriously tied up! But, I'm back and with this lovely weather we've been having (hoping I'm not jinxing it by just typing that!!), I thought it was the perfect time to share my new favourite tanning product with you all.

The tan in question is the Lavera Self Tanning Lotion.I've been searching for a vegan gradual tan for some time now, as o don't always like to use instant tan, but so many gradual tanners on the market are not vegan or cruelty free which is such a shame. As you can see though, this one actually states 'we heart vegan' on the bottle, so I knew I was safe with this!

This claims to give a natural looking tan with 24 hour moisturisation, which is perfect in this warmer weather! To try this out, I made sure I had no existing tan left on whatsoever as I wanted to see exactly how it applied and how it faded with no interference from other products. On application, it goes on like a thick body lotion, you do need to be careful how much you use though as a little goes a fairly long way and you can end up looking like you've got a thick layer of sun cream on if you use too much (guess who did this on first attempt!). Once applied, it soaks into the skin fairly quickly, however I would suggest applying this in a cool room where you're not going to sweat or anything as it does take a minute or two to sink in!

I apply this an hour or so before bed to allow it to totally sink into the skin before getting into bed. Overnight, this gave a very subtle colour on the first application, which was great as it made it look as though I'd just been sitting the garden for a few hours rather than getting a full on tan all in one go. After a couple more applications though, the tan really starts coming out. I did build this up fairly dark in the end, but didn't go too crazy as I still wanted to look natural.

Despite being obsessed with having some sort of tan in the summer, I decided to let this fade completely without applying anything on it just to see how it went. I didn't really exfoliate too much except with shower gel and a loofah in the shower as I normally would and after three applications, it was pretty much gone in a week. For a gradual tan, I thought this was pretty good going. It didn't go patchy as it faded and it faded evenly everywhere except my face which always fades faster. I did actually apply this to my face, which I don't typically do with body tanners but I had no issues at all with this. 

The colour itself is lovely, really natural and very buildable, as it fades so nicely, you could probably get away with applying this every other day with no problems, though I would recommend exfoliating lightly with a loofah every day or every other day just to make sure your skin is kept smooth and to prevent patches. It doesn't have a very strong scent, which is particularly good for my fiancé who can't stand fake tan smells! 

Overall, I thoroughly recommend this, particularly as it's completely cruelty free, but also because it really does work if you like to look like you've got a natural colour rather than a full on fake tan.
What's your favourite self tanning product? I'd love to know! 


Monday, 4 July 2016


Hi lovelies! I honestly cannot believe I'm even writing this post today, but my blog is such a huge part of my life, I had to share this with you! So, if you didn't already guess by the photos, I'm engaged! My boyfriend - fiancé should I say, Darren proposed to me yesterday morning, completely out of the blue! I'm super excited as you can imagine so I thought I'd do a quick post about our engagement story, how he did it, about the ring and plans for the future!

So, yesterday morning, I woke up to my dog climbing all over me, licking my face. This isn't that unusual, Darren often wakes up before me and sends the dog to wake me up, however, this time,  I noticed she had a pink bow tied round her neck. I still didn't think this was that strange, adorable and impressive that Darren had managed to tie a bow round her neck (turned out it was a pre-tied bow), but not that weird. But then I saw a note tucked under the ribbon. Honestly, my first thought was that it was going to be some cheeky joke, telling me to take the dog for a walk, or make the dog (or Darren!!) breakfast. Then I started reading. Darren and I aren't a particularly OTT romantic couple, I like a bit of a romance, but we find too much mushy stuff a bit cringey, so while the majority of the note was a bit lovey-dovey, it started 'Morning weirdo!' and ended with 'P.S. Can I have crumpets for breakfast?' (which he did, with marmite.) but before that, after the sweet message, he'd written 'WILL YOU MARRY ME?'. No getting down on one knee, no big show, nobody watching, just us, in bed on a Sunday morning with absolutely no mascara to start running! It couldn't have been more 'us' and I loved it.

He then told me the exciting part. Apparently, I'm far too fussy and he was too terrified to go out by himself and choose a ring, so he was taking me ring shopping there and then! So, we got ready and headed out. The ring you see in the pictures above was actually the first one he picked out (so he would've nailed it completely!) and while I did try on a few more, I knew as soon as this one was on my finger, that it was my ring. Luckily, they had my size in store so we were able to take it away there and then, I was so excited and it was actually really lovely to go out and do the whole ring choosing experience together. We like to break tradition with many things, so it felt very us to do this together.

The ring itself is white gold with a round brilliant cut diamond and diamond shoulders. the clasps or claws (not sure what they're called!) that hold the diamond in place are little heart shapes, which I just love! I thought it added something a little unique without being too random. I think it's quite classic and simple without being too traditional (again!) There are also four little hidden diamonds under the main diamond which I think is really cute too! 

So, as from now, I'm officially a bride-to-be, ahhh! I've found a new love for Pinterest and am absolutely wedding obsessed! We're hoping to get the big day booked for around a years time. We're also holding an engagement party very soon too, so I'll hopefully share some pictures from that with you all too! In the meantime, follow me on instagram for a likely constant stream of engagement related pictures!! My head is still spinning and I get so distracted by my ring constantly, I'm actually possibly going to have to start taking it off when I drive, it's a real problem.

I'd like to say a huge thank you and I love you to my now fiancé, Darren, for making every girl's dream my reality! I'm so excited for our future and I can't wait for all that's now to come!

Send me links if you've done any engagement/ wedding related blog posts lately, I'm a girl obsessed!
Thanks for reading lovelies!


Sunday, 3 July 2016


Hiring the Right Hair and Makeup Artist for You*If you are lucky enough to have an event like a big party, a corporate or award dinner or a wedding coming up this page is for you. I know you will want to look your absolute best for something special.You will take the time to shop for a great dress and give yourself a new, fresh look. Everyone wants to look his or her best for an event like that. It is a chance to splash the cash a bit and try out something new.A great way to make sure that you end up looking your best is to hire a hair and makeup artist. It costs a bit, but he or she will make sure that you get the look you are really after. They will work with you and let you try out different makeup styles and finishes until you find something that really works for you. Using a makeup artist is great fun, but also a good way to make sure you keep up with the times and carry on evolving your look as you get olderHowever, you do need to be a bit careful. It is important to do your research and hire the right makeup artist for you. Here’s how to do it.The right experience The most important thing that you need to look for is experience. Having your makeup done by a studentfrom the local beauty college might be fun for something like a Christmas party. However, for a bigevent like a wedding, or corporate dinner it really is not worth taking the risk of using this type of makeup artist.Sarah Meredith Makeup Artist Manchester is a great example of what you should be looking for. She works a lot with models, and other professionals. As a result, you know that she is familiar with, and uses, the latest techniques and products. This type of MUA uses the knowledge they build up working with the fashion and entertainment industries to enable ordinary people to look as good as celebrities do. With this type of professional, you are really getting more of a makeover.The best makeup artists will show you photos and videos of their previous work. This will help you to work out if they can achieve the look you have in mind. It will also inspire you and give you new ideas, so my advice is to take the time to look through their portfolios.Use someone you are comfortable withIt is also very important to hire someone that you can really communicate with. You need a makeup artist that listens to you and responds to what you tell them.The last thing you need is to hire someone who pushes his or her opinion of how you should look onto you. It is important for you to stay in control, and agree upon hair and makeup you feel comfortable with. Sure, a good MUA is going to make suggestions, and use photos etc to help you to understand what they mean, but if you say no to that idea they will respect your wishes.The above tips for finding a good MUA are aimed primarily at party and event attendees. If you are a bride looking for a makeup artist there are a few extra things that you need to bear in mind. You can find out what they are by clicking here.