Sunday, 19 October 2014


Hi lovelies! As it's getting closer to Christmas, the shops seem to have so many lovely things in them. I feel like every shop seems to get a bit more luxurious at Christmas time, with lots of new beauty releases, and cosy winter clothes and accessories, it's just all so lovely! My local Topshop hasn't got the full new range in yet, but I definitely want to give the Topshop Foundation a go, purely out of curiosity to be honest, I have no idea what to expect, but I'll definitely give it a go at least once! Also on the topic of makeup, I do love a luxury lip balm and this Dior Addict Lip Glow sounds fab, it's supposed to adapt to the moisture levels in your lips to enhance your natural lip colour and hydrate and plump lips at the same time! Let's face, the pretty pink packaging helps too.

One brand that always has gorgeous new releases at Christmas time, is Ted Baker and their new bags and washbags don't disappoint! I love this light pink one, with it's rose gold bow and gorgeous gem in the middle, just beautiful! I've always wanted a Michael Kors bag and this is one of my favourites, I love the tan colour as I think it's perfect for all year round, it's fab for darker outfits in the winter, but still lovely when Spring/ Summer rolls around again. It's also a great size for everyday, particularly if like me, you carry your entire life in your handbag!

Coats are my absolute weakness at this time of year and I am just absolutely in love with this faux fur coat from Topshop. It's probably a bit of a love it or hate it type of thing, but I definitely love it! I think white fur coats are gorgeous anyway, and the little touch of pink on the collar is just perfect. Also from Topshop is this super adorable chunky knit scarf, I think the pom poms on the ends are super cute and just add a nice little touch. I think this would be a cute, simple addition to any winter wardrobe.

What do you think of my picks? What are you lusting after lately?


Thursday, 16 October 2014


Hi lovelies! Sorry I've abandoned you all a little this week, I've been feeling seriously crappy due to a very inconvenient viral infection and am currently off work sulking about having to stay in bed. Sick days are just not the same when you're actually sick. Not like when you were in school and faked sick to stay off and play The Sims all day (admit it, you did it too). So, I didn't want to leave you guys without a blog post, but I'm so not up for photographing/ reviewing/ generally having to do anything for more than 5 minutes today, so I thought I'd share this post I wrote a little while ago that for some reason has sat in my drafts for quite some time! This post is all about how to have a better day (something I could do with right now).

Sometimes, there is nothing better than spending a day off work, school, uni etc, just doing nothing. Having a super lazy duvet day, where all you do is watch trashy daytime TV, scroll through the internet, burn candles and have bubble baths. Every once in a while, we all need those days. However, I've found that what makes those days so special, is when they really only are are every once in a while. If like me, you have a job that isn't a regular 9-5, or perhaps you're at uni or college and have random days off in the week, you may find that your 'do nothing' days, become a little more of a regular thing than usual.

Sometimes, too many chillout days can leave you feeling a little bored and sometimes, being productive and getting things done feels much better. So, if your job or education means you have one or two days to yourself during the week, or you have a couple of free weekends and you want to spend them doing a little more than nothing, I've put together a list of things I like to do on my clear diary days!

Start Something New
By this, I don't mean a new series on Netflix people! For me, this was my blog. When I began Chloe's Way, I was in college with a part time job, but still had a fair bit of free time on my hands. If you're not already a blogger, a blog is a great use of your free time and once you get going, you can spend as little or a much time as you like on it. If that's not your thing, or if you're already a blogger, why not take up a new hobby, or start something you've been meaning to for a long time. Perhaps you want to start exercising more, eating better, redecorating, this is the time to get started! Plan what it is you want to do and take action!

Have a Blogging Day
For bloggers, which I'm sure many of you reading this are, this one is a great one. Sometimes if I have a free day, I'll take photos of all the products I want to talk about on my blog, I'll write lists of blog posts I want to do in the near future, I answer any emails I haven't had time to reply to and I write. Free days are soon over and when the busier days roll around again, I find it incredibly useful to have lots of blog posts saved ready to be published when I need them.

Get Organised 
You know that big pile of old shoes gathering dust at the bottom of your wardrobe? Now is the time to get it sorted! Perhaps your makeup collection needs sorting out, or your wardrobe needs a clear out, even sorting through old files on your laptop! When your house or bedroom is organised and tidy, it makes it a much nicer to place to live and work. So go on, get started on that underwear drawer!

This is an obvious one, but a free day is a great time to start a fitness plan if you don't already have one, but want to start. Finding the time to exercise is never easy (see my updated fitness routine post for more on this!), but if you have a day that you know you're going to have free every week (even better if it's more than one day), then plan to get up and workout for an hour, or more if you can take it! Then use your spare time to plan shorter workouts for busier days. Find 10 minute workout videos, or create a fitness chart or journal to track and organise your workouts, this way you'll have no excuses later in the week.

Get in Touch
Haven't spoken to your Nan in a while? Is there an old friend you'd really like to spend more time with? If you know that someone else is free on your free day, meet up, or phone them for a chat. Even if you just take some time out of your day to write an email or Facebook message to someone you need to catch up with, it's one more thing to tick off your to do list and you'll feel much better for it. 

Plan Presents
Love it or hate it, Christmas time will soon be upon us. If like me, you're one of those people who says 'Okay, I'm going to be really organised this year.', then ends up doing a mad rush in the last few weeks before the big day, actually do it! Spreading out the cost (and stress!) of Christmas over a few months means you'll be much more organised and able to enjoy the festive time of year when it eventually does roll around. Write lists, start buying stocking fillers, stock up on wrapping paper and hey, you could even compile a little wishlist yourself, so when friends and family ask what you want this year, you can actually give them answer, you'll get what you really want and they'll thank you for it!

Give Yourself Something to Look Forward To
If you're a little bored, or need a bit of a pick me up, start planning for something. Personally, I like always having something to look forward to, big or small. This could be anything from planning to go out for dinner when your Boyfriend finishes work, to booking in for a haircut, to planning a holiday! Even if you don't have the cash right now, looking at holiday destinations and planning months in advance is always lots of fun!

Pamper Yourself
As we're having a productive day, I don't mean sit for hours in the bath, then laze around watching tv for the rest of the day. What I mean is, do all the little things you've been meaning to do, but never get round to. Productive can mean doing nice things too! Why not properly shape your brows, do a full, thorough fake tan, paint your nails and toenails, give yourself an intense pedicure, deep condition your hair. Your body will thank you and it's one less thing to do on busy days.

So, those are just a few things I like to do on my days off.
Let me know what you think, how do you like to spend your free time?


Monday, 13 October 2014


Hi lovelies! Just a quick post to let you all know that for the rest of the Month, I will be offering my ad packages at two months for the price of one! So, whichever package you purchase, you will get two months advertising instead of one!

My ad packages are on a rolling basis and can be purchased at anytime throughout the month and can start on the day you purchase them. Throughout your ad period, you can request twitter/ instagram shout outs (this depends on which package you choose) and I will also tweet about any posts of yours that I particularly love too. I think blog advertising is a great way to get your blog more exposure, as it gets it out there to like minded people.

With this offer, you can double up too, so purchase 2 months advertising get 4, buy 3, get 6 etc etc! Check out my ad packages here and let me know if you want to get started!


Saturday, 11 October 2014


Hi lovelies! Recently, I was tagged by the gorgeous Lola from Lola's LittleWonders, to do 'The Blogger Tag' and if you know me at all, you'll be aware that I definitely cannot say no to a good tag as they're so much fun! So, let's get started.

What is your favourite beauty product?
I'm going to go for my fave product of the moment, as my all time favourite is just too hard to choose! Right now, I'm absolutely obsessed with Benefit creaseless cream eyeshadows. I have two shades currently, 'my two cents' and 'birthday suit', which are both stunning neutrals, one more warm toned the other slight cooler. What I love about these is that they're so easy to wear. Because they're so pigmented, they can be worn alone, but they also make great eyeshadow bases and they seriously live up to the promise of no creasing. These beauties will last you hours without a hint of crease.

What is your all time favourite brand?
Sticking to the theme, my fave brand is 100% Benefit. I can hand on heart say I've never used a Benefit product I didn't like. Obviously, there are some I love more than others, but as a brand I think they're a good all rounder. They aren't the cheapest, but they aren't grossly overpriced either and their gorgeous packaging wins me over every time. Also, an added bonus, Benefit have a fantastic relationship with bloggers and one of the friendliest teams ever. (In case you're wondering, no I'm not sponsored by Benefit, I just really bloody love 'em!).

Do you collect anything?
I don't think so, not consciously anyway. I think I accidentally collect things, like makeup, candles, train tickets... But all of these are just things I have a lot of, whether I mean to or not! I'm not really one for stamps, or sports cards and things like that, though that said, I do have two different special looking 50ps I. The back pocket of my purse as I think they might be rare, but I haven't bothered to check yet. Does that count??

Early bird or night owl?
Unfortunately for my sleeping pattern, I'm kind of a bit of both. While my working hours don't always call for early mornings, my boyfriend wakes up at 7:30 every Monday to Friday and generally I get up with him, whether I need to on that day or not. I like to workout in the morning most days too, so I do like early mornings, but I love late nights too! Don't get me wrong I love a nice early night after a busy day and a good lie in after a night out, but the majority of the time, I'm kind of an any time of day kind of person! Even if I'm up at six, you can pretty much guarantee I'll still be up for a night out! Soz dark circles!

Tea or coffee?
Brace yourself. Neither. It's not that I don't like tea and coffee, I just don't particularly love either. To be honest, I'm not really a hot drinks kind of person at all, I'll have the occasional hot chocolate in the winter and tea every now and then if I fancy it, but very rarely.

Whats your favourite TV show?
My all time favourite has to be Gossip Girl, as Blake is my ultimate girl crush. However, right now I've been loving Paul O Grady For The Love Of Dogs. I'm not sure if this series is finished now or not, but I just love it. I love dogs and seeing them get rescued by Battersea, then rehomed is just such a lovely, heartwarming thing to see.

If you could travel to any era, when would it be?
Definitely the 60s! For one thing, I think the fashion in the sixties was on point, mini skirts, bold prints and shift dresses, amazing! And not to mention, that was the Beatles era!

Let me know if you've done this tag, or if you're going to do it as I'd love to see your answers! I tag everyone!


Friday, 10 October 2014


Tips for Women Daring to Go Braless
For many women, the thought of going out in public without a bra is unthinkable. On the other hand, some women find that leaving off the bra is a good option that may complement their look for the evening or simply lead to a feeling of comfort. If you dare to go braless, the following tips can help you look and feel your best.
Concealer Adhesives
Many women feel conspicuous about their nipples should they go braless. Hardened nipples can attract unwanted attention, after all. Wearing nipple concealer adhesives prevents the nipples from showing through clothing. The concealers easily stick and conform to the breasts to flatten the nipples. Not all women care for these products. If you don't feel too risqué with your nipples noticeable beneath your garments, you can avoid these concealers.
Built-In Bras
Many tops and dresses today are designed with built-in bras. You can still "enjoy the comfort of bralessness" (1) without foregoing the important support you need. You might find that a camisole with a built-in bra is ideal for those days when you simply don't want to feel bound up in a bra.
Bandeau Bra
Whether a bandeau bra is technically a bra at all is debatable. Essentially, it's just a narrow tube-top band that wraps around your chest and back. Although it provides some support, it isn't ideal for working out. Many women find them comfortable and prefer wearing them to going completely braless.
Consider the Dress
If you want to wear a dress with an open back, you may as well completely omit the bra and simply enjoy the freedom that the dress affords. Going braless can enhance a sexy look and is quite fitting for certain garments.
While going braless isn't for everyone, it has been growing in popularity once again as evidenced by models and "celebrities" (2) that are omitting their bras for certain outfits. Of course, most women don't go braless every day since bras provide them with the comfortable support they need. If you choose to go braless, however, consider these tips that can help you feel comfortable about the way you look without your bra.

1. Women's Health, "Guide to Going Braless,"

2. Lula Lu, "Dare to Bare--Would You Go Braless in Public?"

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Hi lovelies! Recently, I was contacted by the very lovely people at Style Me Celeb, offering me the chance to review an item from their amazing website. Style Me Celeb do gorgeous bodycon dresses and fab printed leggings, in the style of celeb outfits (as you may have guessed by the name!), for a much moe affordable price. Many of the styles have been seen on several incredibly gorgeous celebrities including Miranda Kerr, Kim Kardashian and my personal fave - the TOWIE girls #sorrynotsorry.

There are so many styles of dresses and being a born and bred Essex girl myself, this was one opportunity I was not about to pass up! With the festive season coming up, having a few party dresses in my wardrobe is always a good idea. As I can't resist a good LPD (little pink dress), I went for the 'Kim' dress in pink. It's a little bit barbie and I have to say I kind of love it.

For reference, I'm a size UK 6 and ordered this in a size XS and it fits like a glove. As you can see, it's incredibly figure hugging and unlike many bodycon dresses, it's made of a beautiful thick material, so no VPL over here. Always a bonus. The deep V neck and figure hugging style make even my non existent boobs look... Well like they exist, which for me is a big plus point, not gonna lie! This is probably just a tad too big around my chest area, so if you're a smaller size and more gifted in the chest area, this would be absolutely perfect on you, however it's nothing a good well padded bra won't fix for us B cups!

Overall, I am absolutely blown away by the quality and design of this dress, infact I think I want another one! I have my eye on the 'Diaz' dress, 'April' dress and 'Sophie' dress. Check out the Style Me Celeb website here, lots of gorgeous options for your Christmas or New Years outfits for sure!

What do you think? Do you like this dress? Will you be checking out Style Me Celeb?


Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Hi lovelies! Today, I wanted to expand on a point I've made in a previous fitness post, which is working out with a friend, yes or no? Google motivation tips or fitness advice and you'll find several pages of advice on why working out with a friend is so great. However, they never seem to mention the downfalls of working out with a friend and today I thought I'd discuss the pros and cons of this. As I say with all my fitness posts, this is just my opinion and what works for me may not work for you. That said, if just a few people find this interesting or helpful, then that's good enough for me!

Working out with a friend can help with motivation and it can be more fun and if you have a friend that's into fitness and working out, or wants to lose weight or get in shape, then that's fab. Doing some of your workouts with said friend could well be beneficial to you, however there are a few reasons why regularly working out with a friend doesn't suit me personally. This isn't to say I never workout with others and today I'm going to share with you the pros and cons of working out with friends and some tips on how to overcome issues you may run into while working out with others.


One great thing about working out with friends is that you can sort of make it into a bit of a competition. Is she doing more reps that you? Is she squatting lower? Running faster? Beat her! Sometimes, you'll find that you push yourself harder when you're with a friend. As I'll explain in the cons section of this post, this won't always be the case. But if you can find a friend that enjoys working out and is into fitness, they'll be a great friend to go with as they'll spur you on and hopefully make you work harder.

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest and best parts of working out with a friend is the fact that it's definitely going to be fun! This may be helpful for you if you don't particularly enjoy exercise and want to someone around to make it a bit more of a laugh. However it is very easy to lose concentration when you're working out with a friend, but we'll talk more about that in the cons section!

This can go either way, but sometimes working out with a friend can be really great for motivation, as when you take a day off, you're not only letting yourself down, but your friend too. If you've agreed to run, or hit the gym 3 nights a week, you may be more likely to stick to it if you've made plans with a friend than if you just decided to go alone. If motivation really is an issue for you, it might


This for me was one of the biggest issues when I used to workout with my Mum in particular, but friends too. If you're going jogging, swimming or to the gym together, then you may possibly be restricted to a specific time limit. If you're in the mood for a good 90 minutes at the gym, but your friend only has half an hour to spare, you're more likely to cut your own workout short to fit in with them. You may feel as though you have to leave when they do, or if you're used to only being at the gym with a friend, it may seem a bit daunting to be there alone.
Overcome it: If you like working out with friends and this is an issue for you, I'd recommend maybe not travelling to the gym, pool etc together and not agreeing on a specific time to leave, but instead setting your own goals.

I am absolutely guilty of this one and I know for a fact that when I do a workout with a friend, I don't work as hard. If you're chatting, chances are you aren't pushing yourself as hard as you could be. Overcome it: Easy days are important and if you like having a friend with you, maybe save it for the days that you know are going to be easy days. For example, if you do cardio 4 times a week and lousy yourself to the absolute limit on 2 of these days, bring a friend along on the other 2, this was you won't feel so bad when you set the treadmill down by a couple of mph! 

Self Conciousness 
This is a toughie. Obviously it would depend entirely on how comfortable you are with the friend you're working out with, but let's face it, really you'll never feel as comfortable getting sweaty, red and gross next to a friend as you would on your own! Initially I used to feel like this, which is why I work harder at my home gym than I ever did at the public gym infront of lots of people.
Overcome it: The only way around this one is to either workout with someone you're super comfortable with, or just stop caring! If you really don't like looking like a sweaty mess infront of people, the same point applies as above, workout with friends on your easy days and keep your harder workouts to yourself!

What do you think? Do you like working out alone or with friends?

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